Does the bed in your RV have the original mattress?


Over the years, many of you have commented or told us that you replaced the mattress that came with your RV for a new, more comfortable one. Sadly, the ones that come with your RV aren’t always so comfortable. We’ve never asked this question as a poll, so here we are!

Does the bed in your RV have the original mattress that it came with, or have you replaced it? If you replaced it and love your new mattress, will you leave a comment? You might help others looking for advice on doing the same.

Thanks for voting.

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Dave J
3 months ago

Bought the rig used so have no idea.

3 months ago

Original mattress with a 3 inch memory foam topper.

4 months ago

We replaced our hard uncomfortable mattress with a sleep number mattress like we have at home.

Grant Graves
4 months ago

Well, yes but our original mattress is a sleep number mattress so it pretty nice from the beginning.

Joni Weed
4 months ago

We purchased our RV new. I spent one night in the driveway on the original mattress. Threw it out the next day. Hard as a rock! Felt like sleeping on a board. Replaced it with an RV mattress made for us. We’ve been sleeping well for three years now.

Gary Byler
4 months ago

We told our dealer to remove the factory mattress from the new 5th wheel as we were bringing a new 10 inch memory foam. Our 5 year old trade in had a 10 inch MF in it we had replaced the original one with. We had used a MF prior to full timing and saw no reason to stop. We have no idea how the two original mattress were as we never used them.

Richard Hughes
4 months ago

With 3 inch memory foam topper.

Diane M
4 months ago

Original mattress with a 3″ gel foam topper. That mattress was as hard as a rock!

Jon Meyer
4 months ago

Original mattress with a topper, too thin otherwise.

Lyle Latvala
4 months ago

Regarding mattresses … even though we bought a Tiffin, we replaced it with a top-quality Denver Mattress before we slept in it the first night. 

Tom Janzen
4 months ago

I just got a new GD Imagine TT and we love the mattress, but my old Surveyor was missing the mattress. The prior owner loved it so much that they took it with them! I bought a cheap foam mattress for it and we were quite happy with it. I guess we just aren’t that particular!

Jeff Craig
4 months ago

After three nights on the original mattress, we replaced it with a Sleep Number bed. That was 12 years ago, and we almost like it as much as at home.

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Cheryl Bacon
4 months ago

Oh my gosh, I sure hope any of them over 8-10 years old have been changed. Mattresses are not made to last forever.

Tom Janzen
4 months ago
Reply to  Cheryl Bacon

I keep hearing that but the one in my house is fifty years old and we have no complaints. Guess we’re just weird. Looks like it will outlast me.

Marie Dalzell
4 months ago

No! We purchased from and very glad we did.

4 months ago

We put a Sleep Number mattress in our 5th wheel about 10 years ago. We love it!!

4 months ago

Yes it’s the original mattress but by year 3 we got a nice 3” thick topper!

Henry Blosser
4 months ago

We still have the original mattress but it is now the base for our memory foam topper.

Debbie J
4 months ago

Yes original mattress but has a nice topper. Bought trailer new in 2010- very comfortable

4 months ago

The original mattress in our Denali fifthwheel was comfortable but we replaced the short queen with a narrower full size memory foam mattress to gain walking space around the bed. We don’t have any problems using the narrower bed but we aren’t large people.

John Koenig
4 months ago

The OEM bedding & furniture in my 2015 Dynamax DX3-37RB was very attractive CRAP. Nowhere close to being comfortable. I was amazed that Serta (or was it Seeley) put their name on such poor quality mattresses. In year two while in Elkhart, IN, I had virtually ALL of the crap furniture replaced with QUALITY and comfortable upgrades (the “barrel” chair at the entry door was firmly bolted to the floor; I left that in place). The best upgrade was going from the oddball “King” mattress (73″wide x 76″long) with a TRUE STANDARD QUEEN width mattress that has been SUPER comfortable (it is limited in length to 76″ as that’s all the room there is with the slide closed). Standard Queen bed linens fit nicely without being sloppy. For a Super-C diesel puller who’s MSRP was almost $300k, poor furniture is totally unacceptable.