Thursday, September 21, 2023


How often do you boondock more than a mile away from another RV or dwelling?

Is your idea of camping being hooked up to utilities in an RV park? Or do you prefer a somewhat secluded experience in a government campground — state park or national forest, for example?

But how about camping far from the crowds. Is that more your thing — where the only sights and sounds are those of nature — no cars or RVs passing by, no screaming children, no barking dogs, no sounds of loud stereos? Most RVers call that boondocking. Is that where you head when you set out on an RV adventure?

In this poll, we’re asking how often you hole up at least a mile from another RV or other dwelling — be it a remote cabin, general store, ranger station — anything but what nature provided without any assistance from humans.

Remember, if you are on a slow connection, it may take a few moments for the poll to load. So stand by. It will be right along, and well worth the wait.


  1. We’ve never boondocked that remotely. All our boondocking thus far, after 7 years of RVing, has been tailgating at college football games or at track meets. DW is a football sesson-ticket holder at her undergrad alma mater and I am an avid supporter of the track team at my alma mater.

  2. If I camp by the creek at home, there’s no one for a mile or better not be. But elsewhere, it isn’t safe to be out in the bushes. I like trails to walk my dog, and leaving my vehicle and trailer would be a mistake. There is too much thieving riffraff running any backroads, and some of them like to shoot at things. Otherwise, I’d like to be boondocking.

  3. We did a few times on our property in Colorado. We had electric but no water.
    It was a good 2-3 day layover, and then on to a RV resort.

  4. all private property around us. An exception exists but everyone camps there. No way to escape all these people moving in around us

  5. We boondock but there is always someone within shouting distance. I trust my 14 year-old truck enough to take it to the middle of no where but not my 1 year-old Rv.


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