Monday, September 25, 2023


Will you attend a New Year’s Eve party?

Are you getting ready for a big ol’ bash to celebrate the arrival of 2022? Are you headed to the big city to dance the night away? Or maybe the RV park has a get-together with a little blowing of party horns at midnight and that’s about it.

Or, perhaps you’ll get together with a few friends for a quiet celebration – watch a movie, play card or board games … or just enjoy dinner and conversation.

Some of you, we know, will simply treat the day like any other, doing nothing out of the ordinary and then hitting the sack at your regular time.

So what are your plans? Is it big party, little party, or no party at all? Curious minds want to know. Remember, if you are on a slow connection it may take a moment for the poll to load.

Oh, no matter what your plans, “Happy New Year.”


  1. We have not done a Xmas party in over 20 years. More so everyone has moved away or died. So with our daughter we created our own Xmas party. Something small since it is just the 3 of us. And she will be moving on with her own life. So this year is probably watching television like usual and falling asleep before the ball drops. Staying up to midnite is hard to do when you are use to bed time at 11. Happy New Year everyone.

  2. Since it is our anniversary, we will host a small party (14 people) which is down from our previous habit of a dozen or two on New Year’s Eve and 50 to 100 on New Year’s Day.

  3. We live on the west coast. So my wife and I will watch the ball drop on TV in New York City at 2100 hrs. (9:00pm) pst and then call it a night. Taps, taps, lights out…Lol

  4. The 2 of us will meet up with another RV of 3 people. So the 5 of us will celebrate NYE with a Prime Rib Dinner (cooked in a Dutch Oven over hot coals) and celebrate in the other RV which is larger. So “yes” we will attend a NYE party.
    Also, via satellite TV, we will watch the ball drop in New York at 9pm our west coast time. Be in bed asleep by midnight. Ha

  5. Only once. The year 2000. Sister & husband invited us with their 2 daughters & another couple to have a fancy dinner at their house (we all dressed up) and spend the night. Then in the morning we caught a flight from the SF Bay Area to Pasadena to attend Rose Bowl. Her husband was a Badger (Wisconsin Univ) and got tickets. They won, beating Stanford. A one time special event that was fun.
    Why I know it was only once….worked for hi tech manufacturing companies from a young age until a couple of yeas before retirement. Our year end was always Dec 31st, so spent New Year’s at work getting product out the door. Since we had to stop at midnight, and left soon after, most were celebrating somewhere and off the roads.

    • i was at work (9-1-1 call center) as the calendar flipped from 1999 to 2000. NYE was typically one of the busiest nights of the year for us and I had staffed the center to its maximum limit. we were expecting to be busier than usual given the historic nature of the calendar (even though the millenium didn’t really change until 1/1/01). but….it was the quietest NYE we’d ever had. by 12:30 we’d had less than a handfull of calls (we serviced a population of about 600,000 and 9-1-1 in our area is used for any request for police, fire or EMS). in a normal year we would’ve had dozens of calls in that 30-minutes.

      if you recall there was lots of speculation that computers would crash at the stroke of midnight but we had previously identified the parts of our code that needed fixing and made the needed changes, so we weren’t worried about our system failing but we were concerned about thousands of people picking up their landline telephone handsets at the same time to make sure they had dial tone. had that happened it might’ve crashed the TelCo central office so in conjunction with the local provider we did a pretty extensive PR campaign warning folks what could happen if they picked up their handsets at midnight. guess they listened. i sent a lot of the extra staff home at 1:00 am. wish all of our NYE’s had been like that.

  6. Why don’t see a reader poll? I am on an iPad and it’s rare that I ever see them. Why is this? If it doesn’t work on Apple devices, you are not getting quite a few reader’s results.

  7. No “plans,” will watch football bowl games and recorded programs until midnight, or so, and go to bed. So, this year will be much as the last 25 or 30 years have been.

  8. We have to remember the many New Years spent on duty during our active military service. Thinking of our military, first responders, and hospital staff, who’s New Years consist of protecting our great nation.

      • Actually James, I LOVE birthdays! It means I’ve outlived a bunch of guys (and gals) my age that didn’t make it this year. And there seem to be lots of them. My mother made it to 99½ and bragged every YEAR about how old she was. These were bragging rights at the assisted care home where she lived. Ha.

  9. Actually I’ll spend NY’s Eve in the parking lot of a Springfield MO hospital in my Minnie Winnie, while my Wife undergoes a Sleep Study for possible Sleep Apnea. That will make it six nights at that hospital in the Winnie this year. Not any services, but the $ rate is OK. LOL

  10. When we were younger we always went to New Years Eve parties and enjoyed them. Now we’d just as soon stay home and relax after the Christmas holidays. We do try to go out for an early New Years Eve dinner at a local restaurant.


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