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Do you own an extended warranty for your RV?

Do you have, or did you have, an extended warranty for your RV? Some RVers swear by these; others believe they are a waste of money. RV dealers love selling extended warranties because it’s easy money for them.

After you answer, please leave a comment. What do you think about extended warranties? What’s been your experience with them? Has having an extended warranty saved you a lot of money on a repair?

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  1. Problems arise at the most inconvenient times and/or places. Chances are good your need for repairs will arrive in that situation. Save your money and use it to address the issue in the quickest manner possible. You just might be able to save your vacation.

  2. Just don’t buy it from a dealer. Check with a local place that only does repairs. Call the company direct. The absolute worst place to buy is from a dealer. We have had multiple extended warranties over the years and they have all paid for themselves. RV’s are such poor quality they are worth it.

  3. We bought our RV from a couple and they had an extended warranty that was transferable. We used it last year to replace the rear A/C unit that stopped cooling after a trip to Alaska. Right now we need the water pump replaced and that will be covered also. The extended warranty has a $100 deductable, but so far it has worked out great and we plan to renew it this November when it expires.

  4. As a new RVer in 2009 we purchased a Camping World/Good Sam 2 year extended warranty with a $100 deductible at what seemed to be a good price. After the two years, one of which was covered by the manufacturer, Camping World doubled our premium and doubled our deductible for the next One year. That was our “Education” about Camping World. We decided it would be less expensive to put money aside and learn to work on our own trailer. Camping World is now in our rear view mirror but I still have the scar where it bit me in the butt. We have to be members of Good Sam to get a discount with National General Insurance which is an excellent RV insurer. I have had several claims, hail, blowouts, etc.

  5. We have had extended (aftermarket) warranties on the last three motohomes we have bought. We always buy used, and usually the dealer warranty is “it worked when we sold it to you.” Buying a used unit, we figure the extended warranty (read the fine print) will cover most of the major items that might have been missed or not forseen. One major repair to a diesel engine will pay for the warranty, and our experience with them has been good IF we follow their rules, call them first before doing the repair and get approval. Once the warranty expires, we do not renew it as we can self fund repairs once we learn the coach, and most problems can be avoided with proper maintenance.

  6. I never had one nor will I ever have one. I suggest to lots of people to take the cost for an extended warranty and put it in an account where you are making money. Then when you need any repairs outside the normal stuff (tires, batteries, and such) you draw the cost out of the account and you will likely never spend half of what you started with. Maintenance is your best friend.

  7. I’ve found that extended RV warranties exclude MORE than they cover. Not willing to pay thousands of dollars for NO coverage.

  8. We had an extended warranty from good Sam and their national general rv insurance ( think it was) They were very good coverage for things that needed to be repaired. No problems. Now we have allowed our warranty to lapse and have other insurance. I seriously miss those specific coverages.

  9. On average Warranty providers make money, just like other “insurance” providers. That means that, on average, warranty buyers will not recoup the cost of the warranty.

    Personally, I don’t buy them; rather, I budget money into a maintenance fund rather than “pre-paying” for a service I may or may not ever need. Doesn’t mean it’s not right for some people, just not for me. I repair and maintain myself. For someone not capable, or who want to hire others, it could pay off…maybe…but not on average.

  10. Extended warranties have got to be the epitome of ignorance.

    Think about it.

    Where else can you convince a person to gleefully give you money to guarantee your quality?

    If the consumer never gets a dime of actual value, it’s a bragging point of quality. If the consumer gets more than what the premium cost, it’s a bragging point about how much they “saved”.

    If the dealer tells you that you need to spend $5K to cover anticipated warrantable costs, you have to ask him how in the world can he sell with such high confidence his product is crap. If he says it’s mostly for “peace of mind”, tell him to throw it in for free since it’s such low risk.

  11. I had one that was financed with the trailer. A couple of years back the guy that had a podcast and viewed on this newsletter campainged that Camping world was goiing bankrupt and if you had a warrantee it soon wouild be worthless. He was adamant about cancelling. We did but camping world didn’t fold. we thought about getting another one but costs were prohibitive. Do i miss it… no… but suckered once, wont be suckered again.

