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How many pillows do you sleep with at night?


By Chuck Woodbury
If you’ve visited an RV show recently, you may have noticed that some large RVs with queen-sized beds are decorated with a lot of pillows. Six or eight is not unusual, sometimes even more.

You may have wondered about all those pillows and assumed it was just for decoration. Or, could it be that some people do sleep with more than just a single pillow under their head?

A few friends and I happened upon this subject the other evening. I reported that I sleep with one pillow. But others reported they sleep with three or even four pillows, not necessarily under their head, but also in the bed itself in various areas.

Hence, this poll question. So, how many pillows do you normally sleep with? After you respond to the question, please leave a comment.

And again, if you are on a slow internet connection, it may take a moment for the poll to load, so please stand by.

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Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles
21 days ago

Hiatal hernia from hades with reflux. Got sick of wa-lking up to stained pillows and respiratory distress from aspiration.

24 days ago

2 for my head/ shoulders, 1 between or under my left knee.

Leslie Smith
24 days ago

Just one and only the edge of it.

Bob Weinfurt
27 days ago

One under my head and one covering my ears and eyes.

Larry Lee
28 days ago

Only one, but it is thin such that I can roll it up for 3 thicknesses or fold it in half for 2 thicknesses. My goal is to keep my spine straight in each sleeping position. And yes I adjust the pillow during the night as I move mostly without waking up!

Richard Molloy
28 days ago

I only use one pillow, but my wife uses three. One under her head, one between her knees, and one under her left elbow.

28 days ago
Reply to  Richard Molloy

I’m about like your wife, of late. Lived most my life as a single pillow dude, then the C-pap came along and learned I liked to have an second pillow to sorta wrap my arms around and bury my head (and mask) in. Next came arthritis and sciatica, with a third pillow to place between my knees.

Come soon, Sweet Jesus, before I run out of pillows!

Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles
21 days ago
Reply to  rottenrollin


Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles
21 days ago


Diane M
28 days ago

Me – one flat pillow. Husband – one big poofy pillow.

28 days ago

a posture pillow under my head and a large body pillow to seperate my knees, which is a major help with bursitis in my hips. and also helps to open my chest – sleeping on my side, I fold very tiny, so the body pillow is a help for both situations.

28 days ago

4 total. One under my head, 2 thin one between my knees and one in front of me. Didn’t use to but Dr’s order when I had my C 5/6 Lamenectomy and fusion many years ago.

Don Nedrow
28 days ago

i have my pillow and has her pillow from Kroger/ Fred Meyer. we both use one when going to sleep and 2 if reading.

28 days ago

4, 2 kings one for back, one for front and two standard for head

28 days ago

I go to sleep w/ 1, but frequently wake w/ none. It’s pushed aside. I still voted 1.

Ron L
28 days ago

I picked (2), one for my head and one for my old arthritic knees.

Thomas D
28 days ago

None! Its my feeling that they upset the angle of the spine and throat. After thinking about that and keeping records of whether or not I woke up with pain I decided to abandon pillows and honestly feel better.
Still have the pillow on the bed because it looks better to my wife. Bedtime, it hits the floor.

28 days ago

One at home. We have a bed that you can raise the head and feet. Two in the RV because the bed is flat always.

28 days ago

Tough to answer. Most of the time I use one pillow but very often I will use two. Some of it depends on my Bi-Pap machine.

28 days ago

3 for me…1 thin one under my head, 1 against my back and a body pillow for my knees and snuggling

Bob p
28 days ago

I use 1, DW uses 2 one to sleep on and one to hug up to. Lol

28 days ago

Three. It’s been three for years with sleep apnea.

Ron L
28 days ago
Reply to  Skip

Do you use a cpap?

Jim Johnson
28 days ago

Two, one under my head. Both behind me if somewhat sitting up to read.

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