Wednesday, August 4, 2021
Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Pick a bonus amenity you’d want to see at a campground or RV park…

So many campgrounds and RV parks these days have unique amenities (and plenty of them!). If you had to choose two bonus amenities to have, what would they be?

Would you like to see a beautiful pool with private cabanas to relax in? Would you like a spa so you could get a massage? What about a golf course or tennis courts? How would you like a movie theater a few steps away from your campsite? Now that’d be nice!

Select up to two bonus amenities in the poll below. Leave a comment if you have other ideas.


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Al & Sharon
6 days ago

None of the above! How about clean spacious sites with nice grass.

10 days ago

None of the above. These are all RV Park amenities. I want well spaced private sites in which I don’t have to look at my neighbors sewer connection. No hook up keeps the glampers away.

Duane R
13 days ago

I am with Truckman – None of the above, along with his comments. I would add “Generator-free loop” for Forest Service/NP/BLM campgrounds. I will also second the vote for “properly-pitched sewer connections”. I have stayed at a couple where the top of the connection was almost as high as the dump valve. Oops!

Sherry Christiansen
15 days ago

For the last couple weeks I don’t see the actual polls. I get the lead-in story, lots of ads and the comments. I’m reading on my Samsung 21 Ultra as l have for the past 3 months. Has something changed?

Sherry Christiansen
15 days ago

PS. Tried the desktop site and same issue. No poll choices or way to vote.

For the record, I’d love a small grocery for items like bread, eggs and milk.

Jeff Craig
16 days ago

Since we take our two dogs with us, a dog park is a natural.

16 days ago

None of the above, I didn’t vote. Want a quiet park, no dogs barking constantly, lots of room between campers without the other campers walking back and forth through the sites.

16 days ago

A nice restaurant to have a change of menu would be nice. And since we fish a nice lake or access to one with water craft rental would be great.

Dennis Edgar
16 days ago

I thought it interesting that WIFI and Cable TV wasn’t among the choices of things we wanted to see at a RV resort or campground. We as Americans have come to rely on the internet so much, we expect it as a standard as much as electric and water

16 days ago

We have a pool and spa but don’t use it. In fact, they just finally opened it up 4th of July weekend after being shut down last year for covid. For short or long term I care more about being clean, cable and wi-fi. Lower prices is at the top of the list.

Basically they need RV parks for those not wanting all the amenities and resorts for those that do.

16 days ago

The vast majority of the comments seem to be “none of the above”, as is my comment. I did find it interesting that 27%, a goodly number, would like a restaurant. I found that interesting as we all seem to carry food and kitchens with us, and we talk about those items quite a bit. (I have often wondered if surveys and what people really think are one in the same.) Oh – at the end of a long travel day, I would like my wife’s cooking, but she would like a restaurant.) Ha!

Diane Mc
16 days ago

Sorry I read the comments. We must be evil people. Lol. We too like sightseeing. However, if we are just over night it’s great if the park, CG, resort whatever, has a restaurant/cafe. Our trek from CA to FL is just overnight stops, so we love stopping in Willcox & VanHorn. After long days drive nice to be served & we are helping the park out & the help who are fellow RV’ers or locals, who we tip. If we are staying for sightseeing, usually days/week, would enjoy something like lake w/boat rental (especially free) on a rest day from checking out the local area. If we had 3 choices, would have added golf course. There were none of the other that I cared about, if we had more than 3 choices. However, we are all different & enjoy different aspects of our travels & how we travel. Not going to judge.

Paul Cecil
16 days ago

I won’t say none of the above, but then again I don’t choose campgrounds based on their amenities. I choose campgrounds based on where I am traveling and what is in the area to see and visit. If the campground has your list of amenities it is probably a RV Resort and I could not afford to stay there.
The two items I want from a RV campground is space, and peace and quiet. If the satellite view of the campground looks more like a RV parking lot then I ain’t staying there. And I expect some level of respect from my neighbors. I don’t need to listen to your kids favorite Disney cartoon… again. I don’t need to know your favorite sports team scored. I don’t wish to listen to the two of you arguing. And my camp site is not the shortcut to where ever you wish to go.
I apologize for the rant. But that is my 5 cents.

Gene Bjerke
16 days ago

I chose two things as instructed (the lake only if the free boats include kayaks), but am perfectly happy without them. We never use the “extras” that are provided.

16 days ago

none of the above. quiet, clean, wide spaces, good power, water, a reasonably close and properly pitched sewer connection. a properly sized laundry facility is a plus.

Sink Jaxon
16 days ago

I hate to split hairs here…but a campground is not an RV Park. Camping to me is a state park, National Forest, or National Park or BLM land. The closest thing to an RV Park I’ve ever stayed at is a KOA or other private one night stopover on my way to somewhere to camp. I have never had the desire to make an RV Park a destination spot because of amenities. That would be a hotel vacation! But, maybe I will someday.

Rich Staley
16 days ago

I would like to see larger and more shaded spots especially here in Texas.

Steven Sims
16 days ago

How about “WiFi that actually works reliably”?

Grant Graves
16 days ago

Well, you left out my choice which is none of the above.

Neal Davis
16 days ago

I picked a dog park and tennis courts. Neither of which has a direct cost to us if we use them. Although I was tempted to choose a nice reastaurant, I did not because we eat “in” when “camping.” So often we pay so much for a campsite that we try to save money in other ways to offset the per-night fee.

16 days ago

None of the above, we just want a site to park our motorhome while we see the local sights!

16 days ago
Reply to  Loren

I have to agree with Loren. We also enjoy riding our bikes and our kayak if there is a lake available.

16 days ago
Reply to  Bryan

Same here. Sites that aren’t cramped. Trees. Walking trails. Miniature golf is nice. I’m not interested in a resort.

Grant Graves
16 days ago
Reply to  Loren


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