  12. Had one but now our motorhome is too old, 2002 to qualify for one. Not sure we would get another anyway, however we did use the previous one to replace the refrigerator. Should be happy. As with all insurance, better not to have to use it…means you did have any issues. Life insurance notwithstanding😊

  13. In 2006 we purchased a new Monaco Knight and extended warranty. Over the years I’ve continued with the warranty. Can’t say if it’s been worth the investment but likely not too much of an advantage if at all. We’ve recently purchased a 2023 Ethos class B van and did not purchase the extended warranty. Of course the van has a lot less moving parts which is the primary reason we made the class B decision.

  14. I will NEVER purchase an extended warranty! Look closely at those warranties – especially the part about Exclusions. Most of them look good until you get to the Exclusions. There you will find some astonishing facts about the policy. Many of the policies have Exclusions that essentially won’t cover much of anything. And the cost of these policies are ridiculously high!!

    I put a predetermined amount of money in a special account each month just for emergency use in case of product failures, damage, or just plain wear and tear. And I always come out ahead!!

  15. We purchased a new 40 ft fifth wheel in 2010, it had a two year factory warranty. We had a great dealer who said he could sell us an extended warranty, but to purchase it two weeks prior to the end of our factory warranty, we did and used it extensively for 6 years. It only cost $2000, a bargain at twice the price.

  16. Why would anyone want an “Extended Warranty” on a RV since the original manufacturers warranty was not worth a da*n?

    Do you really think the aftermarket so call “Warranty” is going to be any better?

    Read the fine print on any warranty plan marketed as an “Extended Warranty”.

    The fine print will state specifically what they call, market and sell to you as an “Extended Warranty” is in reality an Extended Service Contract and not a warranty.

    By law the only entity that can offer a Warranty on any item is the original manufacturer of that product.

    Just make sure you understand what you are purchasing and what the Service Contract you purchase will cover for repair.

  17. We have a 2018 Lance travel trailer, model 2375, and do not have an extended warranty due to the high-end quality of the Lance product. ‘Murphy’ is always hiding, ready to pounce, but we are willing to take the risk and have cash saved up ‘just in case!’

  18. Paid 15 K for my 5th wheel toy hauler. Anything that has gone wrong I have fixed, kind of like I fix all things in life.

  19. I purchased one when I bought my 11 year old MH. Cost was $5500.00 and was an exclusion type. Over the course of the 5 years it has been in effect it has covered more than $12,000.00 in repairs. From AC units, water heaters, slide out motors, washer/dryer, diesel turbo charger etc.
    It will expire next month and I’m not ready to have to start paying those bills myself.

  20. Extended warranties are a very personal decision. Peace of mind is why we purchased one. We have not had to use it but again, we are glad it is there. We could have put the money aside as a “Just in Case” bucket but as you know other life struggles come up and most likely the money would not be there if we needed it. We are happy with out decision and would most likely do it again. Again, it’s a very personal thing and for us we chose to put one in place. Shop around however as they can be expensive.

  21. Our dealer ‘gave’ us a Forever Warranty when we purchased our trailer. We do have to have it inspected yearly to keep it in effect. About $150 each time. The inspection includes checking the roof, the water system, the furnace operation, cleaning the A/C coils and burners on the furnace and refrigerator, checking the propane regulator pressure and inspecting the tires and frame among other things.I get this done when they do the state inspection.

  22. We bought our 3 year old motorhome (over $200,000) & all warranties had expired (Jayco, Freightliner & Cummins). Purchased a 5 year service contract (extended warranty) for under $4000, online from a reputable vendor. Exclusionary contract (best kind). We figured that with the cost to fix or replace major things like engine, transmission, residential refrigerator, generator, 2 roof a/c units, etc., it was a good value. Similar to buying comprehensive & collision insurance. After one year & one claim for a front wheel seal, we are very satisfied.

  23. Both of our travel trailers are 20+ years old. Probably can’t get an extended warranty and I don’t think anything would be covered by one.

  24. I would never buy an extended warranty from a 3rd party provider, from and by the manufacturer YES but never from a 3rd party

  25. First off, they are over priced and second, the repair companies hate to deal with them to start off with! No extended warrantee for me!

  26. The dealer evidently had a lot of leeway on the price of the extended warranty. We said “No” at $10,000. Then $8000, then $5000 and finally yes when we paid $3000. At $3000 we came out slightly ahead in the 5 years of the warranty. It would have been more had I realized they would have covered parts that my husband put on like the step motor.


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