Friday, August 12, 2022


For couples: Do you get along better in your RV than at home?

If you live full-time in your RV then this question really isn’t for you, although go ahead and answer if you wish. But if you divide your time between living in a traditional home — one that never moves — and in an RV, then please answer the question of the day. Which is:


Happier full-time RV living with your partner

Do you get along better in your RV or in your traditional home?

And, our usual reminder: if you are on a slow internet connection it may take a moment for the poll to load. So stand by! It will be worth the wait. And please feel free to leave a comment.


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Dee Russ
1 year ago

We are much closer in our RV partly because it is a small one but also because we are more focused on our time together relaxing and having fun.

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

I think the same in each, but the wife says in the RV. So…. you know how I had to answer.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 year ago
Reply to  Jeff Craig

Smart, Jeff. One of the reasons for your long and happy marriage, I’m sure. 😆 Have a good evening. 🙂 –Diane

Tim Slack
1 year ago

33 years together last week and 9+ years f/t with no stick house anywhere, my wife & I have only become closer over time. Our love has grown stronger and has matured from early ‘new love’ to the full-hearted, ‘in-it-for-life’ feelings we now enjoy. We’ve been giving back to the public lands we’d loved so much in our earlier decades through volunteering for a whole range of federal, state and regional parks, NWRs, Nature Conservancy preserves and the like, during which we’ve explored some of the most beautiful and iconic lands in the country. We’re talking about getting off the road “if only we could find just that right place” to stay all year, but so far we keep roaming.

Marybeth Almand
1 year ago

Before we started fulltiming, we were concerned that too much time together in close quarters could be an issue. To test the theory, when we downsized, the last 2 years we moved into a studio apartment amongst all the stuff! We figured if we can’t get along under those circumstances, living full-time in an rv wouldn’t work either. We’ve been fulltiming going on 4 years now. Haven’t killed each other yet! Haven’t regretted a minute!

Diane Mc
1 year ago

Same in both for us. However, walked into an RV park office where a man and a woman were having a conversation about their motorhomes. Woman says it was too hard in their smaller RV getting along, so upgraded to something larger. Man says same here. My wife gets on my last nerve when we are cooped up. At home I can work in shop. In motorhome, if weather is good I can go outside. If weather is bad, it is rough. Felt sad for him. And his wife, who had no idea her husband was telling another person…and me by default, that he couldn’t be with his with for any extended time. My husband and I are truly blessed we like hanging out together.

Gary G
1 year ago

Married going on 51 years August 20, married my best friend. We both like to do the same things, and are comfortable doing things by ourselves. Still the LOVE ❤️ of my life.

John Massengale
1 year ago

We just celebrated our 50th anniversary yesterday and have been together 24/7 since 2006. We are each others best friends and enjoy doing most everything together. Still Love each other.

Jim Prideaux
1 year ago

At home things are smoother. Maybe its because we have a lot more time at it and home has more private retreat spaces. As for for the TT just watch Lucy and Desi in the Long Long Trailer and you will get a pretty good idea.

1 year ago

Married 33 yrs, we live full time in the RV since March 2020. Less financial stress, less material belongings, and more adventure contributes to our happier relationship. The RV projects and maintenance have become a sort of puzzle we work at together. When we need space we can go our separate ways outdoors. Im still nagging about the rubbish being full, I guess that will never change.❤️

Ed K
1 year ago

We have been getting along for 52+ years now, S&B, Tent, TT, Motor Home, it makes no difference, I just love her as much now as when we started dating in 67.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ed K

Sweetest comment ever

Diane Mc
1 year ago
Reply to  Christy

Yes it is.

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