Thursday, February 2, 2023


Will you celebrate New Year’s Eve tonight?

Happy New Year’s Eve! Can you believe it’s already 2023? We sure can’t.

Will you do anything tonight to celebrate the new year? Attend or host a gathering? Stay at home with your household/RV members and celebrate? Will you stay up until midnight, or will you go to bed before then?

Whatever you’re doing, we’d love to hear about it in the comments. If you don’t feel like sharing, that’s okay, but please vote in the poll below. Thanks! Have a safe night and please don’t drink and drive.


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1 month ago

We will not be celebrating (well sorta) because we are workampers in AZ and we will be working the NYE party at our resort. I will be working as a bartender with my better half so there will be a midnight kiss 👍

J Baker
1 month ago

I stayed up with my dog in a sound proofed guest house rather than in the RV and rang in the New Year watching movies at full volume to block the sound of fireworks from my dog. He is terrified of them and usually spends his time under high anxiety shaking throughout the evening. This alternative to the RV seemed to work very well this time and I think he only heard one distant fireworks blast.

1 month ago

Nope. Sound to sleep.

1 month ago

NY Eve includes playing various games while watching college bowl games, cooking special foods, buy a lottery ticket, watch NY ball drop, text various friends and family, eat more food, watch Central Time count down, count our blessings with family and friends, have a bubbly toast, grab some shut-eye! Happy New Year!

1 month ago

Here on the east coast, as soon as it was dark, around 6 pm the fire works in our area started. And…We will get to hear them to somewhere between 1 and 2 am. We had light showers earlier today and were hoping for a good downpour tonight. Rain stopped – nuts.
We would like to celebrate the New Year, but it sort of turns into OH CxxP! It’s New Years again.

Bob Weinfurt
1 month ago

Since my girlfriend is in the hospital, I’ll be alone and have a drink when the NYC ball drops.

Wayne Caldwell
1 month ago

We will stay up to see the New York midnight countdown at 10pm, our time. Then we will kiss goodnight, cuddle up together and drift off to sleep.

Gary G
1 month ago
Reply to  Wayne Caldwell


Tim H
1 month ago

The only time I get to see midnight is around a campfire roasting my weiner and toasting my buns. Tonight, that is not an option as the wife has that nurse job in the morning. Happy New Year!

Dick and Rose Kidder
1 month ago

We met on New Years Eve, 42 years ago, so we stay up and share a little dance and a kiss. We are 85 and 80, married for 41 1/2 years.
Happy New Year to all. Yes, still RVing
Dick and Rose

1 month ago


Jerry X Shea
1 month ago

While we are RVing on the west coast, we can pick up the east coast on our ROKU. Thus, we will watch the ball drop at 9pm California time, celebrate the New Year and be in bed asleep by 10:30pm.

1 month ago

NOTICE: Minnesota, not to be outdone, will have a ball drop at midnite also. It is giant red and white fishing bobber! Watch for it! Ya’ suure ya betcha! We’ll watch the NY ball, have a glass of wine and toast another year. Happy New Year to everyone, staff and commenters too…..

1 month ago

my wife and I will stay up, watch the ball drop, smooch and then hit the sheets. same as we’ve done for decades (when i wasn’t working).

1 month ago

First we move to our next reservation for a 2 month stay. Then having Asian take away with BIL and SIL at their place as our small camper is not up to entertaining. Back to the camper and in bed no later than 10pm.

Bill Forbes
1 month ago

We’re hosting an event for a few people, it’s our wedding aniversery, but we’ll start at noon and be in bed by 8:00 (but that’s after midnight Greenwich Mean Time,)

1 month ago

Staying home to avoid the crazies, especially when returning home. Neighbors always have fireworks. And the Country Music folks are advertising a great NYE show

1 month ago

All our holidays/celebrations revolve around a special meal, with or without additional people.

David Stansbury
1 month ago

We’ll be celebrating alright- clear up to about 9 or 10PM…

Caren Kelly
1 month ago

We are having a pot luck diner party at our RV resort in Arizona with 4 other couples (good friends) from Canada and the US. I doubt we will make it till midnight but that’s ok. It’s not how you end the year it’s more about how you start a New Year! Stay warm, stay safe, stay thankful. See you on the road!

Cliff Beckwith
1 month ago

We are camping with friends near Julian in So Cal. Some hiking today, college football and good eating. Won’t try to make it to midnight. Happy RVing and New Years!

David Stansbury
1 month ago
Reply to  Cliff Beckwith

By the way- what’s with just about all the bowl games being on ESPN?!?

John S
1 month ago

Money talks…

David Stansbury
1 month ago
Reply to  John S

That pretty much says it.

David V
1 month ago

Great observation, David!!! I already emailed NCAA & ESPN concerning this. I can’t post my comments to them, here, as it would get me excommunicated! Suffice to say…they’re just giving the finger to all OTA TV folks! Sad!

David Stansbury
1 month ago
Reply to  David V

Yeah, I’m a little slow sometimes. I just hadn’t realized; just this past season TRYING to get into football again, and loving college games. Shoulda known.

1 month ago

We will watch the ball drop in New York, share some champagne and then lights out.

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