Thursday, August 11, 2022


Have you canceled any camping reservations due to high fuel prices?

You may be tired of hearing about gas prices (and we know you’re tired of seeing high gas prices at the pump), but it’s important stuff and it’s affecting all of us. After all, our hobby and/or our lifestyle depend on gas prices, right?

Have you had to cancel any upcoming camping reservations due to high gas prices? If so, have you canceled all your reservations or just some? Will you continue to camp the way you normally do, despite high gas prices?

After you vote please leave a comment and explain your answer. Thank you.


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1 month ago

Usually we start heading out in March then in July head to Colorado to escape the Texas heat. But this is our first trip of the year still heading to Colorado.

Joe Burch
1 month ago

Yes I have canceled a significant number of my reservations. Why would I want to continue camping when it now cost more than staying in a motel? It cost $600 to fill up my motorhome with diesel fuel and that can be burned out in one day. Then I get to some campgrounds and they want $80 per night just to park. Although I tremendously love camping, the economics of it are turned upside down and do not favor camping any longer I may go back to a tent

1 month ago

As a park owner, I am seeing cancellations everyday due to fuel prices. More of my customers are staying local.

1 month ago

Canceled our annual Upper Michigan camping trip because of gas prices. Normally uner $400, estimated over $1000 with $5 gal fuel.

1 month ago

To elaborate on our prior comment and others posted — yes, the cost of gas is daunting. Also not being sure of getting sites these days in the stopovers we are used to using on I-40. This is relevant to our travel to get to a destination; the kind of travel where we have to make miles each day and not have to go more than a few miles off the interstate for RV sites.

1 month ago

We have a trip planned to gather with family to have a memorial for a loved one who passed last year. Rural area, lots of camping nearby. RSVPs were made a long time ago. This is our only big trip for now. Have already altered one plan to fly instead of travel-camp this year.

Jeff n Deb
1 month ago

I retired this past April with our plans to travel….wife n I …we’re still rolling with it..nothing is going to stop us

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 month ago
Reply to  Jeff n Deb

Good for you, Jeff and Deb! You’ve earned your wonderful new lifestyle. We hope you have many happy and safe years of travel. Woo hoo! 😀 –Diane

1 month ago

No – we are full timers – we always plan a year ahead of time. We survived the 70’s with NO gas so we are thankful there is gas to continue our travels. Stay a little longer in places we love and we take our time getting there.

Bob p
1 month ago

Yes, as we have permanently moved to FL we are now selling our Mesa Ridge 23RLS since we will no longer need it to go to FL in the winter.

Jeff Craig
1 month ago

No, but we had been planning on staying close to home this year after staying in Oklahoma over the winter after I retired – then I got an interesting offer and am working again.

1 month ago

We cancelled one trip because it didn’t seem worth it. It was a 5 day to a CoE park a couple hundred miles away. Between $5.89/gallon for gas, and the forecasted 100º+, hot, extremely humid weather, it didn’t seem to make sense to just to sit in the RV for 5 days.

1 month ago

Interesting – all the grumbling and griping and it seems to not make any difference to 66% of the people – me included. The fuel shortage in the early 70s made you stop and think because there MAY NOT BE GAS at your next stop. An aside – just yesterday my daughter stopped at 3 gas stations at the interstate exit, before she started on her 40 mile trip home from work. All 3 stations were down because all of their internet computer stuff was down. There have been and are bigger gas problems than the price.

Brenda Pelloni
1 month ago

Yes, we have canceled most of our plans. With the price of gas we decided to save for the long trips and only go a few places.

we will wait and see what the price of gas does next year and plan accordingly.
Peggy M
1 month ago

I just didn’t make many reservations and the ones I did make are fairly close. We’re not traveling far away from home this yesr

1 month ago

We were originally planning on traveling up to Glacier National park this summer but we changed it to travel (from Texas) now up to Colorado for the summer to get some relief from the heat.

Kevin parker
1 month ago

A version of this question might be did you make a reservation only to not show without canceling.
I’ve seen some WY, ID, and MT around yellowstone forest service campgrounds half full but all reserved. Some even reserved 2-3 days before I looked (July 2-3), yet unoccupied. I can see why.. I cancelled a few MT spots in Bitterroot Valley area. Paid $30 for 3 nights (golden age discount). Was charged $20 to cancel.

1 month ago
Reply to  Kevin parker

If they are using Reserve America or another system that requires you to choose a specific site, that WILL happen. Suppose you have a two site campground, and Joe reserves Site 1 from the 15th of the month to the 20th. Steve reserves Site 2 (for no particular reason except that he had to pick a site) from the 20th to the 25th. Then when you try to reserve a site from the 18th to the 23rd the system will tell you there are none available, even though the campground is never more than half full.

Bob Palin
1 month ago
Reply to  Bill

That’s a very interesting point. I have done the site shuffle a couple of times to get a longer stay but I bet a lot of people just stop at the ‘nothing available’ message. It’s annoying to have to make 2 reservations on these systems because you have to pay the overhead fee twice.

Dennis Gregory
1 month ago

Let me say, the annual trip to see the grandkids in AL, from CA, is off the schedule this year. It would cost twice the roundtrip airfare, in gas bucks, to drive the RV out and back. We are making short 1-hour, 1-way trips to local lakes and campgrounds. I think I can get to about 5, round trip, before I need to refill the tank. Now that’s a good value and gets us out in the RV.

Micheal Whelan
1 month ago

Didn’t cancel any reservations but canceled the entire trip for a month to the east coast. As I hadn’t made reservations yet I have to say nope. But the campgrounds did lose our business for this year.

1 month ago

We haven’t canceled anything but we put a temporary hold on travel plans. We decided to “hunker down” for a month or two to reduce expenses. We happened to be in Dolores, Co and liked the area and people, and the temperatures are awesome so we extended our reservation. (This might be an addition to the survey, instead of canceling reservations extending them due to prices.)

1 month ago
Reply to  Ozzie

Hello we live in Texas heading up to Dolores in a few days where you all staying in Dolores?

Bob Weinfurt
1 month ago

Haven’t made any reservations. Just doing some local boondocking this year.

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