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How often do you go out to eat?

RVing is not only a great way to see the country, but it’s the best way to eat across the country! What’s the fun in RVing if you don’t stop for local foods, right? Well, unless the gut or bank account says differently…

When you’re RVing or not, how often do you go out to eat? And yes, fast food does count. For this poll, we’re talking about any meals that you’re not cooking at home, that were cooked by a restaurant. The meal doesn’t matter.

Do you go out to eat just about every day? A few times a week? Once a week? Once a month? Never?

After you vote, please leave a comment and tell us about a delicious meal you had out recently. Hey, one of us could end up eating there next after your recommendation. Thanks!


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Kelly B
12 days ago

Dairy Queen soft serve chocolate cones! 😁

12 days ago

We go out for ice cream. Drop the top and go. That’s what my date night looks like. Chillin with the top down having an ice cream with the love of my life.

Meals, I love to cook and my wife loves to lie about my cooking. Dinner out 4-6 times per year tops.

12 days ago

We don’t live in town and so try to only go in once a week, twice at the most. When we are in town we try to combine all possible stops and end it with getting supper out. We take our 12 volt cooler to keep groceries cool while we are in other stores or restaurants. When we are on road trips we eat breakfast then have a snack in the day. For supper I like to find local small places to eat or fresh markets to get local food to cook ourselves.

Don Capellani
14 days ago

Does coffee and donuts count. Ok go out every day and solve all the world problems with some buddy’s been doing it for 50 years 83 this year Dr says keep on keeping on. Semper Fi

Diane Mc
14 days ago

Depends. At home, probably less than once a week. We try and help local restaurants, but as others mentioned, the price of a meal has skyrocketed. We are blessed and can afford it, but it is hard to pay $50 to $75 & more, for a casual meal. On the road, while we are traveling, we plan meals in the motorhome. We cheated last night and had pizza delivered 🙂 . At destination, all about finding local favorite restaurants mixed with meals in the motorhome. Cajun definitely in LA & lots of fish/seafood in Florida. We only eat 2 meals a day. Breakfast or lunch and dinner. Sometimes we combine lunch/dinner and eat a bowl of cereal or breakfast bar in the morning. Very rarely do we eat franchise fast food on the road, but all about some local fast food.

Chris P. Bacon
14 days ago

We used to dine out at least two-three times a week but lately the prices are out of control. And the implied pressure to tip 20+%, and the lowered qualities of the food… Who needs it?

Split Shaft
14 days ago

The food we make at home is just more to our liking.

Ron H.
15 days ago

We liked to eat out often, before COVID and inflation changed the world we live in. Restaurant prices have gone through the roof and it’s not an enjoyable experience to eat a $20 hamburger or $15 biscuits & gravy in our old “regular” restaurants that are also expecting higher tips to pay for their higher food costs and higher employee wages. We’re eating at home more and that ain’t bad.

15 days ago
Reply to  Ron H.

This sounds like us too. And, my favorite restaurant no longer has servers and has changed from china and gone to paper. We could not figure out how to order at their new computer kiosk thingy. They looked at cash as some sort of foreign currency. My life has ended up in a plastic french fry basket!

Roy Davis
15 days ago

The answer for us will vary. If we’re on the road, we eat out almost exclusively. If we’re in a campsite for a week or two, then maybe once a week. If we’re back at our home base, rarely. My wife is an excellent cook and enjoys cooking and I am very capable of cooking as well so we often cook together. Now if she’d only get me to clean up after myself….

15 days ago

I cook big batches and freeze meals. When I’m on the road I load up the freezer. I do intermittent fasting so only one meal a day from that stash supplemented with fruit/vegetables bought locally. I did a trip of 21 days stopping once at a taco bell for a quick taco fix (spent less than $8) all the other meals were eaten out of the freezer.

15 days ago

We almost never eat at restaurants when at home. When traveling we try to find local specialties and eat out as much as possible. e.g., cajun in Louisiana, Mexican food in New Mexico, seafood on the coast.

15 days ago

The place is called The Firehouse in Old Town Sacramento. Fancy dining at it’s best- and the best food anywhere. I had a rib eye steak last time. Five course meals. Reservations usually required and it’s business casual dress code.

15 days ago
Reply to  Drew

Yes, excellent

Wayne Caldwell
15 days ago

Normally twice a week. Tuesdays breakfast with the guys from church and on Thursdays a weekly excellent breakfast burrito treat.

15 days ago

Friday retirees’early dinner pretty much every week. Occasionally, we will also try someplace different wherever we are camping. We try (and mostly succeed) to avoid all franchise restaurants we can get near our brick and mortar home!

Gordon den Otter
15 days ago

Due to food allergies, eating out is a huge hassle. Therefore, maybe once per year.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
15 days ago

When we are visiting a new area (camping) we usually go out for dinner two times, depending on what’s available. Fast food is not going to pull us away from the home cooking at the campsite.

Bob P
15 days ago

Normally bout once a week, this week it was Thursday for the giant chicken taco salad then again yesterday when DW spent too much time in the shower and didn’t have time to cook. ???

Jim Johnson
15 days ago

I am counting take-out the same as go-out. We maybe eat AT a restaurant of some sort twice a month. But we do take-out and eat at home (RV included as a home) more often.

Chris P
15 days ago

Every Sunday when home or once or twice when RVing.

15 days ago

Rarely for me is barely. It’s cost and when we do it’s for a change. Something that at home takes too long in preparing and you get that craving for. Beef Wellington would be one of those dishes or venison especially for I have depleted what I got in the fall. Then it’s birthdays and anniversary.

Last edited 15 days ago by Skip

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