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How likely would you be to stay more than one night at a location with no internet access of any kind?

How important is having access to the internet where you camp? Is it a “must have” or an “I don’t care” proposition?

Some RVers are so addicted to social media that they go into withdrawal when they can’t post a photo or report every little thing they’re doing to their adoring fans. Heaven forbid they can’t get an internet connection.

Others, of course, work from their RVs and need access to do their job.

In general, RVers increasingly demand having internet access where they stay, whether it’s free or available for a fee. It could be a matter of an RV park having good Wi-Fi, or it could mean they’ll only stay where there’s cell phone service, where their phone or its hotspot function can connect them with cyberspace.

How about you? Will you stay for longer than a day where you’re on your own, not connected to the outside world?


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3 months ago

While I admit I prefer to have some sort of connectivity anymore, for texting and email, we do stay in places where there isn’t WiFi provided, and often iffy to no cell service.
Not staying in those places would eliminate some really interesting locations: North Rim of Grand Canyon, campground near the headwaters of the Rio Grande, and others.
I do tend to seek out cell phone coverage while driving around. If nothing else, I do want to be able to touch base with my husband when he’s in the backcountry, where he carries an inReach. Mostly I get an “I’m OK message”, but “I’m coming out early.” can be important when I need to pick him up.

3 months ago

No internet? No problem for me. Although the wife enjoys social media much more than me she is easily entertained with crossword puzzles or reading.

Sven Yohnson
3 months ago

Power surge took out the modem/router, and it took a week to receive a replacement (no internet or TV). Most productive week I’ve had in years!
I’m seriously thinking of going off-line. If you never hear from me again, you’ll know my decision.

Diane McGovern
3 months ago
Reply to  Sven Yohnson

I was wondering why you were so quiet for so long, Sven. Welcome back! But if you go silent again, we won’t take it personally.😉 Take care. –Diane at

3 months ago

It surprises me that 51% do not need internet after all that I hear about people working on the road, and all of the gizmos an gadgets around in order to reach wi-fi, starlink and the like?

Tim H
3 months ago

Wouldn’t have a problem without internet, tv or cell service. that’s what it was like when I started camping. Also had no microwave, air conditioner or awnings as they were options only a radio on the picnic table.

3 months ago

I’m a park host at a state park that wifi, cell service and tv reception is sporadic at best, on a good day. Do I miss it? Not really.

Dawn Adamson
3 months ago

I would stay without hesitation…only because I have Starlink.
We learned the hard way to stay any place without cell/wifi and a way to keep up with weather is a bad thing in an RV. For example…the Badlands of SD…we had severe thunderstorms and tornadoes almost every evening..and the only way to check the weather was to drive to the office. Very scary.

3 months ago

I own property in WA that also has a campground associated with it. The park is in a hole with very little service…you have to go to the clubhouse to get it. I tell family I’ll be in the hole for while but since I leave almost every day to go sightseeing I can log in or get cell service and using Life 360 they know I am alive and they can contact me.

Lawrence Neely
3 months ago

stayed several times in forest campgrounds boondocking (days at a time). no reception in site, no problem

3 months ago

It seems like we have already stayed without internet considering some of the “wifi” we have encountered. Luckily we have a hot spot capability on our phones for brief usage when we need it.

Jack B.
3 months ago

No internet, no problem. But now in our mid 70’s I like to be able call for help if something unexpected happens. So we don’t stay without cell service. Luckily we have found many dispersed camp spots that are away from it all with service.

Neal Davis
3 months ago

It depends on how many alternative locations are available and how near they are to where we want to be. We spent 4 wonderful nights at Cripple Creek Campground in Alaska, but I generally prefer having the option to connect to the internet, make phone calls, send e-mail, etc.,.

Gary G
3 months ago

We stay 6-7 weeks on the Oregon, Washington coast each summer without the evil internet.

Uncle Swags
3 months ago

The poll results are very encouraging. Technology creates stress, after ten minutes without it your blood pressure normalizes. Try it, can’t hurt.

Neal Davis
3 months ago
Reply to  Uncle Swags

In our case it is just the opposite. That is, if our parents (aged 91, 85, 80, and deceased) do not hear from us, then it elevates their stress considerably even if we forewarn them that we are traveling somewhere where cell coverage may be spotty or non-existent.

Bill Forbes
3 months ago

I would stay there without hesitation, but the last time I did stay in such a place I made a daily drive to a location with access to keep up with work, etc.

Kevin C
3 months ago

I prefer that when camping in the great outdoors. An electronic break is a good thing!

Bob P
3 months ago

We stayed 5 days visiting my brother in TX without phone or internet, the campground was next to the Red River in a depression and couldn’t see a tower, (we get our internet from Verizon) if we wanted to use our phone or internet we had to drive up to level ground. Some how we survived, probably due to we didn’t grow up with a cell phone growing onto an ear. Lol

Will B.
3 months ago

For those that say “no internet, no problem”, these are likely folks who are a) not full time or b) are retired. For a full-timer, working on the road, that Internet is super-duper critical for us. At least…if we want to get paid and continue our lifestyle!

3 months ago

Don’t camp for the internet. If fact it’s my way to get away from the hassle and clear the mind.

James LaGasse
3 months ago

We have camped in many areas that have no internet access or cell service. Our kids don’t like us to but these are in our opinion the best places to be. These are usually but not always more peaceful and relaxing and if we need to make a call a short drive is all we need to acquire a signal.

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