Saturday, September 30, 2023


Do you have a hobby?

Do you have a hobby? If you do, which category in the below poll does it fall under? (We listed as many as we could, but please select “other” if it doesn’t fit into any of the optional categories.)

According to, the number one most popular hobby in the U.S. is music, followed by food, reading/writing, traveling, video games, health and fitness, sports, arts and crafts, electronics, and gardening (and the list goes on). Do your hobbies align with these, the most popular?

We’ll ask you soon about your favorite hobby. In the meantime, please vote below. Oh, and remember, you can vote up to three times if you have more than one hobby. Thanks!


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7 days ago

Drag racing

Calvin Wing
16 days ago

I read voraciously and
Guns, pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns,
gasoline lanterns and shot glasses.

18 days ago

Ham Radio, working the Maritime nets AH6NR

Julia Tousignant
19 days ago

Postcard sending, receiving, and collecting.

19 days ago

I love spending my “ fun tickets” on RV vacations.

Bluebird Bob
19 days ago

My hobby is getting up in the morning.

19 days ago

Christmas light display. Trying to improve it every year.

19 days ago

Turning upright pianos in to wine and liquor bars.

Mikal H
19 days ago

I build, shoot, and hunt with flintlock rifles…think Dan’l Boone, Davy Crockett, Revolutionary War era and earlier. Building these fine handmade replicas of rifles from the 1700’s uses both wood working and metal working skills as well as historical research into various styles of the 18th century masters. I also cast my own round balls and make other shooting accessories like powder measures, etc. When I’m not doing that I’m shooting traditional bows or hiking with my dogs.

Oh…and then there is RVing! 🙂

19 days ago

I had to check other. I have done photography, mostly wildlife and landscape, for well over 40 years. I started with 35mm but transitioned to digital about 20 years ago. My 50 year old daughter still talks about carrying dad’s camera gear in the Great Smokey Mountains and Acadia NP. I still enjoy it today but it has gotten easier because I only carry one camera but it can do the same thing I use to need 4 cameras to do. I can’t even guess how many thousands of dollars I have spent on my hobby.

Glenda Alexander
19 days ago
Reply to  Roy

I also love photography. I bought a small Sony DSC-RX100M3 a number of years ago so I could always take a camera with me. It has 20.1 megapixels and only a
2.9 zoom f=8.8mm-25.7mm; but that’s better than nothing. I still mourn the loss of what would have been some wonderful shots when I didn’t have the big camera with me.

19 days ago

Many hobbies. I love collecting gold, cooking is a favorite for sure, obviously RVing and I enjoy dropping the top in the convertible and feeling the airflow over the car while holding hands with my lover, listening to good music and remembering how blessed we are. Giving thanks for another day above the roots and more than anything, sharing our bounty by giving to others.

Bill Byerly
20 days ago

I ride my bike 3 or 4 times a week. Small woodworking projects, RV repairs/ upgrades, and reading (with rv travel included daily)

Jim Johnson
20 days ago

Photography. It includes a variety of equipment from phones to drones, point & shoot to pro-level SLRs, digital & film and my favorite – when scuba diving.

Since I can’t take it all every trip, I have to do some planning. Next spring it will be the total solar eclipse as it will track directly over our seasonal RV park before we head north.

19 days ago
Reply to  Jim Johnson

Myself as well, Jim! Whatcha got for gear? I have an Olympus em10iv, a GM1, a PEN something or other and an assortment of lenses plus a little Casio and Olympus Stylus 1S.

20 days ago

If I am not on the road and camping, I am researching and planning the next trip.

T. Hudson
20 days ago
Reply to  Greg

That’s me too. And, finding good hiking trails when I get there!

Chic Sanders
20 days ago

We Square Dance.

Mike Brown
20 days ago


Anne Oelke
20 days ago

No one has yet mentioned quilting, but there are many RV’ers who quilt, myself included. Reading, photography, gardening (well I do it, but don’t think of it as a hobby–just something that has to be done), traveling, etc etc. What about volunteering???

Marie Beschen
20 days ago

Only 3? That was hard! I think of my Photography as my passion more than my hobby. I’m always looking for something “to do”, so if I’m done with one thing, I find another…Gardening, if it’s too hot out, then come inside and work on a craft. If we are traveling and it includes a new beach, I add the sand to my “collection”, or if I find some really unusual rock somewhere, that gets picked up to add that to that “collection” (at our home base).

Gene Bjerke
20 days ago
Reply to  Marie Beschen

I thought that I was the only one odd enough to collect sand.

20 days ago

Repairing, improving, and upgrading anything that would improve and make rving just that much more enjoyable is my hobby. I love to improve on manufacture items and accessories that were originally installed or adding additional new items that I just can’t live without…lol

Gary W.
20 days ago

Sports cars (Corvette), classic and modern.

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