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MENU Podcast #10, June 5, 2021

Host Scott Linden is back with another dose of RV news, information and entertainment. Listen to the podcast below.

May June 5, 2021 edition

Program lineup: #10

RVTravel podcast: a campsite for you in Pigeon Forge, safer water, leave a legacy, tour the new Dynamax Europa

Episode 10 of the RV Travel podcast is “on the air” right here. It’s like talk radio on the Internet: one click and you’ll get experts answering host Scott Linden’s questions – and yours, too. You’ll find places to go, learn from your friends in the RV world and have some fun along the way.

Pick and choose when and what you listen to – at home, while reading, or on the road with Apple Podcasts. Here are the topics and time codes:

2:37 YES Vacancy! Scott shares a carefully-researched destination RV park that actually has room for you – in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.


The RV Travel podcast is brought to you by SoftStartRV, Clear20 water filters and Teardrop Shop, which offers many great accessories for smaller trailers.

5:17 Co-founders of the National Parks Bucket Journal explain how “guided journaling” can make your RV travels more fun and more productive. They’ll tell you that a structured “research” effort helps you maximize your time at a national park by encouraging planning, exploration and study, and creating a legacy.

21:10 The president of scares the bejeesus out of us, then takes us to school on how water filters work, how long they last, RV water supplies, equipment, procedures and best practices, then how to remove those pesky particles and questionable odors before they get to your rig at an RV park.

42:00 We get an exclusive audio factory tour of the brand-new Dynamax Europa Super C, conducted by the firm’s designer and general manager. We get the backstory, kick the tires, check the powertrain and suspension, jump on the bed, check the tech, slam the doors, and check the size of the shower.

Listen to the podcast here:
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