Sunday, September 19, 2021
Sunday, September 19, 2021

How often do you use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning?

Do you wake up to an alarm every morning or do you wake up naturally, no alarm needed?

A survey by sleep health blog Each Night found that 80 percent of the participants used an alarm to wake up each day. Only 20 percent said they wake up naturally. Their survey concluded that the 20 percent who wake up without an alarm each morning tend to feel more rested throughout the day. They also reported a better mood and a more positive outlook and tended to be more productive throughout the day.

Well… we’re in trouble…

Please tell us in the poll below if you use an alarm to wake up or not. If not, leave a comment and tell us if you agree with the above findings.


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Vanessa Simmons
8 months ago

If I don’t get up I’ll sleep all day. Especially since moving from the RV into a house with a yard for the dog…he doesn’t have to wake me up at 6 anymore. The alarm goes off at 8 and we go to the dog park so I can walk my two miles + and he can romp with his friends.

8 months ago

I retired and retired my alarm

Bob Weinfurt
8 months ago

I’m retired so use an alarm only when I have to. Getting somewhere on time is whenever I get there.

8 months ago

Jumped up at 3:30 am 6 days a week for 35 years. Retired now. No alarm clock and I love it. Don’t have to go to bed before it gets dark either. Lol

Jeff Craig
8 months ago

Still working, so five days a week. My Alexa wakes me up to music, and my cell phone acts as a backup/quit reading the paper alarm so I actually get out of bed on time.

Wayne Caldwell
8 months ago

My bride still works so I set the alarm for 5:15, get up, get the already made coffee, then get her up about 30 minutes later. I really like it when I wake up a couple of minutes before the alarm.

Roy K. Davis
8 months ago

I don’t use an alarm clock but I do use the alarm on my phone.

8 months ago

The alarm clock went out the window when I retired! 😀

Hook N' Haul 789
8 months ago

I don’t need an alarm clock. I have two furbabies that have an aversion to sleeping past 06:00 AM.

John Koenig
8 months ago

NOT having to set an alarm is one of the BEST perks of being retired! Covid-19 means it’s smarter to isolate in place rather than to be out and about.

Dave J
8 months ago

When at home with time sensitive activities we use the alarm in my smartphone. When camping or residing in the 5er at Q almost never.

Connie VH
8 months ago

Body clock does a way better job,… and much less jarring. Nobody should have to start their day with harsh noise.

But I get up between 3:00 and 4:00a.m. naturally anyway. I love the early mornings… my time to myself.

My grandma once told me she got up in the middle of the night (too!) because at her age, sleeping was a waste of precious limited time. I get it now. 😉

Tommy Molnar
8 months ago
Reply to  Connie VH

Your Grandma is SPOT ON!

8 months ago

I set an alarm on my phone but more often than not I am turning it off before it goes off.

Grant Graves
8 months ago

Not using an alarm is one of the great pleasures of retirement. We generally get up around 7:00 AM because we go to bed around 11. I answered rarely because once a great while we will have an appointment we need to accommodate. When I retired I also stopped wearing a watch. If I need to know the time my cell phone is reliable most everywhere.

Neal Davis
8 months ago

Our alarm clock is my cell phone. I check the local weather with Weather Bug after the alarm sounds so we can dress properly to take our dog for a walk after his breakfast and before ours. I use my cell phone because I can choose the music used to awaken me (“Life Ain’t Always Beautiful,” by Gary Allan).

Bob Packer
8 months ago

I don’t need an alarm. I have an old dog that wakes me up every morning by 5:30 to go potty.

Hook N' Haul 789
8 months ago
Reply to  Bob Packer

see my comment too. I get to stay a half hour more.

8 months ago

I put “often” because my wife, who is up by 6:30 or 7 most mornings is my alarm. 🤪🤪

8 months ago

How times have changed. I use to live by the alarm, before retirement. Ah bliss!

Matt C
8 months ago

We used to… But with Wuhan/Covid our recreation center is no longer open for senior swim in the morning. So now we watch TV later and wake up later and that is when we feel like. There is no longer an outside driver to get us up sooner.

Phil Atterbery
8 months ago

When I retired for the second time, I stopped wearing a watch and gave the alarm to my wife.
She’s the one that wants to be up at a certain time. Me, I can sleep ’till 9am. We make our appointments on time but anything else is “-ish” as far as time goes.

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