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If you could sell your RV right now for a good price would you do it?

Demand is high for both new and used RVs. It’s so high, in fact, that many first-time RV buyers are waiting months for their new rig to be delivered.

If you’re willing to sell yours, you could probably get an excellent price. Amazingly, some RVers report that they are seeing the value of their present RVs going up in price, not down, which has been the case pretty much forever.

So, if someone came along today and made you a generous offer to buy your RV, what would you do? That’s our question today.

Remember, it can take a few moments for the poll to load, so stand by.

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John Koenig (@guest_156710)
1 year ago

“Good price” NO.

GREAT price would receive VERY serious consideration.

Barnjai (@guest_156647)
1 year ago

We are sometimes tempted to look at something a little bigger, especially when camping during the late autumn when it gets dark so early and we spend more time inside our trailer. However, our little 20 foot travel trailer will fit in so many cool little sites and that includes our driveway! We bought the 2010 unit last year and did a LOT of repairs and updating. We paid $6200 for it and could probably sell it now in this market for almost twice that. After painting, re-upholstering, extending the bed, putting in new flooring, replacing many, many parts and repairing water damage, we love our little house on wheels. We had a 30 amp plug installed in the driveway and I use it for my “she shed” and sometimes as a guest room. All this to say, we don’t plan to upgrade any time soon.

McTroy (@guest_156636)
1 year ago

We love our Windjammer. It is 7 years old and we are planning a few updates to it and new flooring this winter. New units are too costly and many lack quality.

John (@guest_156367)
1 year ago

Had ours for almost 10 years. Happy with it and would not sell as long as we still want to RV. We take trips anywhere from a weekend, to several weeks and would consider up to two months. But if I did sell it, that would be me planning to stop RV’ing, not to buy a replacement RV.

Bugsy (@guest_156082)
1 year ago

Just started out retired RVing 4 years ago. Bought the motorhome we wanted and are loving it. Won’t be selling anytime soon. Especially since the new models quality does not compare.

Diane Mc (@guest_156080)
1 year ago

Nope. 20 yrs old in February & 225K miles. In great condition. Love the floor plan. Plus we are probably close to the end of our RV traveling. Maybe a few more years. Makes no sense to buy something new or even a used. We’ve fixed ours up the way we like it.

Marty Mapson (@guest_156071)
1 year ago

We would sell because we need a little bit larger home.

Lawrence Neely (@guest_156058)
1 year ago

mine would depend if I could get one better than the one I have (which I like) in a reasonable time at a reasonable price.

Bob Weinfurt (@guest_156050)
1 year ago

I ran into a situation seven years ago where the owner of an old 22′ motorhome just wanted it gone. I looked it over and being a mechanic, knew it wouldn’t take much time and money to make it roadworthy. I paid $300 for it and was camping in it a few weeks later. Being an older unit, it didn’t have all the fancy bells and whistles so keeping things in working order is a breeze. I’ve been offered $5K and more but I can’t replace it for that. Now that I’m retired, it’s getting used a lot more often. I’m a happy camper/traveler.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bob Weinfurt
Glenn (@guest_156046)
1 year ago

I voted yes and we did. Sold it for what we paid for it three years ago.

Michael Butts (@guest_156044)
1 year ago

My class C is almost five years old and in great condition. Cost to replace it is 45% more than I paid without including the costs of upgrades I’ve made. We plan on keeping it for a few more years while we keep our eye on the market for an eventual upgrade.

Richard (@guest_156028)
1 year ago

I have owned my current Beaver Motorhome for five years and could sell it for more than I paid for it (people keep asking if I am interested). However, in the current inflated market I could not replace it with anything close to the quality of the Beaver. It is a pre DPF and DEF diesel. I will happily keep what I have.

Rich (@guest_156017)
1 year ago

maybe. we’re thinking of selling

Neal Davis (@guest_155987)
1 year ago

I said, “probably.” The reason is that we are actively shopping for a new RV. Selling our present one would eliminate negotiating our trade-in price from the purchasing haggling. So, I would probably sell our present one if I were offered well beyond our anticipated valuation of it as a trade-in.

Doug T. (@guest_155968)
1 year ago

We have a 40 foot diesel pusher with 4 slides (Monaco) and absolutely LOVE our rig!! Nope, we sure don’t want to sell!

Tommy Molnar (@guest_155957)
1 year ago

I was surprised at the number of folks willing to sell. Not us!

Vincee (@guest_155956)
1 year ago

I voted no. With the demand so high for RVs today, prices for new and used are through the roof. I have checked out NADA on my rig and the average prices shown for sale are about the same as when we bought our 2014 DP in 2018. I’m not interested in going through the work of finding and buying a replacement at, yes, an inflated price like I sold mine for.

Bob R (@guest_155949)
1 year ago

I voted yes, and I did, I bought mine in 2015 for 110,000 and just last month I was offered 90,000! How could I say no? It’s actually 7 years old. Now I have to wait until I get another, if I do.

Wayne Caldwell (@guest_155946)
1 year ago

Since we paid only $5k for our excellently maintained cared for travel trailer with a Hensley Arrow, Honda generator, and most of the linens, we would realize a substantial profit. But we wouldn’t be able to replace it without an even substantially more investment.

Lisa Adcox (@guest_155945)
1 year ago

Absolutely. After my husband had stroke in Oct. We think it is a good idea to sell. We are set up on a permanent sight. Have a 40 ft awning over it,patio with wood fence,hard piped and more. Includes outside refrigerator, Duel Fuel generator with 100 lb propane tank,new recliners and dressers,Water softener ,skirted, and all on a great spot in Park. It’s a 38 ft TT with 3 slides. 2 years old. Would sell for less than its worth. But no one in area we are in seems to want to purchase anything newer. They are buying older ones in park here and putting lots of money to repair. Crazy. Set up in a great park that is reasonable rates for annual or 6/6 for winter Texans.
So since can’t sell,it will go back to home state with us and we will try there.

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