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When relaxing outside your RV in an RV park do you like it when others stop to talk?

Say you’re sitting outside around your picnic table at the campground. It’s just after dinner time, still light out (those days in the not-too-distant future!), and your neighbors are out on their evening walks. Picture it? Okay, good. Would you like it if those neighbors stopped to say hello and chat for a moment, or would you prefer that they moved on and continued walking? Maybe they’ll give you a wave, but that’s it.

Have we become more isolated in campgrounds? Are we still just as friendly as “the good ol’ days”? What do you think? After you vote in the poll below, please leave a comment and explain your answer. We’re curious to hear what you have to say. Thank you!


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Don Van Wormer
6 months ago

Having morning cofee outside I enjoy peace and quiet. Any other time come on by

6 months ago

Depends on the entire picture.. I don’t like being bothered when I am trying to get something done… I’ve had up to 15 people at my site at once… arg!!! I’m trying to relax!!!!

6 months ago

I enjoy those people who walk past, wave, maybe ask “how are you?”….then move on. I work in a extremely busy, extremely stressful field that is constantly noisy. When I am on vacation, I want to spend time with my husband, my immediate family. I am not a person who enjoys chit chat conversations with strangers simply because I have to do it constantly at work. Vacation time is for me to get away from that, decompress, slow down and just enjoy those moments of peace and quiet. I also don’t enjoy being interrupted during mealtimes for the same reason…I am constantly having to stop eating at work to take care of other people so it is a pleasure for me to sit quietly at a meal, talking with my family and enjoying the solitude

6 months ago
Reply to  Dena

Lol, exactly, also we might be in a similar line of work.

Tamara Schaefer
6 months ago

Yes I love it when folks stop to talk. It’s a treat to learn about where others are from and their travels. I especially like the full timers. Oh and meet the dogs too. Once someone stopped by and he’d been crabbing all day and gave me 5 cooked crabs 😋. I learn trailer troubles and solutions which is very helpful. Camping is the best.

6 months ago

You lost me at sitting at the picnic table. If I am still sitting at the dinner table with my family, keep walking!! Do not interrupt that precious family time. Other times, sure stop by and visit- drinking around the campfire, play yard/board/card games, folding up beach towels fresh off the line, sipping my morning coffee, it’s all good stop and chat about how I’m “roughing it” and really should invest in a trailer. Tell me all the places youve experienced thanks to your trailer. I will smile politely and give you some great (TENT) camping spot recommendations. Yes he’s friendly, no he’s not neutered, no I don’t hunt, no his energy is motivating not exhausting. The longer you visit, the more you might notice that my toaster popped, or my laptop chimed (I work from “home”), or my blender is full of margaritas. Just bc I’m in a tent, does not mean I am roughing anything. I’ve got this down to a science, etiquette included. Let’s drink by the fire and watch people park their campers! 🙂

Sue M Shook
6 months ago

I love it when people stop to talk. We have met some great people from around America, Canada and England. Some we have continued friendship thanks to the internet. One couple from England took a year to camp America with their children. What a wonderful educational experience for those children. The campground can be a wonderful neighborhood with neighbors helping neighbors.

Val the Gal
6 months ago

I love for people to stop and talk. I love to do the same, but I usually don’t stay long unless they keep the conversation going. For the most part, people are pleasant and willing to take a few minutes to visit.

6 months ago

I love meeting new folks. Most of the time I’m up for a bit of friendly conversation. Some nites it’s a bit of a quiet time.

6 months ago

The wife and I have been on the road 5yrs. We both enjoy talking to people that stop by. We don’t go out of our way or their way but enjoy the chats. It’s good for the soul

Uncle Swags
6 months ago

Of course, it’s your job as a human being.

6 months ago

I just don’t like people

6 months ago
Reply to  Rodger

Ha!!! Me either!!! 😂

Mike Ackeral
6 months ago

Hi. I am not an RVer. I am a motorcycle camper. I have a small tent trailer I tow behind my bike. It generates a lot of discussion. People always stopping by to ask questions and comment on it. Have met a lot of other riders and some locals that always tell me about other places they have visited. Have learned about lots of places to go. And from other riders of some great roads to ride.

Don tinsley
6 months ago

When camping everyone is friendly and in a good mood , we need more of that

Walt Jewell
6 months ago

Yes, of course. You learn so much about sites to see, other rv parks etc. Thats what makes camping so fun

R Scherer
6 months ago
Reply to  Walt Jewell

Depends on the time of day. If I’m cooking keep on walking. Can’t tell people that but that’s what I prefer. Had a couple a few yrs. ago that hung around to the point I thought they were going to ask to come into the trailer and eat my steak. 🤣🤣🤣

6 months ago

I noticed that when we stay at a park traveling and we are amongst long-term visitors we receive better greetings so if you have never stayed in a long-term area at an RV park try it sometime you might like it

6 months ago

Yes I do enjoy meeting people whether I am The one greeting or they are greeting me but when I’m eating people love to stand and talk and I don’t like being disturbed while I am eating

6 months ago

I usually prefer to say hello and leave it at that.

6 months ago

I prefer to just spend time with my wife and dog, not with other people

6 months ago

If “strolling by” visitors didn’t resort to asking personal questions, I wouldn’t mind so much.

In my experience too many ask too many personal questions which I prefer not to answer. Too many people in these days of social media seem to have no boundaries.

6 months ago

I don’t mind someone stopping in and visiting and I enjoy it. However, keep your dog from licking me or jumping on me.

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