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Have you considered selling your RV because of high fuel prices?

The average price of a gallon of gasoline reached $5 on Saturday, June 10. In some states, California for example, the price at some stations is above $6, and diesel even higher.

RVs and/or their tow vehicles are not known for their great fuel efficiency, so the high price tag is hurting some pocketbooks. Big diesel pusher motorhomes are paying $1 or more per mile right now, and with gas industry experts expecting even higher prices this summer, that’s about to head up.

There is little doubt that at least some RVers have considered hanging up their keys over this, but how many? What about you? Have you given serious thought to selling your RV due to the high cost of fuel? Or does the price need to go considerably higher for you to give up RVing?

Please take a moment to answer the poll below, and feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. We are full timers and will continue to RV. We decided last year when we booked to stay a little longer in places instead of constantly moving. Still enjoying RVing.

  2. Sold our TT & TV a year and a half ago. Anytime we miss it, we read all the articles on campground crowding and the no camping etiquette crowd and reaffirm our good decision!

  3. Sorry, off topic. Why can I not get the polls to open? Have they been removed or something? I see that it says that on slow connections to wait. I’m on cable internet and can stream HD movies with no buffering. I have not been able see any polls for approximately two months or more. Thanks!

    • Sorry you’re having problems with the poll, Bud, and I’m sorry I don’t know what to tell you. I’ve just written an email to our IT folks but I’ve scheduled it to “send” to them tomorrow morning. (Don’t want to bother them on a Sunday night.) I’m sure someone will reply to your question in the morning. Have a good night. 😀 –Diane

    • Good morning, Bud. OK. Here’s what Kim, our IT dude, replied to my email this morning: “They are blocking our third party scripts, that is always the reason. Nothing we can do except tell them to stop blocking scripts on our site.” And here’s what Jessica, another tech-savvy person, has replied previously about this situation: “Sometimes script blockers and ad blockers interfere with our polls since they are from a 3rd party site. If you have one of these, try and turn it off and see if that fixes the issue.” Since we get very few complaints about our polls not showing up (fewer than one a week), it seems to be on an individual’s device. Sorry, Bud. I hope you can figure it out. Good luck! Take care. 🙂 –Diane

  4. We are taking less trips, but we also are making sure our tow vehicle is as efficient as it needs to be (new plugs, etc.).

  5. Definitely keeping my old MH. I filled the propane and fuel tanks last fall so I have enough gas for many local boondocking trips. Now I just have to find the time to go.

  6. Not selling, its home! We just drove from SoCal
    to the northeast for the summer where we will be until early October, then we will drive back to SoCal 3,200 miles by our usual route. I will complain each time I fill the tank. Coming east each fill up was just under $400. I expect that westbound it could be as much as $700 – ouch! but I am fortunate to be able to pay it. I just hope it continues to be available.

  7. Canceled our trip to Yellowstone this year because of diesel prices and where they may go. But will pay the price for closer camping as we can. Thankfully where we live a lot of places to visit only a few hours away.

  8. We live in Ca. Fuel prices are around $7.00/gal today. Our class A gas holds 80 gallons so we’re talkin’ over $500.00 to fill her up and we get 7-9mpg depending on if we have our toad attached. They say that prices are still on the rise.
    Our plan was to sell at retirement and upgrade to a diesel pusher. We would then spend more time on the road and hopefully pay less for fuel in other states. Ca is the worst!
    So we may take a break and sell now instead of waiting.

  9. No. Full time. Spending 1200.- 1400. Hundred dollars for fuel is cheaper than keeping a house warm in the north. Several people we know have over a $2,000.00 bill for Seasonal heating. When not at home, travellers still have to have heat to keep pipes from freezing. Our life is on the road. We work and save for expenses. Retired and loving the journey.

  10. No not considering selling our motorhome, but may shorten up the number of trips we take. We will still go to Arizona for a couple of months this winter. As with all things it will eventually come back down in price.

