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How would you define an “affordable” campsite for a 1-night stay?

Everyone has a different definition of “affordable” and, of course, that depends on many things. What’s affordable to you may not be affordable to someone else and vice versa. Affordable also means different things in campground terms. Membership programs like Harvest Hosts and The Dyrt may seem affordable when you break it all down, but maybe it’s too much of an up-front cost. Maybe an RV resort with a bunch of amenities for the grandkids seems “affordable” for all that it offers.

For today’s poll question, we’d like to know how you’d define an “affordable” campsite for a 1-night stay. Do you stick to only free camping? Is less than $20 “affordable”? Less than $50″?

After you vote, please leave a comment and share your thoughts. Thank you!


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James Baugh
29 days ago

I’m living only on my SSD. What’s “affordable” is open for discussion.
Free, is always great, inexpensive, well, even $ 20.00 a night isn’t great if there’s no availability of showers, laundry, and electric.

Sven Yohnson
1 month ago

Lots of variables here. If traveling to a destination and an overnight stay is required along the way $20 is a fair charge (no hook ups, just a safe, quiet place to park, shower, and grab a cup of coffee before hitting the road). Additional fees are acceptable (hook ups, dumping, and use of amenities). I usually boondock under these circumstances, due to lack of availability of reasonably priced accommodations.
No frills private campgrounds (basic hook ups, no pool) $50/night (in my area is reasonable). These are private businesses, and may charge whatever the market will bare (supply and demand).
No frills public campgrounds (city, county, state, national) should be $10/15 less than equivalent private campgrounds. Not to give an unfair competitive advantage, but because they are publicly funded. IMO ALL public campground should be mandated to set aside a percentage of their sites for first come customers (no reservation required), AND I have exceeded my word allotment!

Diane McGovern
1 month ago
Reply to  Sven Yohnson

Hi, Sven. When you run out of room in a comment, you can always post it and then reply to it to continue. (But don’t tell anyone I said that.😉) Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at

Sven Yohnson
1 month ago
Reply to  Sven Yohnson

Reservations for public campsites should also be subject to cancelation, and released if the site is not occupied by a set time, and the reserving party has not informed the campground of late arrival. Under NO circumstances should public campground reservations be allowed to be resold. This would encourage parasite organizations like Ticketbastards to buy up sites, and add their exorbitant “fees” (for all I know they already do).
Destination parks, and luxury resorts again are private, or publicly traded businesses, and they can set whatever prices the market will bare. They won’t get my business (not my idea of camping).
Lastly; Boondocking (responsibly), and Peer-to-Peer camp sharing are things we can all do to put market pressure on rising campground rates. Search out wild places (and leave them as you find them). Go visit relatives, old friends, and make new friends.
The possibilities are almost endless!

1 month ago

We sometimes just need a quick place to stop for the night and $10–$20 would be agreeable. No need for the amenities. If we were staying for a three to 7 days $35 – $45 for non resort type of a place with full hook ups would be what we usually look for. Walmart is the last choice but we have stopped there for the night.

Justin Moore
1 month ago

Anything under 50, for an electric site, pull through a plus. Have a travel trailer, 25 foot. 2 babies and a wife, so ac is a must. With a hybrid, we’re not overnighting in Walmart, so I’ll pay for a safer place to sleep.

1 month ago

21-40$ doesnt exist here in Cali. if i can get one for under 100 per night, im happy. but….thats with full hookups to. wouldnt pay more than 50 for dry camping

1 month ago

One night stay for $20.

1 month ago

I’m with the majority based on full hookups but would vote for less if not full hookups

1 month ago

I’d like to see more places that are more like $15-25 a night without hookups for overnighting! I have solar and carry enough water to get through a few nights and don’t need to dump but every few nights. Maybe a fresh water hose to add a little to my tank.
I use the rule of 3 when I travel between places….No more than 300 miles a day, parked by 3pm and no more than three days of travel without spending at least two nights in the same place. I try to make that stop someplace I want to explore but still get some good rest in.

Last edited 1 month ago by vanessa
1 month ago

$45 a night with water, sewer or dump site, and electric, sound fair to me. Anything less would not be fair to the owner. Allowing me to park in safe place with no utilities for $25 would be nice. People pay a lot more to go to a football game, but not willing to pay for a nights rest?

1 month ago

I define it as one in an RV park or campground. Not a parking lot, gas station, or highway rest stop.

1 month ago

“Affordable” may not be “value” to a given individual and doesn’t change with amenities. It means you COULD do it even though you don’t feel it’s worth it.

Bob Weinfurt
1 month ago

With no hook-ups, staying one night free at a Walmart works for me. For one night in a quiet place with electric, $20 – $40 sounds fair.

Richard Chabrajez
1 month ago

Instead of over $150/ night, why not just say “KOA” ?

1 month ago

If I’m just needing overnight to just leave the following morning I don’t need anything fancy.So less price is better.

1 month ago

Free is best but honestly anything with out hookups under $20 and with Hookups under $40

1 month ago

Depends on the weather and diesel prices. If I will have to run the onboard generator for air conditioning for DW, I figure it will cost me a half gallon an hour plus a dollar an hour for maintenance, at today’s prices that’s about $3.00 an hour. So, if I figure I’ll have to run the generator from say 5:00 until 11:00, that’s $18 to run the generator. I may also have to run it in the morning for battery charging and coffee, $20 for a site with electric is about the break even point. In cold weather, our heat pumps function well and so if it’s above freezing we aren’t using (and paying for) propane, Bottom line is convenience.

1 month ago

17 years full time – We’ve stayed at big store parking lots exclusively while traveling across country(Multiple day trips). In Alaska, just along the side of the road in a turnout. Walmart, Cabela’s, Home Depot, Sam’s, Costco, whatever. No need/desire to pay for 12hrs in a spot. “Lots to see” in these places, too!

Neal Davis
1 month ago

“Affordable” can entail a lot of different things. It is virtually meaningless to me without some hint of context. The question I answered wasn’t asked, and was “How much do you tend to pay for a campsite, particularly when only overnighting?” We tend to only use power even if the site is full-hook-up so that our departure the following day is easier. Consequently, we travel with enough fresh water to last two or three nights and similar headroom in our gray and black tanks.

Matt Colie
1 month ago

This is a very open and (as far as I am concerned) incomplete question.
Where is it and what comes with it at the price?
Since we are travelers and not campers, a camp ground is not often a destination.
As a long term BW host, many get a flat quiet place for free. Some offer a gift.
I have been at places that were FHU for less than 25$. This was worth the money.
I have been to places that were 15$ for flat but noisy pavement. I will never go back there.
After that, what amenities are you willing to pay for?
FHU? WE+D? Clean Showers? A decent pool?
We have done it all at one time or another. It is not our financial situation as much as economic sensibility. I really don’t like paying for things I don’t need or want.

1 month ago

When traveling I’m just looking for a place not far from the road I’m traveling.
Not looking for any sort of “experience”, just need a place to get my rest and have a meal. 10 years ago, I’d have said less then $20.00.

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