Tuesday, October 4, 2022


Does your RV have a built-in ice maker in its freezer?

Remember the days when RVs didn’t have extra appliances like ice makers? Or four TVs? Or three A/Cs, two bathtubs and a fireplace? We do. Do we miss those days? Sometimes… but not really.

Most RVs made today come with built-in ice makers, thanks to the demand of laziness… But maybe you have an older RV or you bought one without an ice maker. Either way, will you tell us in the poll below. Leave a comment too if you’re happy that your RV has one, or if you wish it didn’t (or if you wish your current RV had one). Thanks!


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Ed Hibbs
2 years ago

We have a built-in ice maker that came with our Class A motorhome. Love it, love it love it!!! It is in an RV refrigerator as I would NEVER have a residential fridge in an RV. It just works and works, never giving us a problem. There’s a skinny space below it that accommodates an old fashioned ice try for when we are boondocking as the icemaker requires electricity. In fairness, my wife wishes she had more freezer space but most of the time it is not an issue.

Julia Brockman
1 year ago
Reply to  Ed Hibbs

Can you tell me what brand that refrigerator is? We want to buy one.
thanks, Julia

Last edited 1 year ago by Julia Brockman
2 years ago

Residential fridge with ice and water in door. We use both daily. Wouldn’t ever want to be without one.

Nancy M Lamoreaux
2 years ago

Even though I don’t have one in my fifth wheel I own now, I have had other rvs that had an ice maker in it but when dealing with rv mechanics they were asking if I wanted it fixed before purchasing and I asked a question instead. Is it worth fixing? His response was not really. Being that they need certain compression and rv parks have different water pressures, they tend not to keep working, I have talked to different people with a rv with an icemaker in freezer and theirs is always requiring fixing. So I rather just buy a bag and splitting it into smaller bags to ulitize ice in my drinks or medical reasons.

2 years ago

We have a counter top ice maker (and countertop room) which works great. I like having the extra room in the freezer without an installed ice maker.

2 years ago

We love our ice maker. Unlike a previous poster who stated using ice is some how wrong we use it daily for water, lemonade, soda and tea. We find it refreshing and a good way to stay hydrated. Maybe because we don’t drink coffee or beer. Beats having to break up the chunks in bag ice. It was an extra we did not expect but I would look for it if we were to buy a newer RV

2 years ago

I’m still wondering how useful that would be. Don’t really use the one at home even.

2 years ago

Ice is for skating on, not to water down drinks, or shock a 98.6 degree body with 32 degrees

Ken S.
2 years ago

We have an ice maker, but it’s not in the freezer. It is a separate unit I installed.

Gerald Vasser
2 years ago

We do not use ours. A bag of ice works best for us.

Sally Gilbert
2 years ago

We took our ice maker out, preferred the additional freezer space for food!

Paul Goldberg
2 years ago
Reply to  Sally Gilbert

WE did the same after my fighting it for 7 years. Plenty of excess freezer space now. Coach is ’12 Phaeton with Dometic refrigerator.

2 years ago

Say what you will – we love ours. Just be sure to winterize it!

Montgomery D. Bonner
2 years ago

But we keep it sanitized, but don’t normally use it. Need to flush line, turn off valve. we also don’t use water in door, just another point of failure.

Tony Grigg
2 years ago

We have a 2019 Forest River 5er with 10 cu ft 12v fridge. No ice maker, but it freezes silicone ice trays in no time. Would rather have the freezer space than ice machine.

2 years ago

Our former motorhome had an ice maker, virtually didn’t use it at all, present motorhome doesn’t have one and we don’t miss it at all.

2 years ago

There was one in it when we purchased the RV new, but removed it when we couldn’t stop it from leaking and icing up the whole freezer.

2 years ago

It has one but we don.’t use it. Kept getting contamination in the water line

2 years ago

Never use it, except when I winterize.

John Koenig
2 years ago

My Super-C has a 22 cubic foot residential, three door refrigerator with ice & water on the door which I am VERY happy to have. When I had my previous fiberglass “egg” trailer, I had a stand alone countertop ice maker which did a great job as long as I had 110VAC power available. Having ice is nice!

2 years ago

Yes. We have a residential refrigerator with ice maker. Bottom freezer with upper double doors. Ice is actually in refrigerator with door dispenser. More space in freezer. Wish I didn’t have a side by side at home . We winter in Mesa AZ so do not need to bring pork products with us as we found the Pork Shop somewhere near Gilbert or Chandler. Rural area. Find it and try it if you are in the area.

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

Answered “No” because our three-cubic-foot refrigerator is lucky to have a freezer compartment, much less an ice-maker. But it will freeze two small ice cube trays, and that is enough to keep our drinks cold when we stop for the night.