  11. Not planning to get off the road yet, we are currently in northern California and plan to spend the winter in on the gulf in Mississippi this winter. Just figured the cost of fuel to get there and its over 1,900 dollars at todays prices. If it continues to rise will have to reconsider the full time lifestyle.

  12. Our TT is paid for, this past March and April we rented it to a couple from MI. Since we live in FL our TT is unnecessary for us so we can rent it out for the winter months.

  13. It’s kind of funny. People always ask us if we have an issue with the cost of filling the tank on our class A motorhome even before the gas hikes. We always tell them “If you worry about the gas then a motorhome is not for you” and then remind them that a motorhome is a project, not just a vehicle. They look at us with the understanding “AH OK I get it” We love the travel and we love these newsletters. Thank you all.

    • Thanks, Mike and Patty! And we love you, too, as well as all of our other terrific readers! Take care, and many safe and happy travel miles in your MH! 😀 –Diane

  14. No plans to sell here. I’m basically happy with my Super-C RV and, am looking forward to when a degree of “normalcy” returns, especially re the covid problem.

  15. Not selling either. We leave our RV and car in storage in Florida and fly down from Chicago with our points. Nothing spent on gas or plane flight just the storage and camping for the winter.
    I sympathize with the RV crowd driving a thousand or more miles each way.
    But I don’t expect the gas prices to effect the long time RVers.

  16. I *am* considering trading my 2002 F250 diesel 4×4 longbed for a newer more efficient and somewhat smaller truck/SUV as a tow rig, but fuel efficiency isn’t the primary motivator, rather its the awful turning circle of the early Super Duty trucks, and the general giant size of it, making it impossible to park in normal sized parking spaces. The catch-22 is, the vehicles we’re looking at are all in the $50K+ price range, while this truck is 100% paid and rock solid reliable even tho it has 260,000 miles.

    BTW, I’m seeing $7/gallon now for premium and diesel around here on the mid-left coast, and I gather that Southern California is even worse.

  17. I could have predicted the results of this poll. Most are not going to sell, but I have considered down sizing. But we were talking about that before the fuel prices went nuts. As we are getting older, the traveling is slowing down and we don’t take all the “toys” anymore.

  18. Not planning on selling, but we just got back from a trip to Yellowstone and spent almost $700.00 in gas. That was a budget buster. Hopefully we can find some campsites available closer to home in Southern Utah, but with the popularity of the area, it will be a challenge.

  19. So far we’ve only gone on 3 short shakedown trips, total of 10 nights, less than one thousand miles! Been out of service since January, supposed to be 2 more weeks, than as soon as possible, and as fast as possible we be rolling around the country! Shorter trips for the rest of this year, had to cancel the 2 trips I had planned!

  20. Yep, sold the 44 foot diesel pusher last Oct. Missed it horribly, but in my head, knew it was the right financial decision. Just bought a little tag along that is easily pulled by my current Ram 1500. Had 2 week long trips scheduled and reserved, but an accidental broken hip caused their cancellations. Considered myself very fortunate to get all monies returned.

  21. My wife and I decided on the Full time RV lifestyle last year, because of COVID (I got early retirement to allow us to travel). We did expect fuel cost to increase, though not as much as we have seen. In the end, it seems to me that you can react to prices or you can stay the course chosen. As older folks, we realize that there is only so much time left in our lives to travel, so the reason to get off the road needs to be more than the cost of a gallon of fuel – after all, I can always go back to work to earn more money to cover the cost of travel.

  22. I recently discovered that not driving my Class A has saved me a lot of money. I do not save 100% because it is plugged into my house. This allows me to provide a separate apartment for any guests that visit and who may or may not need to use the onboard propane for hot water and cooking.

  23. for the first time, I’m thinking of selling because of the rising costs of everything, but especially diesel. This is my full-time home, so the consideration to sell the RV would also mean settling into an apartment or duplex. Not ready for that just yet. Come winter I may see if it is more economical to have my RV shipped to a destination, stay longer in one place and do a lot less traveling. I have 10 miles per gallon towing a fifth wheel, if I’m lucky. Because of fuel prices, I’m going nowhere with it this summer!

