Wednesday, October 5, 2022


Do you still enjoy RVing as much as you did when you first started?

RVing is different now. Like everything in life, it’s morphed into something so different from what it used to be. But for those of us who love it, the wide-open (okay, traffic-packed) road still calls…

Today, do you still enjoy RVing as much as you did when you first started? Whether that was one year ago or 30… we want to know. Do you enjoy it more? Less? The same?

After you vote, please leave a comment and tell us why you answered the way you did. We’re looking forward to reading your responses. Thanks.


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Brian Burry
6 months ago

Now that we are retired, we enjoy Glamping at great RV Resorts and wonderful locations so very much! Lake Havasu, Newport Dunes, Sacramento River, Moro Bay, Pismo Beach, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona have been so fantastic and enjoyable! Yes, enjoying RVing more each time! Our doggie especially loves traveling and getting walks in so many exciting locations too🐶

Tom Horn
6 months ago

Don’t be a slave to the RV parks, Freedom Dock

M Quinn
6 months ago

I chose a bit less to describe our frustration. We’ve camped and “RVed” for years, but now that we are retired it is so difficult to find a spot at places we’ve saved up to visit. And with diesel prices (thank you’ politicians), our camping is reduced accordingly. What next?

Seb T
6 months ago

Doing more boondocking. We live in the West,so it’s not too hard here.

6 months ago

We still love it as much as we ever have, but so much has changed in the last couple of years. Finding a place to stay that is in our travel budget is really becoming limited, and with many spots being reserved and then not used is extremely frustrating. Gas prices going up have also impacted our budget. We will be limiting our travels this year to camping with our club (fairly close to home) and visiting family. We love the travel so we’ll keep going until the day it’s not fun anymore. Hope that is still a long way off.

Deena Jones
6 months ago
Reply to  Cheri

I agree with you. We waited to cross the country from West to East until we retired, and that is this year. Campgrounds are full, as well as campground prices are high and rising, fuel is outrageous, and I am beginning to question if it’s worth it. We put off crossing the country, staying closer to home and visiting family this year. If next year isn’t any better, I think selling our rig and calling it quits is in the cards!

Deborah Mason
6 months ago

The RVing itself I still enjoy as much as ever. It’s the “must reserve; must plan months ahead” I don’t enjoy

6 months ago

On line reservations and spots reserved and not used is a shame .
I love RV travel but it’s hard when all weekends are booked this will eventually kill travel staying at parks and say hello at Walmarts

Bob Weinfurt
6 months ago

I do a lot more local boondocking since traveling expenses have recently gone through the roof. While I really enjoy that, I’d still like to go places I like.

Roy Davis
6 months ago

I said I enjoy it more but that’s because it has gotten easier. Setting up and tearing down is so much quicker than when we started almost 50 years ago. All I have to do is push a button and it levels itself. I hit another button and the hose or power cord wind themselves up. Add to that being retired and not ever in a rush to see everything

6 months ago

1) Internet reservations have been the best thing to happen to RVing.
2) Internet reservations have been the worst thing to happen to RVing.
Take your pick…

6 months ago

The camping/rv lifestyle has not changed. People and expectations fluctuate to extremes.

6 months ago

I was 18 then and went anywhere to camp. Sometimes with only Backpack and sleeping bag. 84 now and things are a lot different.

Kaeleen Buckingham
6 months ago

This was a hard one for me to answer. I still LOVE camping but the love has been dampened by having to have reservations, if you can even get one!

Jeff Craig
6 months ago

A bit less than when we first started, but mainly due to the hassles of being older and dealing with more gear to set up (Dish, lights, flag pole, sunshades, patio area, storage bins, etc…) for a night or two. When we both retire and can be ‘full timers’, then it won’t be so bad, because we can set up the site for a week or twelve.

6 months ago

Still enjoy CLAMPING. Now I’m retired hope to do more. Close to home of course

6 months ago

Enjoy it just then same though it is harder than it used to be because more people competing for the same spots.

Last edited 6 months ago by DJP
Ray Austin
6 months ago

I enjoy RVing just as much but planning and getting reservations has changed so much making long trips a nightmare.

6 months ago

Our main joy was wandering about until late afternoon and then staying wherever that took us. Now it is much harder if not impossible to stay somewhere without reservations. We don’t need hookups or anything fancy but we also don’t want to park in store parking lots or truckstops.

6 months ago

Same level of enjoyment, but for different reasons these days. 🙂

6 months ago

that’s the question, isn’t it? between my wife’s mobility issues and my knees we don’t RV the way we used to 36-years ago. it’s been getting less and less enjoyable for several years now. i’m glad we kept the MH as it provided a base for us when we had to travel to CA from IL when my BIL passed away. but during the 10-day trip out and 10-days back it was a chore to drive, set up, break camp…rinse and repeat. been thinking of selling the MH for a while now but I keep vacillating. i’m concerned that world events might make it prudent to keep the lifeboat around for a while.

6 months ago
Reply to  Rich

Yeah, If you can afford to, it’s probably a good idea.