Tuesday, November 28, 2023


How likely are you to buy an RV in 2022?

Is this the year you buy your first RV or when you trade up (or down) from your present one?

The latest report from Black Book, a company that sources and integrates vehicle history report data and then analyzes millions of vehicle transactions to track valuations, showed that the average selling price of motorized RVs in November was $79,270, down $2,114 from the numbers they tracked in October 2021. Towable RVs followed suit, down $908 to an average selling price of $21,405.

Maybe this has no effect on your decision to sell or keep your present RV. But whatever your reasons, what are your plans for 2022 — keep your present RV or buy another, or buy your first RV?

As usual, it may take a moment for the poll to load, so stand by. Your comments are welcomed.

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Bonita (@guest_160384)
1 year ago

I’m getting my first new camper in June of 2022! I ordered it in September ’21.

Mike (@guest_159803)
1 year ago

Our 2013 4336 Mountain Aire, that we purchased used 3 years ago, will remain with us until sometime well out in the future when we decide to downsize. When I look at all the features and comforts this motorhome has, in addition to the familiarity we now have with it, it seems silly to put out more cash to buy something that may not even be as good.

jfreeham (@guest_159698)
1 year ago

Nope. A reason we purchased an Airstream in the first place was that it is a buy it and keep it (if you want) RV. We’ve bought it. We’re keeping it.

Bluebird Bob (@guest_159696)
1 year ago

We have had our 1984 Bluebird Wanderlodge now for 18 years. These were top of the line before Prevost got into the business. It takes us all over the country and except for upgrades we wanted, has never let us down or on the side of the road. Wouldn’t have any other brand. ESPECIALLY a Thor product!

Bob Weinfurt (@guest_159670)
1 year ago

I’m still happy with my 43 y/o MH. Why go looking for problems?

Jeff Craig (@guest_159653)
1 year ago

Still happy with my current rig, but will try to make a few upgrades to it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jeff Craig
Terri R (@guest_159650)
1 year ago

Right trailer with right features & we are buying. Original plan to warm up for retirement in our 2013 MicroLite for 10 years … only 1 year left before we look in earnest so if the discussion about personalization comes to fruition we would buy. Content to continue with what we have if exactly what we want is not available.

Richard Stephenson (@guest_159646)
1 year ago

With the inflated prices, supply chain challenges, manufacturer quality issues, and dealer repair timelines, I have no desire to purchase a new RV at this time. If these items get resolved in the future, then I may revisit my decision.

Roy Davis (@guest_159645)
1 year ago

We are considering buying a new RV this year but I am watching the market very close. I suspect that the bubble is going to burst on RV sales as the price of fuel continues to rise. When that happens the prices are going to plummet and many will be upside down on their loans. I am wary of buying in an inflated market and then taking a huge depreciation as it “adjusts” downward.

Ron Lane (@guest_159610)
1 year ago

Not buying…..but might be selling.

Carl Jones (@guest_159608)
1 year ago

Don’t need a new RV, my 1968 Ultra Van is running great and provides better service each year as we add upgrades. Hopefully this year we’ll add solar and lithium batteries so we can boondock longer.

David Binkley (@guest_159600)
1 year ago

Putting our Super C on the market as the whole RV lifestyle isn’t really that fun at all anymore, overcrowded and trying to get service is just beyond ridiculous these days. For those who stay in the game, have fun.

Jesse Crouse (@guest_159594)
1 year ago

Our 2006 Tiffin 40 QSH suits us fine. Also in great shape and is a known “ready to go shape”. Only routine maint. issues.

AKlein (@guest_159587)
1 year ago

We traded our A class in for a fifth wheel. However, it will stay on our lot in Florida. Decided we didn’t want to travel anymore. Besides the covid issue, too many inconsiderate newbies on the road!

BillyBogey (@guest_159624)
1 year ago
Reply to  AKlein

Have been reading various threads about “inconsiderate” Newbies. Yes; “Entitlement” seems to prevail, mostly with Old Fossils!! & I’m Old & getting “Older”. However; I made a promise to myself to never be a “”Grump” nor a “Fossil”!!
So, did think RV Dealers could help us by running “RV Beginnings” one night a week 7-8:30pm during Sept. to May to help enter the RV World. Either get a Good Customer to provide insight or RV Dealer puts their “Best” Forward & runs as an “Free” Welcome & Insight on Site.
I kind of hear Ah Ching, Ah Ching Friends & Neighbours!!

Patty (@guest_159573)
1 year ago

On our 3rd one in 20 years. This 2018 class A will be our last. We will enjoy vacationing in it until we no longer can.

Bob (@guest_159570)
1 year ago

Bought a 2019 motorhome just a few months before the pandemic started. Won’t be buying another one the rest of my life. Wouldn’t consider buying any RV manufactured since the pandemic started because I’m sure the quality control has even gotten worse as manufacturers are rushing to produce more units.

Wayne R (@guest_159568)
1 year ago

Why would anyone buy the junk that all manufactures have been pushing out for the past 3 years??? I’ll hang on to my 2017 Pinnacle for another 5 years, thank you

Montgomery D Bonner (@guest_159564)
1 year ago

Got one, it’s for sale. Travel via RV now is not fun, I do not like to plan my life 6-18 months out. So done mostly until it sells.

tom (@guest_159551)
1 year ago

My current RV suits us fine. It’s best feature is “Paid For.” We own it, warts and all. It will have to have a major, total failure to be replaced.

Tom (@guest_159547)
1 year ago

My 2007 dutchstar has and is the best motor home we have ever owned.Not selling it At 73 years old and in excellent health why would I spend money buying another motor home as I know this one top to bottom.

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