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Do you lock your RV when you take a 10-minute walk around your campground?

Say you’re just taking the dog on a quick loop around the campground and you’ll only be gone for 10 or so minutes. Before you start walking, do you turn around and lock your RV’s door? If so, do you always lock it or just some of the time?

Do you feel safe if your RV’s door is unlocked while you’re away for a few minutes or not? After you vote, please leave a comment and tell us why or why not. Thanks!

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Drew Tomlinson (@guest_183184)
1 year ago

If I’m not in an urban area, I tend to not lock if I leave during the day as campers are very honest in general. However if I’m close to a city where the campground draws many for day use that may not have the same respect for fellow campers, I do lock.

Deborah Santos (@guest_182888)
1 year ago

I always do. I live full-time in an RV park with my hubby. I know that most RVs are keyed the same at the factory, so we installed a new lock. Even if I didn’t change the locks, most people don’t realize the similarities in RV locks. Plus, if they do, making them do an extra step gives me or my neighbors time to notice and call for help.

Gene Gregory (@guest_182833)
1 year ago

Greetings to All,
I hiked and camped In Western North Carolina and Tennessee for about a decade and never locked anything.
I then spent thirty years in the Caribbean living on my sailboat(s). Again, I’d rarely lock the companionway. There were only a few times my instincts had me lock up.
I’m now banging around in a Coachman Leprechaun, and I’ve had a slight change of thinking about securing valuables and locking the homestead.
Times have changed in the USA. The meth craze has many communities overwhelmed with addicts who’ll steal and sell rakes and shovels for drug money.
It’s a sad fact of life now.

Mike R (@guest_182751)
1 year ago

I say usually because we are traveling, unless I know the people around me I will lock it up if I will loose sight of it. I’m not worried about the common keys most campers have the Winibago I purchased doesn’t use those locks/ keys , I don’t know if all Winnebago keys will work in it ? But those other keys everyone has will not Open my camper. We will be getting Keypads soon as a extra precaution, I also have Blink cameras on the camper it sends me a instant alert if something moves around my rig, of course it only works if we have internet, soon that won’t be a issue either if our Starlink system ever arrives FedEx is taking there time with.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mike R
Teresa (@guest_182743)
1 year ago

We use to camp 8 weeks or more a year. One night my husband noticed an old van pull into a camping spot right across from us just at dark. It was gone before daylight the next morning. A few weeks later, we seen that van on the news. It was Gary Hilton. He had murdered an elderly NC couple. The man’s body was found not far from the entrance to the campground a little later on. He also kidnapped and murdered Meridith Emerson, and a couple of ladies in Florida. This was a camp ground in the boonies. No cell service, and no electricity. After that, I no longer felt very safe. Western NC use to be very safe. Not now.

Cathi (@guest_182578)
1 year ago

If we are just walking around the park, then no the door is not usually locked. But it is always locked if we are leaving the park, or plan to be away from the rig for a longer time, even if in the park.

Wendy Donley (@guest_182575)
1 year ago

I pray SOMEONE HAS AN ANSWER TO A 65+ year old creepy pervert who took up breaking into my home, 3yrs ago, (AFTER MY HUSBAND UNEXPECTEDLY DIED after turning 60.)



HE DESTROYS, BREAKS, HIDES, STEALS, EVERYTHING that means something to me!

My car, in the beginning he’d break in and leave the back door open and finally killed that NEW BATTERY!

Being a 70 year old Widow and alone… The creep won’t stop! He has made me a prisoner in my home.


Deborah Santos (@guest_182887)
1 year ago
Reply to  Wendy Donley

Document everything. Call the police and file each time something happens. File a restraining order. Do that with local, county and state police.

Don (@guest_182563)
1 year ago

My home was broken into because the thief put his 4 year old nephew through the dog door. I don’t trust anybody.

Traveling Person (@guest_182561)
1 year ago

I am usually with camping groups or in a membership campground, so no I don’t. I also have 3 dogs to alert me if someone is around. If I leave the premises then I lock it. I lock it at night and when traveling alone.

Christine (@guest_182559)
1 year ago

I will now start locking my door after reading about the lady in ontario who had all her camping gear stolen. I used to feel safe now I’m not sure. Things have changed and not for the better

Bob Dunlap (@guest_182557)
1 year ago

I only secure the things I want to keep, surge protector, folding step, chairs, BBQ, and RV door.

C L (@guest_182524)
1 year ago

I always lock it for our safety. Do not want to walk in and encounter an intruder.

Jack (@guest_182520)
1 year ago

I have worked in West Oakland, CA for the last 46 years. Locking everything has become second nature.

Ann Campbell (@guest_182506)
1 year ago

We usually go with a group of people, so I know if we’re walking our dogs that our friends will notice if someone is lurking around our RV. The times we are on the beach we usually leave our dogs in the air conditioning. Our one dog is a Great Pyrenees and there is no way she would let anyone in, that wasn’t us. No dogs? I would probably lock it

Jamille (@guest_182494)
1 year ago

It’s funny that I feel safe leaving items around the campsite like chairs cooking equipment that sort of thing. But When it comes to my RV, I just prefer to lock it. There’s more expensive things in there and plus it’s my personal space that I don’t want anyone Visiting without permission.

Sue Theiss (@guest_182483)
1 year ago

We just bought our first RV and are planning our first trip. Sadly, I would have to say that I would probably lock up if we were to leave the site, even for a short time.

Thomas Payne (@guest_182471)
1 year ago

Why do houses have bars on the windows and intruder alarms but not recreational vehicles? And why are solo females announcing to the world on YouTube that they’re living in unsecured vehicles on secluded car parks?

Melissa Goldman (@guest_182546)
1 year ago
Reply to  Thomas Payne

I’m a solo female who travels full time in my van. My van is like fort Knox. I have 4 motion sensor security cameras with night vision, roof top spotlights, I bar my sliding door, strap my front doors and have a ccl and gun safe….so don’t stereotype us please.

Genette Dies (@guest_182564)
1 year ago
Reply to  Thomas Payne

I also am an elderly widowed woman shooting since age 8.
Conceal carry permit, and go to the range routinely
As far as I’ve seen full timing it 7 years I’m much more prepared cautious and equipped than most of the men I’ve met. Women are not mere women anymore.

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  Thomas Payne

I don’t think that Thomas is stereotyping women, but rather is wondering why some are putting their status on YouTube and possibly inviting trouble. Take care. 🙂 –Diane

Judy (@guest_182590)
1 year ago
Reply to  RV Staff

Pretty sure it’s not only women that share there travel photos on social media, but I hate to see the judgement that this group puts on women solo travelers for being on YouTube. Just remember lots of people judge you for traveling in an RV or even worse, living in one.

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  Judy

Thanks for that perspective, Judy. Unfortunately, it seems like everyone is judged for everything these days. Take care. 🙂 –Diane

Amy (@guest_182589)
1 year ago
Reply to  Thomas Payne

You do understand that YouTube videos aren’t posted in real time? Most solo women I know through traveling wait until they leave a spot before posting it on social media. And it’s usually creepy local dudes that bother us.

Jeff (@guest_182458)
1 year ago

We have two cats that we always have with us when camping. We lock the door when gone to keep someone from even accidentally letting them out. Stuff can be replaced but our pets are family.

Vickey Rocha (@guest_182438)
1 year ago

Everybody is pretty trustworthy on the campground

Stephen (@guest_182428)
1 year ago

I have lived in my rv full time for 3 years, as of yet I have never locked it. Fortunately it is parked in a very safe place.

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