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How satisfied are you with your present RV?

Is your present RV the “cat’s meow,” or if you’re too young to remember that old-fashioned phrase, is your RV everything you could want it to be?

So, what we are really asking is “How satisfied are you with your present RV?”

Is it pretty much perfect, everything you could hope for? Or is it just okay? Or is it the biggest piece of poo ever expelled from the bowels of a so-called production line?

That’s our question for today. If you’d like to comment, have at it. Just keep the language PG or our robot censors, who work 24 hours a day, will launch your words into distant cyberspace, where they will travel millions of light years before they land on another planet, where the chance of an English-speaking person reading them will be one in a billion trillion (whatever that is called).

Okay, time to answer.



  1. It’s not luxurious, extremely comfortable, or drop dead beautiful, but it serves its purpose and gets us away for a few days or even weeks to months, and it’s PAID FOR.

  2. 93 Itasca Sundancer. Great shape no leaks everything works. Had new fridge when we bought it and we put new tires and shocks on. Would love a new class C but hey, this ones paid for and for the wife and I and our Yorkie, it fits. Classic itasca.

  3. It’s 44 years old, has the basics which all work, is easy to maintain and repair, and it’s never broken down. What’s not to be satisfied about?

  4. We have a ’16 Newmar Ventana LE bought new in May ’17. I regret buying it because Newmar has not stood behind their work. They have fixed some things after we twice brought, at our expense, our coach to them, in Indiana, from Colorado. Other defects which, we believe, were problems from day one, and things, we believe, they damaged when working on our home at the service center, they would not even look at. Their dealer, that we bought from, has been dreadful when trying to get things fixed.

  5. After 30 years of owning pop up we have a Keystone 1800 rb. Murphy bed is good but I wish had walk around bed and separate couch but was concerned about towing heavier camper.

  6. Our 2021 Montana Legacy 3121RL is perfect for us. $30000.00 under MSRP and we ordered it built for us! 5 trips in less than a year. (We both still work ft). We did have some minor issues, broken recliner, dented residential fridge door and a scratched TV. All replaced under warranty. Had a taillight fail recently along with one Furrion side camera. The dealership gave me the parts and I replaced them. The size of our trailer is perfect, easy to tow, more than enough storage and has great layout. We did some mods also. Replaced the steps with Torklift steps, added a composting toilet, (clean black tank, never used), added carpet to the interior/exterior steps, upgraded the tv’s. We are good to go!

  7. I purchased a used Jayco Jay flight 19RB last year. It is a 2017 model. Used very little by the first owner, and really not at all by the second owner who I bought it from. After upgrading the tires I drove it from California to Idaho and back with no issues. Yes, it’s a little small, but easily towed behind my Ram 1500. It really only needed routine maintenance and has done quite well for me and my dog. I think highly of it and believe it is perfect for a couple and a child.
    I am pleased with my purchase.

  8. I am somewhat satisfied but I tend to want the latest gizmos. It isn’t that our current one doesn’t meet our needs but that there are always new and improved models.

  9. My 2007 Georgetown Class A is great, and it has served us very well. There are several upgrades I’d love to have – 3KW inverter, solar package on the roof, LiFe4Po batteries, suspension upgrades (because it rides like a brick) and a Banks engine system – but that’s just a wish list. Even without any of that, it is worth every penny I paid for it.

  10. We love our 2017 Jayco 23MRB. It is exactly what we need. With a slide out, a murphy bed, large bathroom and pretty good storage it fits our RV living style perfectly. In addition, the Jayco design, the quality manufacturing and the support they provided during the warranty period have made this a great home away from home. There is honestly nothing we would change; Jayco designers created a great model.

    • I love my 2017 Jayco as well. Mine is a Jay flight 19RB. A little smaller than yours. I always look for other Jayco owners to see how they like theirs. So far I have found Jayco owners to be very friendly and helpful.
      Good luck and best wishes on your travels!

  11. No regrets purchasing our 2016 American Revolution 42T (42’11”). It has served us well (45,000+ miles of travel including a 4-month odyssey to Alaska and back) but our house is built (we lived in our RV for 8 months while the house was built), and we want to increase the number of campsites our RV fits. So, we have ordered a 2022 Newmar New Aire 3545 (35’10”) and will bid our loyal and loved Revolution good-bye in June or July.

  12. We’re new to camping; bought our first in September 2019. Was not the camper for us (we were clueless) and on week seven, traded for a Keystone Bullet that we loved. Decided to go seasonal for the 2021 season and got a bigger camper that is perfect for seasonal: an actual bedroom with real closet, little larger shower, fireplace & sleeper sofa for the grands. Also for me as I’ll be starting out this year with a two week old knee replacement! I don’t think I could get up in our bed!

  13. Bought our 2010 Nash 21.5 fifth-wheel new. perfect size for us and relatively trouble free. Many people comment on loving its size.

