Tuesday, November 28, 2023


How much of this newsletter do you typically read?

We know this newsletter (our Sunday news newsletter) can get pretty long. It’s hard to believe that week after week there’s this much news about RVing and camping, but there is! It’s fun for us to put together this newsletter, and it’s nice to be up-to-date on everything going on within the industry and community. We hope you enjoy reading it!

On average, how much of this newsletter do you typically read? Do you start at the top and read just about 100% of it? Or do you scroll past things that don’t interest you and end up reading about 75% of it? Or 50% of it? 25%? Just a few things here and there?

If you wouldn’t mind, after you vote, please leave a comment and tell us what you like and dislike most about this newsletter. We’re always trying to be better, so we appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you!

RV Travel
RV Travel
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Scott (@guest_180065)
1 year ago

top to bottom

Dan H. (@guest_179907)
1 year ago

Used to read every article in this edition and the daily newsletter also. Just got to be to much info to scan through. Now in that 25-40% range on things of interest. Just signed on with BoonDockers Welcome. Thanks to RV Travel. Longtime reader.

Steven Peterson (@guest_179900)
1 year ago

I read most of it when I have time. I will scan and determine what is of interest. Of course I find some to be a little hard to buy but we all have our own ideas – Thanks and keep it up!

Drew (@guest_179877)
1 year ago

I don’t read the truck/towables section because we have a Class A Motorhome. I do read most of the rest. Thanks for consolidating and sharing such valuable info.

John Crawford (@guest_179831)
1 year ago

After 6 years full time RVing I have learned so very much from rvtravel and I’m still learning but I can now scan through to find the nuggets.

Ozzie (@guest_179775)
1 year ago

Ok, sue me. I only read about 25%. BUT, I greatly enjoy what I DO read. That’s the best thing about it, something for everyone. I don’t really care Ford is working on another e-truck, but without actually reading about I know it’s in the works. Oops, I accidentally got enlightened. Don’t change nothin’.

Larry Boswell (@guest_179726)
1 year ago

I scroll through all of the articles, but only read the ones that pique my interest.

Bob p (@guest_179693)
1 year ago

I read probably 98%, a lot of the items that I’ll never use such as news items about pending campgrounds 3000 miles away that I’ll never get to I don’t read. At 79 years young I’ll not be traveling that far.

KellyR (@guest_179659)
1 year ago

Well…The Sunday one – I’m almost at the end of this one after 4 or 4 1/2 hours today. I think I read every word.

Janet (@guest_179649)
1 year ago

We no longer have our RV so I skip some of the electrical/maintenance stuff I used to always read. But I still have friends with RVs so I’m always scanning those articles for information to share with them. Even though our rig is gone, I miss the lifestyle very much so I continue reading RVTravel so I don’t totally lose touch.

Stitz (@guest_179647)
1 year ago

I enjoy all parts of the newsletter. There is always something new to learn somewhere in the letter.

Rich (@guest_179595)
1 year ago

i scan more than read every word. some of it doesn’t pertain to us and how we travel.

Micheal Whelan (@guest_179589)
1 year ago

Some articles are of no interest but I find myself reading them anyway. My best guess is that 60-75 percent of the subjects are very read worthy for me.

Jim (@guest_179555)
1 year ago

Not sure how useful this poll will be for the editors. One can assume that most of the responses came from people who read 50% or more in order to get to the location of the poll.

David Dougherty (@guest_179623)
1 year ago
Reply to  Jim

Interesting. You are probably correct.

Tom B (@guest_179531)
1 year ago

Don’t change a thing, please!

Neal Davis (@guest_179463)
1 year ago

Sometimes I skim it, but always return to read everything except the truck news. We have a DP and tow a Jeep, so truck news is of no interest to me. But, I know several who tow a trailer and care deeply about truck news. I have no qualms at all about your inclusion of it.

Lisa Liljedahl (@guest_179427)
1 year ago

I really enjoy your newsletter. I don’t read all of it. Often topics are redundant. I am a boondocker and campground stories don’t interest me.

Melissa Park (@guest_179419)
1 year ago

Reading both the Saturday and Sunday editions has become a weekend morning tradition. I love to share interesting and funny bits with my husband who is usually reading the newspaper. The News Brief and Today in History are my favorite parts of the Sunday newsletter.
Thank you for putting so much time and energy into keeping us informed and entertained.

Skip (@guest_179413)
1 year ago

75% I skip over the reciepe part just not interest and some articles that just not interested in. But the value and reminders I find are helpful like gun laws, campground opening closing. And the big wait on what is going on in the manufacturing world of RVs to name a few.

Bob Palin (@guest_179404)
1 year ago

I read it but I then make the mistake of reading the comments which often infuriate me and make me realise that ‘these are not my people’. I don’t need that and am thinking about unsubscribing.

Diane Mc (@guest_179490)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob Palin

Don’t read the comments! Why punish RV Travel. If I start reading the comments and they are rude or lots of negativity I move to the next article. I’ve learned to do that with Twitter -:)

KellyR (@guest_179670)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob Palin

I read all the comments, along with the rest of the newsletter, basically to see what kind of world I am living in. It scares me a bit. Are we really more divided than we were during the war in Vietnam? I came home to the 1968 Chicago riots. Do we never become tolerant of other’s opinions? I don’t want to fight England again in order to become a united nation.

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