Sunday, March 26, 2023


In the past month, have you ordered a take-out meal delivered to your home or RV?

The best thing you can do for your favorite restaurant during these hard, trying times? Order take-out or delivery! Sure, it’s not quite the same as eating in, we know, but it really will help your favorite restaurant and your favorite staff stay afloat. And if you’re going out to eat at a chain restaurant, perhaps find a local restaurant with similar food and go there instead.

Now, before you vote in the poll, remember we’re asking if you’ve ordered take-out for delivery, not pick-up. We’ll ask that question another time. Right now we want to know if you called in to place the order, or ordered it online, and someone brought it to your door (ah, what a world!).

Had an amazing take-out experience? Had a terrible take-out experience? Tell us about it in the comments. You know we love a good story…


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Dave J
2 years ago

We live 30 miles from closest restuarant that has delivery service

John M
2 years ago

We live on Long Island, New York and diners are part of the culture. We order from two diners once A week each and eat leftovers the next night, if any. We used to have a night out by going to the local diner 3 minutes away. Now we have dinner delivered to our home. Then there’s the Italian restaurant which is very good. We get that delivered once A week, leftovers are next nights dinner. And we order Boston Market dinner for her and Dominos vegetarian sandwich for me one night. Yeah its an expensive lifestyle, but we can’t dine in and girlfriend is done with cooking. My income will go down 25% when I turn 65 In a couple months so we may back off from ordering somewhat. Maybe do pickup….no tip or delivery fee. Covid is really worse now so I am not eager to go out. 1 year old granddaughter just tested positive for Covid19.

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  John M

So sorry to hear about your granddaughter, John. OMG! We wish her a speedy and complete recovery. And we wish you and yours as good of a Christmas as possible under the circumstances, and for all of you to have a Happy and Healthy 2021! And thank you for supporting your local restaurants. 🙂 —Diane at

2 years ago

Disappointed at the results. We support our local restaurants by ordering curb side pickup 3-4 days a week. If not they won’t be in business!!

Ann Baker
2 years ago

The only thing we’ve ordered for delivery is pizza. We do curbside or drive-through pick up frequently though.

2 years ago

We live in a small rural county that does not offer delivery. If we order take out we have to pick it up.

2 years ago

We live in a small town – we do takeout. Delivery not much of an option. We’ve been doing it once a week to help our local eateries.

2 years ago

Order take out for pick up not delivery. The additional cost is 3/4 the cost of the food and gas at $1.93 a gallon an 17.6 mileage per gallon with the truck on a twenty dollar I saved $13 give a few pennies.

2 years ago

Only have pizza delivered from local restaurant, they use their own employees for delivery, tip them well. Anything else we pickup ourselves. Never have used any of the delivery services.

DL Jenson
2 years ago

Not a option in our small town

2 years ago

We do take out a couple times a week. But we go pick it up & tip like we are dining in the restaurant. We want to make sure our favorite small town places can survive.

2 years ago

we pick up pizza once a week (but we were doing that before all this started) and have had breakfast and lunch with friends and dinner with just ourselves inside some of the few restaurants defying the guv’s “suggestions” (that’s what they really are) by staying open. not much has changed for us other than going to the movies.

Last edited 2 years ago by Rich
Jeff Craig
2 years ago

We don’t use any of the Grub/Deash/Eats apps, because they GOUGE small family run businesses. Seriously, 30% fee for taking an order?? It’s easier to call into the restaurant and let them keep the 5% profit they actually make on entrees. One thing I do love about the pandemic, we’ve been able to order drinks to go (it means we don’t have to keep 12 bottles of mixers in the pantry or RV).

Make sure to order some appetizers and dessert – that’s where the restaurants make some money.

Roy Davis
2 years ago

We have done takeout but not delivery. I have had food brought out to my car,does that count? LOL

Phil J
2 years ago

We had one delivered but the driver was at the wrong rv. Would have been a cheap meal if I had accepted it but we directed him to the correct rv.

2 years ago

Have done takeout but not delivery

Austin Crehan
2 years ago


2 years ago

we order out once a week but pick it up (need to get out a drive around). Couple of restaurants stopped delivery because the service was so erratic.

2 years ago

No. We order out and pick up the order. One household member eats at a restaurant occasionally.

Retired Firefighter Tom
2 years ago

I’ve called a local restaurant several times this year and ordered food. Then I went there and picked it up myself. When I got there I called and they came out with my food – no-contact delivery. I could have gone in and picked it up, too, but decided not to.

Paul Cecil
2 years ago

No, I need to get out. So I order take out about every other week from a different restaurant. It has led me to discover some very good local restaurants.

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