Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Own a Bounder motorhome? Despicable you!


When Fleetwood debuted the now-legendary Bounder motorhome some 30 years ago, it never intended its name to be associated with something despicable! But that’s what it inadvertently did!

Okay, when the RV was used recently as a meth-cooking lab in AMC’s “Breaking Bad” series, it did get some bad press.

Bounder motorhome
1990 Bounder. Its basement storage changed the way other Class A motorhomes were designed forever.

But the name Bounder has a far more negative connotation than those at Fleetwood who named it intended, at least in British terminology. Bounder, in the Queen’s English, is defined as:

“One whose manners and behavior are socially unacceptable” – a despicable person. A bounder is one who “bounds” about offensively, an unwelcome pretender, “one who is beyond the boundaries of good fellowship” (i.e. “not one of us”). The term has been used generally in an iconic sense since the 1930s to denote an upper-class twit, fool or idiot. The American translation: “What a total jerk.”


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James O'Briant
3 years ago

Seems to me that this is much ado about nothing. Was it deliberate or accidental that the author ignored the other definition of “bounder” as “a person or thing that bounds?” Did the author forget to look a the Bounder’s logo — a kangaroo, an animal known for bounding?

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