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How happy are you with your present RV?

Is your present RV your “dream come true” or maybe your “nightmare come true”? For most of us, it’s likely something in between, hopefully not even close to a “nightmare.”

Is your RV the perfect size, or too long or too short? Or maybe you wish you had another slide out. Or maybe you wish there was an extra two inches of headroom in the shower so you wouldn’t need to bend forward when you bathed? And why didn’t you buy an RV that had room for a washer/dryer? Those trips to the RV park laundry are getting old!!

Is your RV a travel trailer, but, darn, you should have bought a fifth wheel for some reason? Or maybe after 20 years of owning it, it’s time for a newer model.

And so we come to the poll question of the day. How happy are you with your present RV? Please leave a comment if you are not a happy camper and tell us why.

Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Jill Hansen (@guest_132774)
2 years ago

Bought an Alliance 370FB last November & love it! No major issues and manufacturer stands behind their product 100%.

Terry Gunter (@guest_132315)
2 years ago

We love our travel trailer now, but that is after I worked on it for two years to fix all the shoddy workmanship, cheap (junk) parts and materials, and downright poor design issues. After just one return visit to the dealer, I quickly determined that I was much more qualified to repair our camper than the dealer’s staff. Anyone that buys a RV better have mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and carpentry skills. That and carry an assortment of tools to do emergency field repairs in the campground, or sometimes on the roadside. RV manufacturers must buy staples by the trainloads! They surely must represent at least ten percent of any RV’s total weight.

wanderer (@guest_132010)
2 years ago

Love the design, hate the workmanship!

Snayte (@guest_132139)
2 years ago
Reply to  wanderer

Same here

Pierre Woody (@guest_133641)
2 years ago
Reply to  Snayte

Same hereeeeeee

jillie (@guest_131997)
2 years ago

We got tired of issues with our pop up, the second one years ago. Then also realized it was a lot more work after we got older so we traded it in after the issues we had with the prior camping trip. Husband was done. So I traded it in for a jayco sleeps 3 slx and loved it. Perfect size until everyone saw it and said we need to go camping in this. Sadly had to trade for a bigger unit. Sleeps 5. 21 foot coachman clipper. Now that everyone is off on their own adventures it fits me, solo nicely but miss my jayco. But I am keeping it because it was the last thing my mother and I did before she passed away last year. This is the last family trip for 10 days next weekend until I go solo in Maine next summer. It is cozy and all the bells and whistles. Can’t wait. Gordon Ramsey did an uncharted adventure up in Maine and gave me great insite into the culinary foods. Yum.

Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles (@guest_131987)
2 years ago

To be perfect, it would need solar power, and perhaps reconfiguation of the queen bed to twin. Thats a very recent evolution- DH wants to sleep cuddled everywhere but in the camper.

bloom144 (@guest_131923)
2 years ago

We purchased our 2003 Dutchman Express solely on the fact that it was the perfect size and weight to be professionally converted to four wheel drive. We did luck out that it was the last series with the larger engine and an acquaintance owned the dealership. At 26′ it does have the worlds smallest grey tank (20 gal) and no slides. We have accepted it’s other shortcomings and dealt with the colors, fabrics and less than stellar quality.
It would’ve been nice to have some of the nicer things that are available but at 93K plus miles we sill got it…

Gerry (@guest_131920)
2 years ago

Our 2000 Fleetwood Southwind has never had a major problem. Last trip (a week ago) the Kwikee electric step connection broke. I have scheduled the repair. Not bad for a 21 year old motor home. Very satisfied. We bought it in 2006 when it had 4,212 miles on it. It just turned 70,000 miles.

Nigel (@guest_131918)
2 years ago

We love our Winnebago Navion 2019D with one (MASSIVE) exception: The roof is delaminating all the way across two different areas, both of which appear to be due to at least one sheet of luan losing its adherence to the closed-cell Styrofoam beneath it, lifting the fiberglass. These areas are getting exceeding larger and have become progressively more detached to the point where the areas rise and fall if stepped upon or even pressed with fingertips. It’s like stepping on marshmallows in these areas.
If Winnebago admirably takes responsibility and remedies this serious issue, we will be on the your “It’s perfect… I’m very happy” list. On the other hand, if Winnebago fails to stand behind their expensive Class C and refuses to fess up to this serious manufacturing blooper, you and the rest of the world will know how unhappy we are whilst we bid adieu to Winnebago.
Didn’t I say, “We love our Winnebago…?” We do, but time will tell how deep is our love.