  24. We will be traveling less due to the cost of gas and unavailability of spare parts. However, it is our “hurricane escape pod”. If a hurricane is forecasted to hit near us, we hit the road.

  25. Not at all. Just waiting for a “Back to America Petroleum Independence” once again, and we will weather the next couple years, to see a light at the end of this dark tunnel. Then and only then, will fuel be more reasonable for working Americans.

  26. We have a 45 foot 2018 DP and had plans to visits friends in northern NC for over three months. We live in north Texas, it was about 1800 miles to our destination and we spent $2,000 on diesel going and coming. We don’t have any plans to travel this far any time soon. We are going to Breckinridge in July but we decided to rent a Jeep and not tow a car. We saw that QT’s and Buckees had the best diesel prices on this last trip at $4.50. The diesel prices are outrageous and I don’t see this getting any better anytime soon. I seriously do not know how middle class can keep paying this. Our electric went from 9.4 per kw to 12.9 per kw this month in our home. Can’t wait for next months bill??

  27. Not selling! No motorhome payments, no car payments, no mortgage. We’ll continue to travel this summer to our favorite free boondocking locations within 500 miles from home until our winter migration south.

  28. My 5th wheel is 20 years old and cost me $8000 plus nearly that amount put into it. Given that I’m not considering selling it, but if I had a newer expensive RV, especially if I had a loan, I would definitely be thinking about selling. I have cancelled my summer trip due to the high diesel prices and will instead take shorter trips within Utah, fortunately there are a lot of places within a couple of hundred miles where I enjoy visiting.

    • High diesel fuel prices, DEF usage and high oil change prices ($200+ per oil change) is why I traded in my Class C for a 32″ Travel Trailer and bought a F-150 King Ranch FX4 hybrid with Max-towing

      • Trouble with the F150 hybrid is it takes between 3000 & 5000 miles before you get the milage the sticker indicates. I don’t get the 24 MPG around town yet. But on a 160 mile round trip with almost 2500 miles on the odometer I got 27 MPG highway driving. Not to enthused with the F150 hybrid.

  29. Not at all. What goes up will eventually come down and this is a temporary blip that will pass. In the meantime, we’ll not travel across the country as planned. Instead, we’ll camp closer to home.

  30. It’s not just fuel but fuel is a prime example. This survey touches on the fact that there are people who live within their means and those who will not. You can bet the credit card balance being carried over by some each month is growing and so is the interest owed. If inflation isn’t addressed soon, this is one bubble that could push the US into recession IMO.

  31. been thinking of selling for a while now but not because of gas prices. we’re getting older and just not getting as much enjoyment with the MH as before. my wife can’t get around as well as before and it’s getting harder for me to set up and break camp.

    but i’m glad that we had it last year when my BIL passed away in Calif. we went out to close his estate but couldn’t stay in his home due to its condition. our MH was a lifeboat of sorts for us. we were out in CA for 12-weeks taking care of BIL’s estate.

    now i’m concerned about societal conditions. more and more each day it seems our society is under attack and crumbling before our very eyes. our MH might be called into service yet again as a lifeboat.

  32. Well, the price of gas and diesel went up JUST after the trip to Alaska was planned. So. Such is life. Heading to Alaska from VA. Stop in Colorado to see the kids. Up to MT and Calgary Stampede. On to Alaska. Back down through BC, WA, OR, CA to SD. Then east through the southern border states visiting friends, family and, of course, Nawlins. 5 months or so. Will eventually get back to our winter spot in FL. Hey, if you have to ask how much to fill it up you shouldn’t have bought it.

    • Rick — We ended up making a trip to Alaska (starting from CA) in 2013 — the last time gas prices were high. It turned out to be a great time to go since so many others had decided not to make the trip. No reservations and only ended up boondocking one night because a park (near Denali, no surprise there) had a caravan taking up all the spots. Next day, got a spot, and all was good. Not many people at the parks or in towns. Have a great trip!

