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Should the USA do away with dollar bills in favor of dollar coins (like in Canada)?

Why is it that the U.S. still uses a dollar bill when other countries, like Canada and Europe, use a “dollar” coin? Do you think the U.S. should do away with dollar bills and instead use these dollar coins? Why, or why not?

Please answer by voting in the poll below. Thanks!


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Harvey A Beliveau
5 months ago

Old habits die hard, particularly in the U.S. Think about the attempt to implement the metric system many years ago – that died a certain death as the American people (to put it simply) didn’t want to bother with the effort. Changing to a dollar coin and eliminating the bill would face a similar fate and would face wide-spread opposition for the same reason.

I’m all in favor of a dollar coin being used, but not really in favor of eliminating the paper bill as that serves purposes that coins would be problematic for.

Kelly F.
7 months ago

Think of the environmental impact. Nonrenewable metals, cost of transporting the weight. Paper is renewable and much lighter.

7 months ago

I hate having coins for one and two dollars.

And they are completely useless if you travel to another country. Don’t give loonies and toonies as tips- banks do not accept coin in foreign countries.

Roy Davis
8 months ago

It is all irrelevant since it is evident we’re heading to a cashless society. The advantage of the coins is that they last a lot longer without needing to be replaced.

Dave J
8 months ago

I voted yes but to me it’s far more important to get rid of the penny. It costs far more to make them than what they are worth.

8 months ago

I am reading that a number of people want to get rid of the penny and some the nickles. Has no one ever pitched pennies?, and you want that memory to die? Are they the ones that {bleeped} when gas goes up 2 cents a gallon? And the comment about carrying $50 worth of coins in their pocket? Do they carry $50 worth of ONES in their wallet? A dollar coin in my pocket weighs less than 4 quarters, I have fun tipping with $2 bills and 50cent pieces. So many don’t seem to realize that they are real money – it is fun – and maybe teaches someone about our currency system. I’m getting tired of change – wait until I die. lol I have fun with your polls.

Grant Graves
8 months ago

I don’t carry any change so I guess any time I buy something for cash I would need to change a $5 bill. I mostly use my credit card for purchases of any amount. I occasionally take change to the farmers market and they love getting coins, so I guess that is what would happen with dollar coins as well.

steven Platke
8 months ago

keep the bills coins are to heavy!!

Mike Albert
8 months ago

Late into the discussion, BUT, after traveling in the EU and Great Britain and experiencing Australia and New Zealand, the thought of having a similar monetary system is scary. The weight of the coins and the different sizes of paper notes are reason alone to not switch. The most popular places for dollar coins are in coin collections and casinos. But seriously, consider walking around town with twenty dollars in coins in your pocket. You would need suspenders to keep your pants from falling down.

Jeff Craig
8 months ago
Reply to  Mike Albert

Different sized bills make life easier for those who are visually impaired. In the end, it’s all academic, as online shopping has made ‘cashless’ payments (cards, online payments, bitcoin/cash apps) the future. (And banks/processors rich….)

John Koenig
8 months ago

I have visited Canada multiple times. Canada’s implemented of “Loonies” & “Toonies” ($1 & $2 Dollar coins) has been SUBSTANTIALLY better than the U.S. implementation. Virtually ALL devices that accept coins can handle those Canadian coins. Cash register trays were quickly updated for use of said $1 & $2 coins. This integration simply never took place in a widespread manner in the U.S. Both the U.S. & Canada have paper $2 bills. Again, implementation in Canada was seamless. Not so in the U.S. My experience with $1& $2 coins in Canada is that, after a day of shopping, I could easily have ~ $50 in coins in my pocket after paying for goods with larger bill denominations as most merchants no longer bother with paper $1 & $2 paper currency. The savings that result in coins vs printing paper bills is probably substantial and, would be even more so in the U.S. just because of the difference in populations.

7 months ago
Reply to  John Koenig

We don’t have paper money for 1’s and 2’s anymore.

And they are looking at turning 5’s into coins also- here’s hoping it doesn’t happen.

Bob and Charlotte and Champlin
8 months ago

Don’t like change in my pocket, it always ends up somewhere in my recliner.

8 months ago

i voted ‘no’. dollar bills are much easier to handle. for the past decade or so once a week my wife and i have been putting our dollar bills away for our RV trips.

Bob H
8 months ago

The paper dollar/coin dollar s a good question. Another question is why are they still minting pennies. Reportedly there is a giant surplus of pennies and they are minting so many that they are paying big bucks to store the pennies already minted because nobody wants them.

Bob S.
8 months ago

The only coin I carry on a regular basis is a 1972 Eisenhower………. My good luck charm, pocket piece.

I voted yes to the dollar coin. If they do that, there should also be 2 dollar and 5 dollar coins as well. But, the only way this will be successful is if they quit printing $1 notes. The dollar coin will never succeed as long as good old George is available.


One other note. I agree that the penny should also be eliminated. Round up/round down works. Another but. You’ll never see the penny eliminated as long as Illinois has a say. Until they completely eliminated cash toll collection on the roads up there, they still took pennies at the toll booth. Abe has a big lobby in Illinois….

Last edited 8 months ago by Bob S.
8 months ago
Reply to  Bob S.

round down! hah! two chances….slim amd none.

Bob S.
8 months ago
Reply to  Rich

You’ve never been to Canada I guess. Happens all the time…..

Gene Bjerke
8 months ago

Based on our experience with the Sacagawea Dollar, if we do go to a dollar coin it needs to be different from all the others.

8 months ago

When things go down the only systems will be barter silver and gold if that. Some would add bullets to that list. Based on what we all saw last year I would add TP to that list for sure!😅

8 months ago
Reply to  Denny

food will be the new currency. ya can’t eat gold or silver.

8 months ago

I do not like coins in my pockets. They take up space they make noise. Please do away with pennies. We don’t need more coins. My car wash machine takes credit cards as do most machines. talk about filthy, coins are also dirty. I use my credit card for everything except my barber who doesn’t take credit cards. For me having more coins is going backwards to the dark ages. We are becoming a cashless society. Honestly the only people I see paying with cash are like me. Older. 😀. I agree who cares what other countries do with their money. We have traveled all over even the market-place of Istanbul takes credit cards

Diane M
8 months ago

We enjoy getting coins in change. Every day my husband and I put the day’s change in a box. When we get enough, we put it in rolls and take it to the bank. It’s amazing how fast it adds up. It doesn’t take us long to get $300 or $400, and then we treat ourselves to something.

Thomas D
8 months ago

Easier to grab a coin than folding a bill ino wallet. And while we are on the subject, get rid of pennys. Canada did.Round up/ down comes out the same. Make our bills plastic like Canada. They claim impossible to counterfeit.If you’ve never seen one, I believe it.

8 months ago

Can’t find the poll so I’ll use this venue.
No to moving to a dollar coin. I could care less what Europe or other societies do.
Paper gathers germs? C’mon. Every one of us carries multiple containers of germx in our vehicles/rvs.
My suit pants/slacks pockets all turn green due to coins. Washed/dry cleaned or not.
No more coins please.

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