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Do you think you’re addicted to your cell phone?

If you own a smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.) there’s a good chance you’re probably addicted to it. Most people these days are, so don’t worry, you’re not alone. Do you think you have a cell phone addiction?

According to, you’re addicted to your cell phone if you:

• Have tried to limit your cell phone usage but failed
• Use your phone excessively to the point where you lose track of time
• If you feel the need to always have the newest cell phone, the newest updates or  applications, etc.
• If you experience withdrawal when your network or service is unreachable. Or if you experience withdrawal when you simply cannot use your phone for other reasons.

Do any or all of those apply to you?

Please vote in our poll below and tell us if you think you’re addicted to your phone (and be honest!).


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Gary byle
2 years ago

I routinely have to ask my wife to dial my number so that I may hear it, thus find it. I constantly forget to carry it. When I do take it someplace I frequently forget it in the vehicle. No, I am not addicted to my phone.

2 years ago

Made a rule that guests, mainly family had to stay off their phone at meal time . Rather they talk and socialize with each other. Haven’t seen several of them at our place since. Suits me

2 years ago

Those who say they are not addicted had best join AA. “Android Addiction”. I actually had to get rid of my flip phone a few years back. I also said I would never get a banking convenience card. I need now to go to CC meetings. OMG, I’m two houses away from home, spin this rig around and grab the phone I forgot. Remember the old days when as long as you were home by dark all things were good?

Jim Schrankel
2 years ago

It’s a phone
Its a compass
Its a tape measure
its a GPS
its a Radio
its a TV
its a camera
its a personal organizer
its a checkbook
its a mirror
its a flashlight
its a music box
its a WiFi hotspot
its a photo album
its a clock
it’s a calendar
its a weather forecast
its a notepad
it’s a pedometer
its a calculator
and that’s just the first screen! Need I go on? This friggin’ thing is a modern miracle!

Gregory Giese
2 years ago
Reply to  Jim Schrankel

Agree, and a book! All my books are on it. Hard to bring a library while full-time RV’ing.

John Crawford
2 years ago
Reply to  Jim Schrankel

You’re absolutely right! Something this powerful and productive can’t be called addictive it’s necessary.

Laura Hanna
2 years ago
Reply to  Jim Schrankel

That is just it. It is much more than just a phone. It is a mini computer in your pocket (at least if you have a smart phone it is). We are living in the future. I even have a Dick Tracy Watch!!

Cheryl Bacon
2 years ago

I have my phone on mute, hardly ever answer when a call comes in, but I do have it with me all the time. Weather, news and our family communicates through hangouts when we are not with each other. I’m not addicted to my phone, but I could not live without internet. We have had personal computers since they were available and always worked in the technology field.Our little phones are more powerful than Mission Control was way back when mainframes took up complete floors of office buildings.Back in the dial-up years, our family had 5 phone lines.

2 years ago

I was on-call my entire adult life – from staying home by the phone, to pagers, to monster portable phone, to flip cell phones, and then to a Blackberry. When I retired I turned in the Blackberry, to my employer, and went without a phone for until about 5 years ago when I was basically forced to, to keep in touch with my daughter,so got a flip phone. We were/are worried about Big Brother keeping track of us, AND, not true, we have given all of our info TO Big Brother, AND Big Brother is not the Gov’t, that we feared, but the corporations that want to know more about us than the IRS. Yep, I was born 100 years too late. I have, however, still become addicted to my desk top computer, as my encyclopedia is out of date.

2 years ago

Denial is one of the symptoms of addiction. And it seems like a bunch of us are in denial. I admit to my addiction. Leaving home without my phone is like I’m missing a limb. I use it to track news, weather, friends, troubleshooting, etc. And I bet most others do also. Of course I can put it down and enjoy dinner with friends and/or family – but more often than not, we all have our phones sitting beside our plates just in case that urgent message or call comes during our meal. Of course I don’t need to have my phone out – it will come through on my watch! 😂

Linda B
2 years ago
Reply to  Goldie

Our “last” big holiday at the stick & brick before going full-time in our RV, we had a house full of family (like 12 teens, all with cell phones), so mean old Nana told EVERYONE (including the adults) that I’d made a special basket for cell phones and expected everybody to make a deposit in the box when came to eat and cleanup. Everyone thought it was funny but did as they were told!! Never saw folks eat so fast and get the dishes done in such a timely matter. All the “kids” still talk about that one!

Dean owens
2 years ago
Reply to  Goldie


2 years ago

It’s no longer just a phone. It’s my digital assistant.

Ron T
2 years ago

I do monitor the weather on my phone, mainly to figure out when to take my bike rides. I respond to texts, but don’t initiate them and never have been big on regular phone calls. What I am addicted to is Sudoku. I wore out 3 hand-held games before I got a smart phone.

Sink Jaxon
2 years ago

It’s just a tool I use for my needs. That’s all.

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY
2 years ago

Being that we travel a lot it does become a necessity during those times. Phone can be used for directions, making reservations at campgrounds, eating out, for the better half getting her hair and nails done,, keeping in touch with family, remote banking to pay bills and such, emergency situations and more. At home when not traveling, not so much.

If you think you don’t need it that much, put it in a combination lock box and lock it up. When you get tired of having to open that lock box many times, you can make up your own mind.

Stay safe, Stay well.

Sharon Boccelli
2 years ago

I think judging by the response that we [most] do NOT want to admit that we are all addicted to it. If you people watch you see how many people [especially young folk or those that are alone are babysat by their phone. Me included.

Bob Weinfurt
2 years ago

I managed to find a basic phone, but it does have a built-in flashlight. No texting, internet, or GPS. As a phone, it works well. I do my best to keep things functional but simple. Makes the camping experience much more enjoyable.

Diane M
2 years ago

I don’t really have one, just a little flip phone that’s mainly for emergencies. I might talk on it once a month. I almost never text, and I have no idea if if I could even access the internet. I buy $20 worth of airtime every 90 days and have never used it all. Cell phones are too expensive and too much of a time-waster.

Captn John
2 years ago

No, actually don’t like it. Needed it for work and when mom was sick.send me a text and don’t expect me to se it. Connect to the internet only in emergency, I have a laptop. I even removed games from my laptop. It’s the biggest time waster most people have. I see it as a tool like a shovel or rifle, use it when needed only. Too many text while driving.

2 years ago

I use my cell phone to read the news, follow RV pages on Facebook, text the family, read email, keep my appointments and my grocery list. But I can go hours without looking at it.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

I think my phone has replaced the “personal organizer” for keeping track of everyday appointments and project reminders. Also, contact lists with phone numbers and addresses. Not to mention photos.

So, while I don’t think I’m “addicted” to the point that I’m non-stop pulling it out to mess with it, I do now depend on it for almost everything. Sometimes I even make a phone call with it!

Dean Owens
2 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar


Bill Nelson
2 years ago

Not addicted to my phone but I am to my Ipad which just a bigger Iphone that you can’t fit in your pocket

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