Monday, September 26, 2022


Outdoorsy adds pet insurance to its Roamly insurance offering

Peer-to-peer RV rental company Outdoorsy is now offering pet insurance through its Roamly insurance product.

Roamly will market pet insurance to all U.S. pet owners, including customers of Outdoorsy.

“Since Outdoorsy’s inception in 2014, we’ve noticed a glaring disparity in the amount of Outdoorsy guests opting to hit the road with their pets and the percentage of those pets who are covered by insurance,” says Roamly’s Chief Insurance Officer Aaron Ammar, noting that more than 78% of Americans opt to travel with their pets each year, while a 2021 Milliman report estimates only 2% of pets are currently insured.

“Our new Pet Insurance product helps travelers enjoy peace of mind when bringing their pets along for the ride, knowing they have coverage as they wander,” says Ammar.

More information on the pet insurance product offered through Roamly can be found online at

Starting today, pet insurance offered through Roamly will be marketed to Outdoorsy customers as well as all U.S. pet owners, allowing both Outdoorsy RV renters and hosts to put in place insurance that covers their pets for illnesses, accidents, dental diseases, and behavioral issues.

“Before we founded Outdoorsy, my co-founder Jen Young and I hit the road in an Airstream with our cockapoo puppy, Lucy, and we’ve taken her on every road trip since,” says Outdoorsy’s co-founder and CEO Jeff Cavins. “One of our goals in starting Outdoorsy was to make the road trip experience as stress-free as possible for all guests. Through Roamly, we’ve been able to bring a product to market that helps insure travelers and now we’re thrilled to be able to help them look after the wellbeing of their most loyal companions — their pets.”

Through the Roamly Pet Insurance program, pet parents can select plans for dogs and cats that includes coverage for exam fees, diagnostics, and treatments for accidents, illnesses, cancer, hereditary conditions, behavioral issues and dental disease. Pet parents can also add preventive care coverage for an additional cost to help cover pet care necessities such as vaccines, flea, tick and heartworm medication, and dental cleanings. Other coverage offerings include wellness exams and screenings.

The new Roamly Pet Insurance program is available for new and existing Outdoorsy RV owners and renters and Roamly customers in all states. Interested pet parents can enroll here.


Outdoorsy adds to its Roamly insurance product



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