  14. Happy with our 2021 Flagstaff Micro Lite 25FKBS. A great couples camper with lots of storage inside and a kitchen counter that runs the width of the camper. About the only downside is the shower which is only good for smaller folks.

  15. I like my Aliner popup, but spine problems keep me from using it. I bought an used Airstream trailer. It is perfect except for the blue tooth television.

  16. I have an 04 Airstream LandYacht. I have updated all electronics and am half way through new furniture and flooring. It is perfect.

  17. I’m very satisfied with my 2021Salem Cruise Lite 263BHXL, except for the fact that it has been at our dealer waiting for parts to fix a leak from our slideout that caused the flooring underneath the slide to completely rot!!! Forest River said they could not get parts for the repair, but they continue to build our same model, so where (?????) do they get the parts from then???? 6 months now we’ve been waiting! Unbelieveable!!!

  18. Three years ago we purchased a lightly used 2013 Newmar Mountain Aire 4336 as our “retirement RV” for all the comforts of home during extended travel. While I have to do a bit more planning for RV sites due to the large size, plus towing a full sized extended cab pickup, this motorhome is as comfortable as it gets for us and our three dogs.

    I guess the measure of satisfaction is that we are always browsing online or at shows, just to see what’s out there, and so far see nothing we think we would like better.

  19. We started out camping at 19 yrs of age using a tent. Graduated to a camper shell and then to a cab over camper. During the gas crises in the 70’s we came across a 22′ Winnebago and purchased it. When the gas crises more or less ended, we sold the cab over camper. Later we sold the Winnebago and bought and Itaska 27and kept it 5 years. We didn’t camp for a little over a year and wanted to get back into it. Good friends who had owned a motor home changed to a 5th wheel and said I should give one a try. We did, purchasing an older Alpenlite 22′ 5th wheel and loved it. Four years later we upgraded to a newer 29.5′ Alpenlite. We found that the build quality of both the Apenlites was far superior and wouldn’t trade for a new one.

  20. Perfect now but if I were to go full time I’d need an extra five feet. But since we have decided not to go that direction we will keep it until we die and hopefully still be in good condition to pass on to the kids.

  21. We are very happy with our 2019 35’ Montana (3121RL). It has been pretty solid over the 30,000 miles we’ve put on it. It has everything we want and need.

  22. We’re starting the 6th season with this RV so we’ve worked out most of the bugs and have done a lot of mods. About the only thing left that we’re not a fan of is the U-shaped dinette.

    • Took ours out put in IKEA folding table and chairs. Way more room and can seat more people comfortably now. Lost a little storage but worth it.

      • IKEA is a great place to shop for RV sized accessories. Every time we are near one, we plan a trip to the store. Be sure to check out the As-Is section. Lots of their items have other uses than originally designed.

    • We took out booths, too. Left table, got two $70 durable, fashionable chairs from Target. Next out: couch, replace w/ Stressless recliners.

  23. Love our 2022 Host Yukon. It’s exactly what wanted and expected. We have a VanLeigh Vilano in storage, we thought we would come back to it in the winter. We are full time and the Vilano is a very nice rig too. But we are content living in our truck camper. So we have decided to sell the VanLeigh, which we love. But not as much as our Host.

  24. Not happy with our 2018 Class C Coachman Leprechaun, but part is our own fault for not taking more time when we purchased it. Kick my butt. We are getting used to it but miss our old Bounder

  25. Our RV is an ’01 CrossRoads travel trailer that is a total of 35′ long. Kinda long for primarily two people. In two weeks we’re getting my deceased in-laws’ 21′ travel trailer and will try it out, compare the two and decide which works better for us.

  26. 2020 Montana 35′ 5er. Not perfect, but after nearly four months on the road during our Canadian Snowbird trip, she’s all gooooood.

  27. 2015 Tiffin Phaeton. Every time I think I find a better one, I look at what I have and decide it’s payed for and perfect for us! We’ll re-evaluate when it’s coming up on being 10 years old. It took us 2 years to find this RV and somehow being new at this, we hit the jackpot and have had no major issues.

    • Same here. Just don’t like the loan. We always purchased out right-2TT and a MH. Couldn’t do it this time My wife is retired and I only work half days due to medical issues.

  28. We like our 2021 Newmar New Aire just fine, but it does have several items that need repair. Finding nearby good repair facilities is not easy however, so I fix as many things as I can. Repair items that are not safety issues or critical function issues we just live with until we find someone who can work on them.

      • Tim….hundreds of thousands of slides, from old to new, are going in and out without issue all the time! Are there possible issues that can happen? Of course…as with anything mechanical. But for the most part, with little maintenance, they work very well. Have had multiple slides on all my RV’s since 1999 and have zero failures to date. Enjoy the extra space!


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