FRED CROWLEY (@guest_131915)
2 years ago

We have a 2014 Forest River 43′ 5th wheel bought new in 2014. Never been in an RV before (we jumped into the deep end of the pool for sure!). I quickly became aware of the cheapness of assembly (price wasn’t cheap tho’). Warranty wasn’t worth the paper it was written on, and that even in my naivety, I knew more than the dealer did. Since I know one end of a Philips screw driver from a hammer, I started in on re-engineering, rebuilding many elements of the rig. We’ve been full-time RV travelers from the “git-go”, so all my work was done “on-the-road” and surreptitiously in RV parks. I’ve replaced the suspension, installed commercial rims and tires, completely refinished the whole interior, ripping out the cheap carpet, and linoleum (along with 50 million staples). Re-did all shelving. Probably put another $20K into the rig. Worth every penny. We plan on enjoying our rig for many more years to come.

Deborah Mason (@guest_131912)
2 years ago

We’re selected our Coachmen Mirada 29DS, thinking we’d live in it for several months at a time. Still love it for living space. BUT, we’re not welcome at meant older national & state campgrounds because we’re actually 31’11” kind & they limit to 30′ or less. Also, th had filler is on back wall so we have to take up a full island to get filler to rearmost pump, and can have big issues with layout if islands are perpendicular to store, as we also you’re a Honda Fit.

Joe m (@guest_131909)
2 years ago

We always wanted a Winnebago after having other brands, Winnebago is worth the extra money, not paying for a name, paying for quality and great engineering, have a vista 32YE and very happy with it

David Waugh (@guest_131905)
2 years ago

WE had a class c motorhome and moved up to a class A that we used for 5 years then traded for a class A Newmar Dutchstar in 2000 now 20 years later and 143,000 miles we still love the coach have not found one better.

Dave Albert (@guest_131897)
2 years ago

In 2015 we went from 30 years of tent camping to our new 2015 Tiffin Allegro 36LA. We did a lot of research before buying this coach. We are very happy with our decision. We were considering selling it and buying a new Tiffin. However Just can’t fnd a layout or anything we like better than what we have. It fits us just fine. We are holding on to what we have. BTW, 48,000 miles on it now.

Dr. Michael (@guest_131891)
2 years ago

We are new to the RV world and absolutely love our 2014 Entegra Anthem 42RBQ. It is the exact floorplan my wife wanted and just the right size for us. We are still correcting some issues because the dealer flatly refused to do them (Aqua-Hot fluid replacement, new slide toppers).
Next time (and there will be a next time)….we will only purchase from NIRVC (Atlanta).

Paul S Goldberg (@guest_131883)
2 years ago

2012 Tiffin Phaeton, our third motorhome and first diesel, has been fulltime home since May 2012. It is perfect in most respects. We would really like a second throne, but the idea of taking the time to get a new coach up to our requirements has stopped us cold, so far. We have had mishaps and failures that have cost us time but full time living results in plenty of wear, we are ready for another round of carpet replacement and most every place we touch on a daily basis could use a refresher. Fortunately Tiffin started with solid wood so we are looking at refurbishing not replacing.

Last edited 2 years ago by Paul S Goldberg
rvgrandma (@guest_131882)
2 years ago

I love the layout of my MH. I love that it is paid for. Since have lived in it since 2004 it is in bad need of an inside facelift! Now that is it just me would be nice a little shorter but then I would loose my layout I love.

Roy Davis (@guest_131875)
2 years ago

I have never met any RVer that loves their RV who didn’t have at least one or two, “but I wish ” items. It may be more room, less carpet, or even less repair/upkeep. I am a “gadget” guy so there is always something new or improved. We’ve come to realize that the 100% perfect RV doesn’t exist.

Dr. Michael (@guest_131893)
2 years ago
Reply to  Roy Davis

I’ll give you one: but I wish I know more about how my coach works.
I still cannot figure out how to get the TV’s to work!! I figured out how to use the DVD player on one (of 5) TV’s, but not the over the air channels and I know they work.

Craig M (@guest_131873)
2 years ago

We have had our RV for six years now. It has taken MANY modifications to upgrade or fix what is to be expected from typical RV quality. We love it and it keeps me busy with the next project my wife or I can dream up to make it perfectly ours.

Leslie Smith (@guest_131871)
2 years ago

Very Happy!! We have had it for 16 years.

Christine (@guest_131863)
2 years ago

We’ve been full-timing for 4 years and are on our 3rd motor home. We pretty much love everything about it, except for the occasional repair-jobs needed. We have gone up in price and size with each one, and expect this to be a “keeper”.

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