  33. Not selling anytime soon. We’re camp hosting thru September so we’re parked with a free FHU site until after Labor Day.

  34. No poll…but no. Will do shorter trips, and a “wait and see” how things go in the future. Love my motorhome.

  35. After scouring Craigslist and FB Marketplace for a gas 3/4 ton truck we finally found one, a 2017 Ram Laramie Limited at a small lot. Then the Ford dealer, desperate for trucks bought out our lease that still had 11 months to go and paid us a grand on top that. They were fine with us not buying a truck off their lot. They didn’t have what we want. Buying a 3/4 ton with gas prices going up may sound insane but we want to continue going to AZ from Michigan in the winter.

  36. Just purchased a 2006 Country Coach, trips might not be as long, but we live Washington so plenty to see and do within 500 miles. Middle 70’s not going to wait for the politicians to get things right. Polite way of saying it.

  37. I had a co worker back when I was still working who loved white water rafting and who wanted to do a family white water trip for a week on the Colorado (I think) One thing and another happened- son had to take some classes in summer, daughter decided to marry long term boyfriend etc. The autumn where she had planned to arrange the family trip her husband was diagnosed with cancer and she nursed him at home almost 18 months. She told me Carpe diem, NEVER put off what you want to do, or it might never happen and you shouldn’t want to die with with regrets. We are in a tough spot financially and I don’t want to wait until neither of us is physically incapable of driving/camping. I’m scaling way back on my plans and worried about DHs health if I take a solo trip.

  38. We will be taking shorter trips requiring less miles of driving. Any long cross country trips will be delayed until diesel prices come down.

  39. No it might become the only home especially with inflation. Someone flushed the toilet and someone can’t seem to fix it.

  40. We have two camping trailers, both small, one larger than the other. We will be parking the larger one on our daughters property by a pond for quick, short getaways and use the smaller one for travel. If we expect good weather we will throw our tent into the van and get about 30 miles per gallon. For long trips the smaller trailer will be used, we get about 2 more MPG pulling it than pulling the larger one, it weighs about 800lbs. Our biggest problem is we want to travel the full length of the Smokies but getting sites in the east is almost impossible.

  41. Yes, we have considered selling our motorhome due to gas prices, but doubt that we will. I have been reading about RV shops not servicing RVs that are greater than 10 years old – while our RV is not near that age, this fact makes me consider selling sooner than later.

  42. Just travelled from AZ to Maine (3,300 Miles) cost was about $1,200 in gas back in May,
    I’m sure the return trip will be much more costly! Nothing will stop us again after Covid.

    • Completely agree with you on this one. We just went from AZ to MI and spent $1,530. in Diesel and DEF. And yes, it will probably be more in the Fall to go back.

  43. Just spent $6000.00 on a new roof, so no I am not giving up my Motor Home even if Diesel jumps to $8.00 per Gallon. Probably travel closer to home and the dreamed of AlCan highway trip is out of the question for the foreseeable future, but on the bright side, maybe easier to get a site in the campgrounds.

  44. not happening. Cutting back on travel in July and August because of heat, not gas. But, the high price has reduced the fun.

  45. Here in the U.K. I have considered selling our 2001 Coachmen Mirada 300QB as fuel is now more than $2 per litre so over $8 per us gallon…
    But, we don’t do too many miles going away in it so will keep it, class the extra expense an just part of going away (maybe do 1 trip less to equalise the cost) and hope the prices start to creep down so we can use it like we want to…

  46. My wife and I have always lived within our means so, in retirement, we have enough money saved and invested to do whatever we want. Even our White House hasn’t been able to ruin that yet!

    • White House? White House? Really? “Shell, ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron, and ConocoPhillips—brought in more than 300 percent more in profits than in the first quarter of 2021. That is a total of more than $35 billion in profits in just three months.” Additionally, “The Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act. The House vote was 217-207: no Republican supported the bill.” Again I ask: Really, Really, the White House.


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