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Do you buy souvenir magnets on your trips for your refrigerator?

When you go into a tourist gift shop what’s the first thing you see? OK, maybe it’s postcards or keychains, but within one glance around you surely see a display of magnets.

It’s fun to collect magnets from around the country or world. Each one tells a story of the place you’ve visited – perhaps they’re made from a certain material the area is known for (a carved wood magnet, a geode, etc.). Or perhaps they’re little bottles filled with sand from your trip down to the Florida Keys.

When you travel, do you buy souvenir magnets for your fridge? After you vote in the poll, please leave us a comment and tell us about your collection, or your favorite magnet. Thanks!


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Dennis G.
6 months ago

No magnet here. We buy t-shirts instead.
Okay, I admit we have one National Park monopoly board game.

Joseph Eafrati
6 months ago

We buy stickers and we put them on a whiteboard. I don’t like sticking anything on my Motorhome. We have our state map on a whiteboard also.

Jeff Craig
6 months ago

We have to affix them to our home-based fridge, and the oven in our RV, but yes, we do on occasion buy them.

6 months ago

Magnets won’t stick to RV or home fridge. So we bought a hand carved walking stick and now purchase the medallions to nail to it. Can just lean it in the corner, hang it over the door, etc.

Bill Richardson
6 months ago

Wife likes to do a separate travel Christmas tree. I add hangers to magnets and other souvenirs to make Christmas ornaments. She relives the memories when decorating the tree.

Tom Sewell
6 months ago

Yes but they must be made in the USA not just designed in the USA as we often find in the USNP

6 months ago

One for each state we camp in.

Steven Day
6 months ago

Shot glasses and those little spoons are our preferred buys.

John Koenig
6 months ago

I have several “freebie” refrigerator magnets.

Joel L.
6 months ago

No on magnets but we do buy souvenir pins which we stick on a cloth covered Styrofoam block that used to reside in our class C motorhome until we downsized to a class B.

Uncle Swags
6 months ago

Yes and white oval National Park stickers. It’s an obsession and probably a mental illness. But I enjoy it.

Judy Hallett
6 months ago

My husband collects magnets from all of our travels…in the U.S. and around the world. He puts them on a metal sheet covered with wall paper that he hung on a strip of wall in our house. It is always a conversation piece when people come to visit. It is fun to look at all the magnets and remember the places we have enjoyed.

Matt Colie
6 months ago

My wife’s (Mary) plan. If we get to someplace that has magnets and she likes one, we buy it. During that season and at least that excursion, it will get parked on the reefer door. When the season is over they will get moved to the location on a magnetic map in the living room. Actually, that map has been out of room for a long time now so most are on the perimeter with a little sticky number and a note arrow with the matching number is on the map for the location. I thought about getting a larger map, but that would need a larger wall than we happen to have available.

6 months ago

Personally I don’t. But the wife buys them by the truck load.

Deborah Mason
6 months ago

Our fridge has a plastic face, so no magnets there, but, we do have a very few on the oven. Since I hang my kitchen towel on the oven handle, they’re mostly around the edge so we can see them.

6 months ago

Had to laugh at this one. No we don`t collect refer magnets but I had to answer Only with special meaning. Somewhere along the way my wife found a John Wayne magnet. Yes it adorns our refer in the TT. Only one, but its special.

6 months ago

Mostly National parks and historic sites

6 months ago

Yes, but only the states I’ve driven my RV through, which usually consist of an overnight stop.

Robert Thorpe
6 months ago

I do not buy magnets,but I do buy bumper stickers that I put on my trailer.

Timothy Johnson
6 months ago

The rv fridge who hold magnets but it is full of decals..

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