Monday, December 5, 2022


What device are you using now to read this newsletter?


We’re curious about how you are reading this newsletter. When we began publishing in 2001, everybody read it on a computer—smartphones and tablets wouldn’t debut for many years. Then, one day, along came the iPad, the iPhone and a parade of similar devices, all of which are used these days to read our newsletters and the website.

So what are you reading this newsletter on at this very moment? Are you on your laptop? Your phone? Tablet? Tell us, please!

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Gary Bate
20 days ago

My Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Big enough screen that I don’t need to use my cumbersome Samsung tablet and stays connected virtually everywhere (thanks Verizon). I haven’t owned a PC or Laptop for at least 10 years. Kinda like my Winnebago View, big enough to get the job done and nimble enough to go everywhere.

Last edited 20 days ago by Gary Bate
Glen Cowgill
21 days ago

At home now so it is the desktop. Traveling it might be the Tablet or the Laptop. The print is so small on my phone that I seldom try to read any articles on it,

Bob p
21 days ago

My glasses!

Uncle Swags
20 days ago
Reply to  Bob p

My brain.

Jim Johnson
21 days ago

I use a variety of tools. My laptop is convertible to a touch tablet, or with a dock, act like a full-blown desktop PC with a couple big monitors. And I have a smartphone. They all work for consuming content. Obviously the more screen real estate I have the easier it is. And that maxim is even more true for creating content. Nothing beats a full-size keyboard and mouse.

21 days ago

I check my email on my mobile phone and when I see an article that I want to read, I go to my laptop. I need the larger font to read comfortably.

21 days ago

I pad

21 days ago

Using an inexpensive Omni 10″ tablet, as sold by Walmart. Looking towards upgrading to a much faster Samsung model. (If they are on sale for Black Friday.)
Probably doing 50% of my computer stuff sitting in easy chair with tablet in hand. Works for me.

21 days ago
Reply to  Tom

Similar to me, however I use a small 2017 MacBook laptop as I sit in my comfy and overstuffed easy chair!

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