Wednesday, October 20, 2021


How would you rate Camping World’s service and repair department?

From all the mail we have received in recent years, we would have to conclude that RVers have what amounts to a love-hate relationship with Camping World. Some RVers praise the service they received from the huge dealer, whether in buying an RV, shopping for parts and accessories in one of its huge stores, or having it serviced or repaired.

But many other RVers will be quick to tell you a different story, many advising staying away from the business at all costs because of poor or even terrible services or experiences. In fact, Camping World has one of the worst scorecards at with a rating of 1.8 out of 5. Reviewers at gave Camping World’s repair department only 1.6 stars out of five.

So, what have been your experiences?

Please only respond if you have taken your RV in for service or a repair at Camping World. But you can click/tap on View Results at the bottom and see how people have voted, even if you’re not responding.


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Larry Wright
1 month ago

Camping world repair costs go up quality goes down

1 month ago

I think as soon as new vehicle sales wane, many Camping World locations may close. The service department should fund the business, but with these referrals, many locations may have to close. Buy your new units at a more stable dealership.

1 month ago

In July (2021) I purchased new furniture for my Class A motorhome with installation. So, I live in it and there is a Camping World campground at their Marion, NC location. The first day began at 8:30am, when actually the tech was put on my coach at 4:00pm. They gave it back at 5:30 for me to go back to the campsite. Next day was even worse with new sofa installed, it rolled out in the floor moving the coach back to the campsite. Next day they agreed to reinstall my furniture, giving back every penny of my money except three days of $50 daily camping. These folks do not know what their doing, stay away from service!

1 month ago

I bought a brand new trailer from Camping World to live in. Note words Brand New. It leaks: the entire roof, the pop outs, the cupboards & closet, & underneath the sink (it ruined the “wood” [pressboard] around the sink). CW said for me to move out & ring it back in to them. Had to pay for a hotel for 3 days after removing all items from inside the trailer. The 1st day they showed up late. Hauled the trailer back to their “fix it shop”. There was also a Huge crack down the front window when it was purchased. I wrote a list of items to fixed. At 4:30 pm I called (as per their instructions) to see how many of the list of items were fixed. 0% were fixed! 0%!! The 2nd day they called & said all items had been fixed. They brought the trailer back but the driver could NOT figure out how to park it!!😡 Then NOTHING was fixed but the window!!! Now they want me to move out Again. Whole place molded due to leaks inc carpet, couch, walls, floors. AVOID CW!!!!

1 month ago

More horror stories than I have time to relate. CW is the WORST !!
Avoid them like the Plague!

Sharon Nelson
1 month ago

Camping World had our brand new trailer in for warranty work for 6 MONTHS! That left us with only 6 months of our 12 month warranty… Camping World sucks!

Michael L. Wallace SR
1 month ago

Camping World is responsible for anything on their lot, they should pay for the loss in lieu of being sued for neglect!

John L. Arnold
1 month ago

Last time I was at Camping World I had difficulty finding a space to park, and I have a small toy hauler. The selection in the retail area for basic necessities, other than toilet paper, was poor. (And the toilet paper was over priced and deceptively advertised.) The wait at checkout was long. With recent reports re security, Eg., the unreported theft in Florida, my last visit how to a camping world outlet will be my last visit. The NASCAR Truck Series should think of getting a new sponsor.

1 month ago

Took my Monaco in for updated sofa, chair, and toilet. Had it ordered, paid entire amount including install fee, two weeks later is my appointment. After half day, waiting on my unit, was told toilet would not work, they did put the old one back. Then that night, in campground near by, sofa rolled out of slide into the coach floor. Next day they informed me that sofa would not work either, they sent a man out to re-install my old one, gave them the matching chair back, got ALL MY MONEY BACK. These folks only know how to sell stuff, after that, you’re on your own. Beware.

paul bishop
1 month ago

bought a 2018 prowler in was year old plug had been burnt they replaced the plug end very shoddily I might add I am still passed about it

1 month ago

The camping world located in SW ID has many many unhappy customers. I hear from friends, aquaintences, and my first hand experience. I quit there service yrs ago

1 month ago

I myself have had a bad experience at camping world in Tallahassee, will never do business with them again!!!!

1 month ago

It’s camping world fault for not providing better a security system in their parking Area! If they have checked thier inventory they would had probably notice the RV was Stolen ! So they should responsible for the theft and damage to the customers!

Wayne Sasser
1 month ago

I have found CAMPING WORLD Service to be accommodating. It seems to me the problem is the manufacturer. For an industry worth millions, there is almost no reserve when it comes to replacement parts for components which have a history of frequent failure. That coupled with the increased use of components made outside the USA compounds the problem. Perhaps a more comprehensive investigation of the industry by regulatory agencies would bring standardization.

While an argument can be made that a huge inventory of parts is not feasible, a easily available alternative should be made available. If the largest manufacturer of RV’s and motorhomes would seriously consider alternative suppliers, like other large big box operations, there would be fewer gripes, complaints and lawsuits for failure to provide said services. My research of past events leading to loss of use of my vehicle because of lack of replacement parts revealed the sources relied on foreign manufacturers and can’t get parts.

Darlene Lund
1 month ago

We live in Orlando, the Camping World here gives the worst service I have ever seen, We made an appointment for service at 0900, arrived at 0830. We were told it would take about 2 hours to have the rear sumo springs put on. We waited in their little waiting room till noon, went to ask how the work was going, We were told by their service manager, that they had not started to work on our rv, and that an appointment is NOT for work to be done, but to see him. He said they would get to it after the service tech returned from lunch. We waited, and waited, and at 430 went to see about the progress. Service manager told us then that he had till the close of day before he had to start the work. We then asked to see the store manager, he went to see about the work, and told us that it had started, We left at 645pm.
Camping World cares about selling but not servicing.

Lisa Byers
1 month ago

They lost the keys to all of our storage compartments.

Debra Warner
1 month ago

POS…would never buy a unit from them.NEVER…EVER…

1 month ago

We have had other camper owners come up to us while we were looking at TVs at cw and told us not to buy or ever have service done by cw. That tells me all I need to know.

1 month ago

Not a fan of camping world. Tricks, high prices and rude people. Zero

1 month ago

Nothing in Florida is any good. One political party is in control here and they favor big business because Florida has no state taxes. I had my RV in for repair at another facility and it was robbed. The repair service would not cover the theft and either would my own insurance. It’s like the wild, wild west down here and you’re on your own. Stay away from Florida at all cost.