Thursday, December 8, 2022


How often do you buy a lottery ticket?


How often do you buy a lottery ticket? Do you buy one on a regular basis or do you wait for a particular date? Perhaps you buy yourself one every year on your birthday, or on your lucky-number date.

According to Gallup News, approximately half of Americans have bought a state lotto ticket within the last year. The U.S. Census Bureau says that of those who buy tickets, they each spend an average of about $86 per month on lotto tickets. That includes everything from scratch-off tickets that come from vending machines to Powerball and Mega Millions entries.

If you don’t buy lotto tickets, perhaps you gamble in other ways (poker, anyone?). But that’s a poll for another day.

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Uncle Swags
1 year ago

Don’t quite understand how states let the lottery continue during the pandemic and in some states twice a day. Most of the participants are low income minorities in the higher risk groups. And if you think the money goes to education, you are probably a product of that educational system.

1 year ago

I’ll get a couple of tickets everytime I gas up. Since I haven’t been going anywhere much this year I figure I spend maybe $5 a month on tickets?
My chances of winning are greatly improved by the fact I buy a ticket at all. You’ll never win if you don’t play.

Last edited 1 year ago by squeakytiki
John Koenig
2 years ago

I’m a winner every week………

I keep my dollar in my wallet.

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

When i was a teenager a friend bought a home roulette set to try and figure out a “system.” He soon learned there is no system, and gave the set to me. That gave me time to study how the game works and why the house is always the ultimate winner. Since then I have never gotten involved with any form of gambling.

Roy Davis
2 years ago

I will by one ticket for either for the powerball or Megamillions every drawing. That’s $4 a week. Occasionally I will buy both but totals only $8 a week. I only do that a couple times a year. My theory is sooner or later someone will win but it can’t be me if I don’t play. I can afford it but if I couldn’t I just wouldn’t play. BTW, I play in a state where winners can remain anonymous.

2 years ago

AZ Lotto – 3 Numbers for 6 draws = $18 for 3 weeks of 3 chances twice a week equals less than $1 per day. Quick Pick each time. That’s the most gambling I do each year.

2 years ago

Purchase the state lottery as it goes to education. And once and awhile if I knowing losing a couple of bucks will not break the bank. Fool and his money soon parted but if you did win it would be the fool with a crap load of money. Don’t drink so lotto tickets absorbs it. Ha

Thomas D
2 years ago

My sister makes trips to surrounding states weekly to buy lottery tickets. Ohsure,she wins a little bit now and then but nothing big. If anything, shes in the hole more than enough to buy a new car. Only thing is, she CAN afford it. Lottery tickets are a tax on the poor that have dreams of being rich. Take a gallon jar, fill it with penny’s throw in an occasional dime a quarter or two and some nickels. Now charge a Quarter to reach in blindfolded and select one coin. Its yours to keep.what did you get? Happy?

Sink Jaxon
2 years ago

Before the ‘rona virus, I bought the state lotto once a week or so. But NEVER the Mega Millions or Power Ball…1 in 285 million chance??? nah. 1 in 3 million is bad enough! heh

2 years ago

I used to buy Oregon lottery tickets every week until Covid. Here in Oregon, it’s a great way to support State parks. Since Covid, I don’t touch money or spend any more time than necessary in the grocery store.

Ronald Duncan
2 years ago

Does “once every year or two” fall under “or almost never ” or “seldom ” ?

Ron T.
2 years ago

Like my daddy told me – If you can’t afford to lose, you can’t afford to win.

2 years ago

I selected almost never but I still expect to win

2 years ago

Your chance of winning the lottery are a lot less than having a 1 lb propane cylinder cause problems.

People (myself included) often don’t make rational decisions when calculating risk vs reward.

Richard Hughes
2 years ago

My son calls the lottery, “A tax for people with poor math skills.”

Wayne Caldwell
2 years ago

Even though our local Stop-and-Rob sells Retirement (aka, Lottery) tickets, it seldom crosses our minds to get one.

2 years ago

I answered seldom because our xxxxxxxxx legislators in Montgomery,AL never seem to be interested enough. Also we seem to be the last Bible Belt holdout. Every state connecting to labama has the lottery. Living in the exact center of the state it is over two hours to either state line to drive. But when we are where lottery is available we always buy lottery tickets.

Ed K
2 years ago

Money in hand is worth more than a wish in the ticket. Lotteries are supported by wishful thinking and the odds are against winning or they would not exist. Same for casinos.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

If it’s convenient, and our current ticket has expired, We’ll pick one up.
Remember, your chances of winning are 100% better if you HAVE a ticket than if you don’t. Ha.

2 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Umm… I don’t think so. If the odds are 285 million to one, that’s a .00000035% chance if winning so the chance of winning only improves by that much.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago
Reply to  wayne

True, as far as statistics go. But, I still contend that if you don’t have a ticket you have absolutely
no chance of winning. If I have a ticket, I have a 100% better chance at that .00000035% than you with NO ticket. [grin]

2 years ago

When I visit states with a lottery, I might buy one just for interest. Never won, but that is the goal of a lottery.