Thursday, October 6, 2022


Will high fuel prices affect your RV travels this summer?

There’s no denying fuel prices are high. And we mean HIGH. And, unfortunately, they’re getting higher… and higher…

All of us RVers know that filling up the tank isn’t cheap (on the truck or RV!), so those drives are getting more expensive by the mile. If fuel prices stay the same or continue to rise, will it affect your RV travels this summer?

Feel free to leave a comment, but leave politics out of it. If you break this rule, your comment may be deleted. Thank you for your cooperation!


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Sammy Duncan
6 months ago

Between the gas, traffic, rude people, and danger, it is almost not worth it anymore.

5 months ago
Reply to  Sammy Duncan

Well said. We’re a veteran Motorhome couple. 20 plus years. And it’s definitely not fun any longer. The previous post nailed it. Lucky we have a farm and a beautiful big bus port with 50 amp water and sewer. So we now use our bus for mini vacations right here at home. Peaceful quiet and gated. We refuse to travel at this time. I keep liability and comprehensive insurance and that’s it.

6 months ago

It’s not the cost it’s the destination

Bill Massicotte
6 months ago
Reply to  Dave

The destination and fighting with bad roads and trucks

Sammy Duncan
6 months ago
Reply to  Dave

Spare us from the boring sayings from the internet.

BILLY Bob Thronton
6 months ago

To the RV travel staff; I cant say enough about how you put topics relevant to RVing in front of your readers for discussion and comment. As Americans (some canadians as well), there has been vigorous discussion in he comments of this blog, and i salute your format.

Now to this survey. I believe the initial reaction, and subsequent votes, which currently indicate “{bleeped} the torpedoes, full speed ahead” I’m going anyway mentality, is a premature hopeful belief. It will be very interesting to see the number of cancellations that arise, as fuel becomes more expensive, and more importantly, remains high, draining the monthly budgets of those with marginal discretionary income. This will begin to hit soon, as the sustained fuel, food, clothing, heck, EVERYTHING goes through the roof.

As i said it many times, buckle up, as we have now entered uncharted economic territory.

6 months ago

Diesel fuel is now close to $7.00 a gallon here in Ca. fill up my 100 gallon tank $700.00
avg 7-8 miles a gallon pulling toad. I’m not driving my RV anywhere. can stay in some nice hotels for that kind of money. Really concerned about RV depreciation due to handling of Russian oil

4 months ago
Reply to  Don

Russian Oil? I guess you drank the Kool-Aid!

Sheryl Hendrix
7 months ago

Life’s to short! Gas prices will not stop us! We will cut down on going out to eat. I like my cooking better anyway!

7 months ago

These prices will definitely have an effect on our rving this year. 450.00vs 225.00 to fill our motorhome, for sure. Along with everything else going up because of rising fuel prices!
So abiding by the rules , I’ll leave politics and corporations out of it, although those two combined are the reasons for the price we are paying.
So your prices is bad in the US, for sure,ours in Canada just topped 2.00/litre, which translates to 9.00/ gal.
From roughly 4.50 /gal earlier last year.
So other excuses given are high demand? Really, in March?
Low production?Who sets production rates?
Excuse after excuse to raise gas prices and other than stop driving, nothing can be done about it.

Pat Daubenmier
7 months ago

Supposed to be representative to FMCA in Nebraska this summer but we’ll see….!

Robert McCaskill
7 months ago

At $3.50+ a gallon I will NOT be going camping this year. I can’t afford to get to the campground!

7 months ago

Like most, we will look at prices at the time we plan to travel and adjust accordingly, we travel less in summer anyway.

Last edited 7 months ago by Steve
Mark W
7 months ago

Fuel costs over the life of any vehicle, especially an RV, is one of the most important and significant costs.

This is why I purchased a Class B motorhome that gets 18 MPG on the road.
Motorhomes that get 5 or 6 MPG are paying three times more and this really adds up quickly.

So, when people ask me if it’s too expensive, my answer is don’t get more motorhome than you actually need. Our motorhome is just comfortable enough to have privacy and a small indoor safe place, but, it’s not designed to be like taking our entire home with us. We don’t live in our motorhome, it’s great traveling to destinations and exploring nature or just road tripping.

7 months ago

My wife and I have talked extensively about our camping plans this coming season. What we decided is “we’re not getting any younger” and time doesn’t stop for anyone. Covid-19 killed our prior cross-country trip plans, so this year are going to embark on a long two-month excursion that will be longer with more stops than our prior plans. Are we not aware of the rising fuel costs, of course? However, sooner or later a choice has to be made to do what you enjoy and let the things out of your control not stop you.

Imogene Stubbs
6 months ago
Reply to  Vincee

My thoughts exactly. We have more years behind us than we have in front of us.

7 months ago

We don’t travel during the summer, only travel during the fall, winter, and spring.

7 months ago

At this point, fuel prices won’t change our plans. That could change depending on just how expensive diesel gets. We traveled when fuel prices were well north of $4/gallon so we’ll do that again this time around. North of $5/gallon might have me rethinking.

7 months ago

We are still planning on traveling from Wisconsin to Arizona this spring. Gas is a concern but we do not want to put life on hold and we will be doing whatever we can to make it work.

Neal Davis
7 months ago

We have no travel plans between April 2nd and October 19th. We are awaiting the arrival of our ordered DP from Newmar. Currently, an arrival date of early-June is expected with an update expected late this week. So, it is uncertainty regarding the arrival of our next RV, not fuel costs, that is affecting our summer travel plans.

7 months ago

We are aging out of the RV scene, so this may be our last trip. We have an 8K loop planned for late spring, but if diesel prices are above an average of $4.50 I will have to look at it again.

Charles Manor
6 months ago
Reply to  Wally

In Western North Carolina diesel in one day jumped over a $1.00 a gallon. Now it is up to $4.60 a gallon. Many of our trip plans are being studied very carefully. We may have to cancel some of our distance and just stay closer. One year ago it cost $160.00 to fill up the truck for long hauls. Now it is closing in on close to $350.00, probably before we go it may cost $400.00 or more to fill up.

Thomas Boltik
7 months ago

Of course it will affect us. Along with fuel prices, groceries are going up, minimum wages are going up…in fact the only thing NOT going up is how much I get paid! I really feel bad for those on fixed incomes or Social Security. Its getting too expensive (again). Will we see more stories of seniors living on cat food because the money only goes so far? (but the politicians don’t seem to be starving, or travelling less. Must be nice.

Sailor Bill
7 months ago

Hard to answer without various fuel price levels. $4.00 per gallon gas I expect by summer. $5.00 would make me unhappy. $6.00 per gallon would make me very angry. $10.00 per gallon would cause me to cancel my trip to Alaska planned for this year.

Bob Weinfurt
7 months ago

The price of gas and some of the remaining effects of the pandemic have forced us to keep it mostly to boondocking locally. One good thing is we’re going camping a lot more often than we did pre-pandemic.

Last edited 7 months ago by Bob Weinfurt
7 months ago

Planning extended trip from TN to grand canyon and elsewhere this fall. Covid canceled our plans last year. Finally retired and neither one of us were able to take much of a vacation over the years because of work. Right now $5 gallon will be threshold of pain. But may suck it up and go anyway won’t know how to act with more than a week on the road. Life is too short.