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MENU podcast #22, August 27, 2021

Episode #22

Can’t get a reservation? “Bots” and “ghost campers” are stealing your campsites, that’s why! + how to deal with bad neighbors, and helping a fellow RVer DIY

Phantom reservations and “no vacancy” outrage! In this episode we take on technological hurdles to getting a campground reservation. senior writer Mike Gast outlines the evils of “bots” and automated reservation-stealers and offers a few workarounds.

Also, recalls, work on the road, industry news, and what’s on your minds and where you’re going from our social media. Plus, the results of our survey question: Have you ever moved due to a bad neighbor? … and your creative solutions.

See full description of the podcast below.

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Here’s the lineup:

[2:00] Scott answers a question about a campground, and helps you help a reader with winter DIY project suggestions.

[3:13] The survey question: Have you ever moved from your campsite because of a bad neighbor? Answer at the end of the podcast! A clearinghouse for on-the-road work from Escapees RV Club.

[5:20] Mike Gast of addresses aggravating technological barriers that drive us nuts when we’re trying to make an RV park or campground reservation. We start with “phantom reservations” – what they are, and how to beat the tech-geeks at their own game.

[19:00] “Bots” are the bane of RV travelers when they scrape up all the campground reservations in a matter of seconds. Mike explains how they work and why we still have hope if we go “old school.”

[36:51]News: A Newmar recall of 2,000 motorhomes … RV dealers less optimistic than last quarter but still “positive” about long-term sales potential.

[38:28] Your answers and the results to the survey question, “Have you ever moved due to a bad neighbor?” Readers offer creative solutions to loud families and bad bikers.

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Jake Hoster
2 years ago

I really enjoyed this article and podcast! Scott, as I was listening to the phantom campers portion, something occurred to me. These campgrounds are actually incentivized to enjoy the status quo–to NOT fix the problem of no-show campers. Why? Because the campers don’t show up, the spot sits empty for the weekend, the Campground still receives their camping fees (plus $10 or 20 no-show fee), and they don’t have to do any work–including the labor expense of refreshing the campsite since nobody came! That flaw in the system probably doubles (or more) their profit for that campsite.

2 years ago

Yes, moved away from party animal neighbors, with beer bongs etc. It was in anticipation of problems. We were glad we did so. The next campsite was more beautiful anyhow!

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