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Do you have a personal financial advisor?

According to a 2019 study by CNBC, the Invest in You survey, only 1 percent of those who answered said they use a financial advisor. So what about the other 99 percent? Nope. No advisor. Are you part of the tiny 1 percent who has a financial advisor?

For those 99 percent that answered no, they said they either do their personal finances themselves or their spouse or partner does it. Several people commented that doing finances online was easier (especially with the help of certain programs and apps), so they didn’t have the need for an advisor.

Do you have a personal financial advisor or not? Please tell us in the poll below. As always, thank you for voting.


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Dave J
2 years ago

Personal finance adviser = wife….grin.

2 years ago

Have an advisor. Personal????? Not very.

2 years ago

I can go broke just fine by myself.

Mike Devile
2 years ago
Reply to  PennyPA


Jeff Craig
2 years ago

Who can afford to invest (outside of a 401k)?

Mickael P
2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff Craig

Who can’t?

Dick and Sandy headed for Florida
2 years ago

Yes and Sandy lets me know it every day that is her most important job in our relationship.

Cathi S
2 years ago

We have a financial advisor so I can spend more time enjoying the life we have planned for over the years.

2 years ago

Financial planner, financial advisor, CPA. Poll again needed more categories.

2 years ago

I sure do. It’s called the wife.

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

Judging by the response so far, most RVers have a lot more money than I do.

2 years ago

technically, yes but i’ve been at the helm of our wealth-building ship since we started investing in 1982. i read, listened to experts but made my own decisions after discussing with my wife. we did consult a fee-only FA two years ago for a second opinion. we’ve done very well. no regrets other than we should’ve started a lot earlier…we were married in 1970.

Eddie D.
2 years ago

A financial advisor handles 63.7% of our investable assets. I handle the rest.

P. Gerard
2 years ago

Yes, but not a paid one..My husband does ours and does quite well..

2 years ago

No. Simple life makes for simple needs. Finance and budget degrees leading to two government pensions. Roth and IRA contributions for 40 years to Vanguard S&P500 index funds – now all in Roth IRAs. Constant dollar cost averaging over that time frame – magic. Averaged 8%+/year without paying someone to hold my hand. Good ’nuff. Now, just ridin’ the wave!

Last edited 2 years ago by Roger
2 years ago
Reply to  Roger

Sounds pretty much like our MO. Have never paid for financial advice and doing well with all the free, sound investment principles we’ve learned over the years.

Norm Worthington
2 years ago

We’re pretty sure that we can figure out how to spend our money without someone else’s input that cost money.

Diane M
2 years ago

Right on! Our plan has always been to save as much as possible, buy only things we really need, use credit cards sparingly, pay them off every month, don’t go into debt for anything other than a house and sometimes a vehicle. If you don’t have the cash to pay for something, do without or save up for it. Who needs a financial planner for that? Maybe if we had enough money to invest in stocks, we might need advice, but we’ve never had that much money.

Kaeleen Buckingham
2 years ago

We, too, have a planner versus an advisor. She gives me peace of mind every time we go see her. I’d be going stir crazy without that.

2 years ago

We have a good and trusting relationship with our advisor
Over the past ten years he has provided excellent service, regular updates and is always responsive.

2 years ago

My personal financial advisor is my wife

Dan Tull
2 years ago
Reply to  John


2 years ago
Reply to  John

The IRS in my case

Bob P
2 years ago

My wife always gives me advice on whether I should or shouldn’t spend our money.

Hook N' Haul 789
2 years ago

I have a Financial Planner as opposed to a Financial Advisor. The biggest difference is a Financial Planner has a Fiduciary Responsibility to the client. Prevents “churning” and other dubious practices.

2 years ago

Same here .. The fiduciary responsibility is a huge deal for us.
We use a lot of short term annuities that guarantee a steady income stream. I’d rather ride my ebike, hike or fish than sit around my computer or phone all day chasing the highs and lows. Wouldn’t have known about them w/o the planner. We are very low risk-tolerant.

2 years ago

I had managed an investment trust for a non-profit years ago and knew the effort it would take to give solid care to our own funds when we retired. That prompted us to decide to use an advisor so we could spend more time playing during retirement vs. me pouring over prospectus docs and investment updates on a too frequent basis. Our advisor is doing a great job and we’ve never regretted the decision!

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