Which of these pets do you own?

Dog and Cat

We talk a lot about dogs on our site because most of you have dogs (those pet pictures every day don’t lie!). But now we want to give a special shoutout to those other pets. We like cats and we like birds and we like frogs and we certainly like fish (especially that of the smoked salmon variety. Wink.).

What kind of pet(s) do you have? If you have a pet that doesn’t fall into any of the poll categories below, please leave a comment and tell us. We look forward to reading those comments.

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1 month ago

We don’t own anything except a house or a car or some inanimate object. Animals are adopted into our homes. They are our pet children. So using the word own to me is rather like owning a person. Know what I mean?

Thom Corwin
1 month ago

Do we really “own” a pet or “have” a pet? To me it’s like saying, “I own two kids, a boy and a girl.”

1 month ago

We own 2 trail horses

Grant Graves
1 month ago

I am of the strong opinion that no one owns pets. I think the pets own the people.

1 month ago

Maggie the Wonder Beagle!

1 month ago

Three beagles to travel, cats go no where.

Tom B.
1 month ago

In addition to our dog, we own two Thoroughbred horses, both raced, both retired.

Tom Janzen
1 month ago

There’s an anole who lives in my house. Does that count?

Jennifer Willner
1 month ago

One former racehorse named Fonzie. Or The Fonz. Or Mr. Fonzerelli, depending on his mood. Which changes everyday! He’s quite the character.

ronald c mcclain
1 month ago

One fat(18ĺb) cat, Vegas!

Ed D.
1 month ago

We own a Dog, Cat and a Bird. The Dog and Bird travel with us but the Cat stays home with our Daughter!

John Wilkins
1 month ago

We have two Labs, a yellow and a black. After our last Lab passed, when we were ready to get another, we went to the breeder to get a Yellow Lab. It turns out that there was also a Black Lab from the same litter that was the runt of the litter and no one had shown interest in her. We couldn’t bare the thought of the black being left alone, so we took both. They’re a lot of work, but it’s the best thing we ever did. The girls (dogs), Annie and Maddie, love each other and we love them too. They provide unconditional love and companionship, and they enrich our lives every day.

Victor Whitmore
1 month ago

We have had pets over the years. Hamsters, rabbits, a dog, gecko, lots of birds. Now we are petless. When we retired, we had a Quaker parrot that gave us so much joy. But Quaker parrots are banned in some areas and we didn’t want to put any stress on him. We sadly passed him on to another parrot loving family that was overjoyed to have him.
We can come and go wherever and whenever we please, without the worries of leaving a pet unattended. We don’t have any worries of crossing American, Canadian, and Mexican borders so no vaccination or health certificates are needed. Maybe we will be the ones that will need a Covid certificate though.

1 month ago

Used to have a wonderful cat. Maybe another category should have been owned previously might again.

1 month ago

We currently have only two dogs, our smallest pet population in 20 years. In the past we have had up to four dogs at a time, and six cats. Our hearts have lots of room for loving animals and we are fortunate to be able to afford to give them the medical care they need and deserve. I can’t imagine willingly having less than two “furkids” ever. And I’m not ruling out adding to the family if God decides to send us another needy soul to love.

Nikki Harnish
1 month ago

Who owns whom?

1 month ago

None at present but at various times of my life have been involved with first four. Love Boston Terrier but never “owned” one, they owned my heart and took pieces with them when they left.

Bob P
1 month ago

We travel with our 3 legged Maltese, his fourth leg was bitten off by the ex-neighbors German Sheppard when his foot slipped between the fence boards. He hops around just fine and runs just as fast as he did before, I like to say he’s not handicapped he’s handicapable. We haven’t ever regretted saving him from death when we decided to have him operated on to remove it from the shoulder out. We’ve had 3 1/2 wonderful years since, he’s 9 1/2 years old and we hope we have him many more.

1 month ago

In addition to the dogs, we had Tibetan yaks for years as well as many horses, chickens, geese, some pigs occasionally, goats, the typical 4H farm when the kids were home. All gone but for a Glen of Imaal terrier and a mini dachshund which are our co-travelers.

brian j richards
1 month ago

We currently also own and have owned hedgehogs . They make great little pets and are mainly nocturnal. Jasper stays in a 20 gallon fish tank with his food and water dishes and has a small hut with cloth that he sleeps in during the day. We take him out regularly and put inside a 3×3 ft enclosure to play and run around and has an exercise wheel that he runs on. He has a special diet of mealy worms and food pellets formulated for him. He was a rescue from the ASPCA. And he also travels with us on our camping excursions, as well as our 3 pooches and cat.

Last edited 1 month ago by brian j richards