Friday, September 17, 2021
Friday, September 17, 2021

What kind of pants do you wear the most?

On a regular day, what kind of pants do you wear the most? Does it depend on the day? Does it depend on your mood or activity? Or perhaps you wear the same kind of pants no matter what. We want to know!

Jeans are the most popular style of pants across the world. Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss are to thank for this, when they decided to make something comfortable and durable for the gold miners and prospectors in the late 1800s. Now if only you could discover gold every time you wore a pair of jeans…

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7 months ago

They need to make ‘stretchy’ an option lol.

7 months ago

Jeans for me until summer, then I make cutoffs out of the pairs with holes

7 months ago

Depends on the season! Summer the answer is shorts, winter it changes to jeans. Spring and autumn it depends on weather.

7 months ago

I grew up wearing jeans and still wear them, in summer it’s shorts.

Ron T.
7 months ago

I had to go with other. Since retirement six years ago, in summer it’s always shorts & jean shorts about half the time. Winter time for the first five years it was only jeans. This year I realized I had several pair of cargo pants from my working days and put them in the mix. Once they wear out it’ll be all jeans again.

Danny Wells
7 months ago

I’d suggest that men 65 and older who wear Levi’s stand in front of a full length. Jeans just do not fit older men like they did when they were younger. Being old myself, I know. 🙂

Paul Cecil
7 months ago

If I am out and about then its jeans.
If it is cold weather then I wear sweatpants inside.
If I am being lazy, and it is not cold, then I wear pj/lounging pants.
Occasionally I wear shorts but its not my thing.

7 months ago

shorts year round…even in the house during winter. except when we go to dinner, a movie, etc, then it’s jeans. i have a dress pair of slacks, a dress shirt and shoes for the very rare times they’re needed. i gave all my work ties (except two) to goodwill when i retired.

Ron T.
7 months ago
Reply to  Rich

Where I worked it was casual Fridays, then casual summer days. It was about that time I started telling folks if they saw me wearing a tie, somebody had better be dead!

John Koenig
7 months ago

About three years ago, I saw another gent wearing Wrangler Riggs Work Wear Ranger Pants at an RV event. Riggs Work Wear has several styles of pants but the Ranger line are cargo pants which work VERY well for me. Plenty of pockets, VERY sturdy construction that launders easily and LASTS! I got almost THREE YEARS of heavy use out of my first pair. Not many stores stock Riggs Work Wear (usually Farm / Field type stores). Available on Amazon and other online vendors. Riggs Work Wear is SUBSTANTIALLY better that “ordinary” Wrangler cargo pants and, although Riggs outlasts “plain” Wrangler pants by a factor of 10, they are only two or three times the cost of the “ordinary” Wrangler line. I recently scored two pairs on sale for what I pay for the “ordinary” Wrangler line. I picked up two pair. PS: the sizing is accurate.

Bob Schilling
7 months ago

Shorts but they’re cargo shorts.

7 months ago

shorts all year long dont own long pants

John Massengale
7 months ago

I wear shorts all summer and then long jeans or cargo pants in the winter

Hook N' Haul 789
7 months ago

Me 2

7 months ago

Because we’re full-time and follow the Sun, I’m in shorts 365. Maybe I’ll miss 2 or 3 days, but as a whole, it’s shorts. Even ask for shorts when I’m buried just in case it’s warm where I’m headed.

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
7 months ago
Reply to  dave

😆 –Diane at

Gene Bjerke
7 months ago

I wear cargo pants in the winter and cargo shorts in warm weather.

7 months ago

Pants that fit.

Lisa D
7 months ago

This needs more clarification. During the pandemic the answer for me is sweats and/or pajama pants since I don’t go out. When I do venture to the grocery store it is jeans.

7 months ago

I truly don’t understand those that show up in public in pajama bottoms. I guess their mother never taught them how to dress. To me, it’s the epitome of laziness!

E Step
7 months ago
Reply to  PennyPA

Penny. Totally agree with you. I add sweats to that list. Man or woman. Not for public wear

Mike Albert
7 months ago

Depends on weather, location and occasion. Normally in FL it’s shorts. We are here between October and June. In PA, it’s shorts in summer, but when temps fall below 65, it’s jeans. Then on certain occasions, it’s either dress pants or jeans, date nights (enjoy this every so often), dinners with friends at nice restaurants or meetings and religious services.

Denise Smith
7 months ago

Zip off aka convertible pants…easy change as the day warms up and they dry really fast

7 months ago

“aaahhhh, khakis?”

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