Wednesday, October 5, 2022


How did you discover this issue of the newsletter?

How did you discover this issue of the newsletter? Most of our readers, we know, subscribe to an email that reminds them of each new issue the morning it’s posted.

But we know others arrive in other ways — some know that they can simply go to and the latest newsletter will be right there. They just click on a link and, just like that, they’re there.

Others arrive in other ways, some we probably can’t even imagine.

What about you? Would you please take a moment and answer this poll. We’re just plain curious to know how you and other readers arrive at our website and its newsletters. And, we figure that maybe we can learn something that will help us reach new readers.

Thanks a bunch, much appreciated. Oh, and as always, if you are on a slow internet connection, please stand by, as the poll may be slow to load.


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5 months ago

I put other because believe or not I have no idea how I found this newsletter. The only thing I can think of was either thru a private FB group or thru a Jayco forum. I have enjoyed reading them when I get the time. Right now I have them all lined up in a row as tabs to read when I get the chance. Been busy getting ready to retire. Happy trails.

Jim Larocca
5 months ago

I am also a subscriber

6 months ago

I am subscribed to the newsletter.

Richard Hughes
6 months ago

I honestly don’t remember how I found it. I have read it for years and at least three RV’s back.

Dale Gilbert
6 months ago

we bough a new 5 er and web site came with it in 2001

6 months ago

One of the RV you tube channels, Matts RV reviews or RV odd Couple can not remember which one. They were talking about your site.

Jesse Crouse
6 months ago

I don’t miss an issue-daily or weekend.

Jill B Jacques
6 months ago

I found it so long ago, I’ve forgotten.

Ray Austin
6 months ago

I am old and just can not remember, but I have enjoyed it for many years.

Liz W
6 months ago

It was in my inbox.

Liz W
6 months ago
Reply to  Liz W

Question was: How did you discover THIS ISSUE… [caps mine].

6 months ago

Been reading it for the last 10 years.

Dean Bennett
6 months ago

I have belonged and donated to them for many years.

6 months ago

I’ve been a reader for over twenty years now but can’t remember how I got started. I think one of my friends forwarded me a copy.

6 months ago

The question is clear – but confusing! “this” and “discover” seem to be at odds. i.e., “this” means #1046 on 3 April. Discover seems to indicate “first” or found the first time. Well, the bottom line is – I get an email daily announcing it and I don’t remember how I came by it the first time – some years ago.

Gene Bjerke
6 months ago

I can’t even remember how I happened to come upon the newsletter, but I have been reading it daily (when I am home) for years.

6 months ago

I found the information pertaining to this website in my RV dealership package upon purchase, along with all the other necessary booklets and information.

Charles Carmichael
6 months ago

I have read almost every newsletter for the past 21 years. Thank you Chuck

Matt Colie
6 months ago

RV travel is one of my regular reads of the day. Weekdays too. It is the only way to find honest answers about what the whole RV world is doing.

Bob Weinfurt
6 months ago

It was emailed to me.

Pamela Holt
6 months ago

I get the emails, but I generally have to search for them from my provider, AOL. I suspect my browser, Silk, doesn’t get along with AOL.