Sunday, October 2, 2022


If Jeff Bezos invited you to ride on his next trip into space, would you accept?

Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame is trying to make his next mark as a spaceman. He’s shooting people into space already. Just this past week he launched 90-year old William Shatner, Captain Kirk of Star Trek fame, toward the heavens, his first trip there despite a lot of adventures on film with Klingons, Romulans and cute but deadly Tribbles.

The latest astronauts including William Shatner.

So, what if Bezos invited you on a future trip, all expenses paid? Would you say yes or no?

Let’s see how adventurous the crowd is when it comes to taking a journey up, and not just forward or backward.

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Jonathan Hilliard
11 months ago

Of course. What kinda Gomer would turn that down?

Ken Parr
11 months ago

I wanna be a Spaceman, I wanna….. We ain’t (haven’t) left yet?! Comp passage, right?

11 months ago

I’d rather go with Musk and actually spend some time up there, but I wouldn’t turn even 10 minutes down.

11 months ago

YES IFFF he paid for it

11 months ago

How does riding in Bezos’ cannonball shot make you a professional astronaut?

Jonathan Hilliard
11 months ago
Reply to  Gary

Google it

Bob P
11 months ago

What is it about going to space that intrigues so many? You can’t do anything but look out a window and see a big blue ball floating in a vacuum.

11 months ago

Going to space? Yes. With Blue Origin? No. I would go with SpaceX because they actually go to space.

11 months ago
Reply to  elkabong


11 months ago

Yes! In a heart-beat. Don’t care whose it is.

Jim Prideaux
11 months ago

Well sure if it is all expenses paid.

11 months ago

I’ll go with SpaceX instead!

Michael Galvin, PhD
11 months ago

How many schools or hospitals could be built with the money spent on one “space” flight?

Jim Prideaux
11 months ago

You would have to crunch the numbers which are not readily available. But I can tell you how many schools are not being built because Jeff is shooting rockets into space: Zero

11 months ago

Probably quite a few. But it isn’t money that is being sent into space, the money is being spent on his employees salaries, his suppliers products, and his contractors, and whatever sales taxes apply, and all of them are paying taxes and making charitable contributions with that money, and that is building schools and hospitals.

Paul Cecil
11 months ago

Absolutely!!!! I remember as a kid sitting in the living room watching the Moon landings. If the chance became available I would go without hesitation.

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY
11 months ago

I was fortunate to be one of the tens of thousands who worked on PROJECT APOLLO from 1966 to 1970. A chance to go into space, ABSOLUTELY.

Neal Davis
11 months ago

Not the slightest interest in space travel. Already travel enough in RV to spend much of our time at home mowing grass.

Jeff Craig
11 months ago

Of course I would. Then I’d thank Mr. Bezos for supporting charities in his Smile.Amazon.Com program and ask him to do the same with Unions in his warehouses.

11 months ago


11 months ago

Not just yes, H&LL YES!

I see a lot comments qualifying who what when why they would fly with.

I don’t care! Don’t look a gift space ride in the mouth!

Deborah Butler
11 months ago

You betcha!

11 months ago

I’m always up for an adventure so if it’s free I would go. Wouldn’t pay for it though.

11 months ago

I would love to go, but I would get claustrophobic in the small capsule!

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