Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Did you meet your current spouse or partner online?

Did you meet your current husband, wife or partner the old-fashioned way – in person? Or did you first lay eyes on them on a computer screen, tablet or smartphone?

Did someone fix you up with a blind date – maybe with the cute single RVer at the end of Loop C? Or were you feeling a little lonely one evening and signed up for Match.com or another online dating service, and then, a few days later, laid your your eyes on the most gorgeous human being to ever grace a Sunday evening Bingo game at the RV park?

As always, our curious editors and readers would like to know. So did you meet the old-fashioned way or fall in love (or lust) over a bunch of perfectly arranged pixels on an electronic device?

Please leave a comment if you met online. We want to hear all about your first date (well, not necessarily everything if the relationship began quickly) and how it’s going. Are you glad you reached out in this way?


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Al & Sharon
10 months ago

By “meeting online”, did you mean meeting on a telephone party line back in the 1960’s? 🙂

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
10 months ago
Reply to  Al & Sharon

Ha! That would work, Al and Sharon! Have a good night. 😀 –Diane

11 months ago

My friend from my Navy days introduced me to his cousin in 71. We wrote letters back and forth for a few years and dated. We were married in Nov 78. No online for us.

Bob P
11 months ago

After losing my wife of 41 yrs, after awhile I got to thinking I didn’t like living by myself. I had joined Plenty’o’Fish web site, nothing serious just conversations, I had started praying asking God about my future( I was 72), one morning when I opened the computer there was a pic of a very pretty lady with a beautiful smile I couldn’t get out of my mind. Several days went by and I finally contacted her, turns out she was a widow of several years and also had been praying about her future. Now 6 years later we celebrated our 5th anniversary on the 8th of June. We couldn’t be happier, we have so much in common, we laugh constantly about anything and everything. Laughter is what keeps us going, and we go to bed with a smile no matter what we growled about earlier. Never go to bed angry, you never know if that’s the last time you will get the chance to say I Love You.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
11 months ago
Reply to  Bob P

What a sweet story, Bob. Thank you! We wish you and your bride many happy and healthy years together, including many wonderful miles of RVing. Take care. 🙂 —Diane

11 months ago

Are you serious. Back thirty plus years ago computer were still working forward email. I met my wife being the NCOIC of the postal center and she was a delivery drive UPS. So I met her direct line not on line.

11 months ago

Had very good success dating women through online sites, but no one who was ready for a LTR. Disillusioned, I went on a hiatus from dating; 9 months into my hiatus, a woman from my group of friends and I discovered we had feelings for each other. She had decided to be permanently single 12 years prior, so neither of us was “looking” at the time or had considered each other as more than friends. We got married a year later, now 3 years ago – best friends and partners, the very best situation!

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Jeff Craig
11 months ago

My best friend in High School was trying to date a girl from a local private school, and was trying to hook me up with her best friend. There was ZERO chemistry between the two of us, but the girl he had eyes on and I were another story. Over the next six months we chatted constantly, and long story short, 37 years later (33 of which we’ve been married) we are still taking this journey together.

11 months ago

No, I was out walking in my neighborhood and met a lady also out walking. We got to talking, then walking and as they say, “the rest is history”. That was 10 wonderful years ago.

Neal Davis
11 months ago

We met one of the old-fashioned ways — we met in school.

Sherry Christiansen
11 months ago

My husband and I met in a chat room in 1998. We chatted two weeks before I would give him my number. Finally after about a month, I agreed to meet him at a local restaurant. I got there early to “scope him out” as he told me what he drove. After verifying he wasn’t there yet, I settled in to wait. Fifteen minutes after our appointed time, I thought I’d been stood up.

Then I noticed a man walk out the front door, look around and go back in. I wondered if it were him but where was his car? Next he came out the side door and looked around. This time I got out of my car and called his name. It WAS him! I knew on our first date that I would marry him, and I had dated and rejected several men before him. We were both in our late 30s.

Now, nearly 23 years later, we laugh how we each thought the other was stood up. We are a great balance to one another and can’t see ourselves with anyone else.

PS – he had parked in the employee parking lot. The one place I didn’t look!

Last edited 11 months ago by Sherry Christiansen
11 months ago

There was no “online” in 1964 except on a voice-only, rotary-dial phone line. In fact, there were no personal computers or even hand-held calculators. A “personal electronic device” was a pocket-sized transistor radio (in AM only). Our TV antenna could pick up a total of four stations. My cousins still had only one, hand-crank, party-line phone in their farmhouse!

Not sure that I wouldn’t prefer communication back then to today’s constant need for instantaneous communication.

11 months ago

I met my wife on a ski trip to Lake Tahoe with our local ski club. She was the only female I ever met that was crazy enough to point her ski down what ever slope that I would go down no matter how steep or remote. Married 43 years and together close to 45 she ended up being a ski patroller and I a level 3 instructor.

Tony Barthel(@tony)
11 months ago

Met my Mrs. on the ol’ Interwebs via Yahoo personals.

11 months ago

I guess the only “on line” there would have been in 1960 would have been the school cafeteria line.

Diane Mc
11 months ago

No, but my son did. Engaged 6 months later. Married 6 months after that. Today, 15yrs married with 3 beautiful daughters. I was a tad apprehensive when he first told me. However, first meeting we fell in love with her.

11 months ago

Lots of folks saying they are too old for online, but Operation Match started a computer dating service in about 1965. You answered a book full of questions and mailed it in, they keypunched it, ran it through their database, and mailed back the results. On the other end, we know folks in their 70s who met on senior singles sites and wound up married. Met my wife on a blind date, friend in my Navy Reserve unit asked if I would go out with his bosses’ daughter. Met first wife at a college mixer.

11 months ago

the fall of 1967 at our high school

Ron T.
11 months ago

We didn’t meet online but through a local singles group that played volleyball every weekend and did other activities including an annual camping/tubing event. We actually hooked up while camping. Another couple talked us into going to a fireworks display nearby and then to a bar (we asked the police at the fireworks where to find one!) Following a more formal date a couple of weeks later we gave ourselves six months to see how things would go. It’ll be 28 years in August. We tent camped and stayed in motels adding grandkids then a Class C when all four grandkids went along. We’re taking the great-grandsons to a nearby zoo this Friday in the MH so the 15 & 18 yr. old granddaughters asked to come along. Gotta love it!

Michelle Smedley
11 months ago

20 years ago you could find an apt, buy a car, apply for a job…and find a date on Craig’s list. Folks were rather blunt in those days, perusing ads was an evenings’ entertainment. One night I found a fella who liked to travel to new places and enjoy the scenery…I emailed him. The rest is history.

Wayne Caldwell
11 months ago

No, on-line wasn’t even a dream back in ’87. My ex called and asked if I could help a new co-worker at the law firm. It went from there. That was 34 years ago.

Kenneth Fuller
11 months ago

Met camping as kids. My folks and her folks camped at the same campground every year, so my wife and I grew up together as kids in the same campground year after year.