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Do you buy Peeps at Easter?

By Chuck Woodbury

I do not have much of a sweet tooth, except in the weeks leading up to Easter. Maybe it’s because the little Peep bunnies and chicks are everywhere you look on store shelves. I am a sucker when I see them. There is no choice about whether to buy them or not. The only choice is whether to buy a small pack or a jumbo pack. It often depends on how hungry I am. If I ate Peeps year-round, I would put on at least 25 pounds.

Did you know 2 billion Peeps are made each year? And what color do you think is the most popular, pink or yellow? If you watch the video below you will learn the answer.

Don’t think badly of me for this, but I will admit that I bite off the heads first. It’s not regression to my inner caveman. It’s just the way I do it. It’s like shaving: I always start on the right side of my face. In the last ten years of Peep eating, I have bitten the head off first about 97 percent of the time, bunnies or chicks, it doesn’t matter. Figure plus or minus 2 percent on that figure.

After answering the survey, be sure to watch the short video.

And now watch the video. It’s not much longer than a minute. But be warned: It could make you crave a Peep!


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Abe Loughin
1 year ago

I open the package as soon as I get it home then put it in the cupboard and forget about them for a while. I pull them out when they are nice and stale and chewy

Jann Forrest
1 year ago

I could not get the peep video to work. It just said try later. I actually don’t like Peeps much. Love 100% chocolate easter eggs.

1 year ago

No sugary marshmallows for me. I am a chocolate kind of guy. Why did the video look so distorted and screwed up?

Neal Davis
1 year ago

As soon as I see Peeps in the stores, I buy a packet of each color. Sadly, that sometimes means mixing bunnies and chicks, but I do it anyway. Some years I repeat this proces one, two, or even three times. I tend to eat the heads last, but perhaps it is more humane to start with the head. I will have to consider, and possibly try that. Thank you for the suggestion, Chuck!

1 year ago

Not sure why, but I only like the yellow or white ones. The blue and pink taste funny to me.

Marilyn M
1 year ago

Personally I don’t touch them with a 10′ pole (too sweet for me!)) but my husband??!! OMG! I swear he loves and eats them so much that he should have bought stock in the company. Unfortunately living down in San Felipe Baja Mexico he can’t buy them but even my friends up in Canada will send some to him!

1 year ago

I buy peeps all year and my friends and family give them to me for birthdays and holidays. And I am not overweight !

Kit Vargas
1 year ago

NO!!! Can’t stand them.

Thomas D
1 year ago

I love peeps but i prefer mine older.Not fresh and i usually buy after Easter to get older stale ones. Call me nuts but?

Marilyn M
1 year ago
Reply to  Thomas D

I do the same for my husband – he LOVES them but says that they need to be properly aged.

Lin Shaub
1 year ago

lived in A-town PA next to Bethlehem PA where Peeps are made. They have great Peep trivia on their website( Also.. The city of Bethlehem drops a GIANT PEEP every New Years eve for kids.

1 year ago

I LOVE sweets but I’m not a marshmallow fan and I literally can’t stand Peeps. So I’ll leave my portion in the store for all you Peeps-fans!

Daniel Sessions
1 year ago

Yes, we buy early so we can slice the package so they go stale. Better that way. 🤗 

Sharon W.
1 year ago

Amen!! Me too  😋 

Dick & Sandy from near Buffalo, NY now in Florida
1 year ago

We winter each year in Florida and move around some visiting family and friends in Tampa, Riverview, Bradenton, Lakeland and Haines City. We spend every Easter in Haines City where we are now. One of our closest friends that we met while attending the 2008 Daytona 500 lives in Haines City, FL and loves her Peeps. So we make it a point to purchase lots of different Peeps for us and our friends. Stay safe, Stay well, Safe Travels and Happy Easter to all.

Diane Mc
1 year ago

Chocoholic here. But, my sister, she loves them. So much so that our mother would always buy her box up until a few years ago, when Mom stopped doing her own shopping. My teeth hurt looking at them😂.

1 year ago

My basset hound Samantha would steal every Peep she could find. One of our favorite Easter morning memories is Sam hiding under a chair, her muzzle coated in pink sugar and growling like she’d take your arm off, if you reached in for the pack of Peeps she’d snatched out of my son’s Easter basket. Sam’s long gone, but thanks for bringing back the memory.

Darla K Baker
1 year ago

You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten peeps roasted over a campfire

1 year ago
Reply to  Darla K Baker

Somehow that seems kind of cruel…🤔

Uncle Swags
1 year ago
Reply to  Darla K Baker

Thanks for the idea — Peeps S’mores.

Michael Gardner
1 year ago

I don’t eat sugar – go Keto!

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