Saturday, December 2, 2023


Will you watch the World Series?

If you’re a baseball fan, we know what you’re doing this week! The 2023 World Series began last night in Arlington, Texas.

Will you watch? If so, who are you rooting for? Leave your team pick in the comments below… if you dare.

If you remember Bazooka Joe comics, bubble gum, and baseball cards, you should read this story by one of our past writers, Kate Doherty, who writes about the World Series bringing back fond memories. It’s a good read.


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Dennis G. (@guest_258610)
1 month ago

Will not watch the world. series, as. my son plays both high school varsity football and baseball. His Friday night game (Wilcox. HS, against their rival, Los Gatos game was a better nail biter than any on-tv game. Even though my son’s team lost 24-21, they were still driving forward for three first downs from 58 seconds to 4 seconds, before the game was called.
No World Series, or Super Bowl can match that game.

Pfrog231 (@guest_258600)
1 month ago

Go Diamondbacks!

Neal Davis (@guest_258581)
1 month ago

Nope. I became an Atlanta Braves fan when they moved there from Milwaukee in 1966 (Atlanta is ~2 hours from where I grew up and now live.). Since then baseball season ends for me when they play their last game.

KellyR (@guest_258574)
1 month ago

I have lost my wife to Baseball during the season and will be glad when the Series is over . I do not watch, but must listen to the play by play after each game.

Swede'nTexas (@guest_258567)
1 month ago


vanessa (@guest_258563)
1 month ago

Nope gave up on MLB when they moved the All Star Game out of Atlanta and hurt all the small black owned businesses there.

Molly (@guest_258537)
1 month ago

We always watch, even though my husband is a lifelong Braves fan and my team is the Athletics, we live in Arizona now so Diamond Backs all the way.

G Smith (@guest_258516)
1 month ago

I am philosophically opposed to any form professional sports. There are more than enough worthless entertainment options available to distract people from the important things in life.

Kevin C (@guest_258499)
1 month ago

We love the fall classic, even though our team didn’t make it. Last nights game was really good!! Glad to see some smaller market teams in it to win it all!

JAMES (@guest_258493)
1 month ago

We don’t watch sports

Bill Bamber; Edmonton Alberta (@guest_258482)
1 month ago

Hmmm!! What happened to the Blue Jays???

Leonard (@guest_258490)
1 month ago

Being from Toronto and quite a fan, ouch. We just weren’t good enough, but maybe next year! At least you have the Oilers! “Bazinga!”

Alice (@guest_258476)
1 month ago

Watching a replay today as too nervous to watch much of it last night. It was a great win for the Texas Rangers and of course, I want them to go all the way!

Bill Byerly (@guest_258461)
1 month ago

I watched last nights game….

Bob W (@guest_258445)
1 month ago

I might catch a game if there’s nothing good on.

Rich (@guest_258440)
1 month ago

I’ve been a Cubs fan since 1968 but they, and MLB, flipped me the bird when they went political. I didn’t walk away from them…they abandoned me. I missed it for a while but no more.

MattD (@guest_258454)
1 month ago
Reply to  Rich

Agreed…And I used to LOVE baseball. I was even a Little League coach for a few years.

Last edited 1 month ago by MattD
Bill (@guest_258580)
1 month ago
Reply to  Rich

How did they go political?

Tommy Molnar (@guest_258415)
1 month ago

I watch NO sports! The best day to go shopping is Super Bowl Sunday, only not in the TV department – ha.

Garland (@guest_258413)
1 month ago

I will listen to the series on radio and attend game 3.

Bob (@guest_258402)
1 month ago

I totally agree with Sven Yohnson below.

Jay J (@guest_258414)
1 month ago
Reply to  Bob

I agree with Sven and Bob that salaries are outrageously enormous. Yet who of us that had the talent or smarts to command such compensation would say, “oh that’s way to much, just reduce that amount by half”! I think most of us would take what the market would offer. I know I would. But, I am a Sportsaholic, so I hold my nose and enjoy.

Sven Yohnson (@guest_258400)
1 month ago

I do not follow professional sports in protest to the insultingly high salaries paid to the players, management, and owners. When a single player can make more in one game, than an American laborer (me) makes in a lifetime, they don’t deserve my support. The same applies to paid professional college sports.

Leonard (@guest_258492)
1 month ago
Reply to  Sven Yohnson

A baseball player a couple decades ago with the Toronto Blue Jays that I knew quite well explained to me perfectly about his at that time 4 Million dollar salary. “I am one of a handful of people on the planet that can throw a fastball nearly 100 mph, and for strikes. THAT is why I am paid what I am paid.” Anyone else throw a fastball 100 mph during your free time? I can’t. Supply and demand, supply and demand.

Uncle Swags (@guest_258396)
1 month ago

Baseball died with the DH.

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