Thursday, March 23, 2023


Have you had your first COVID-19 vaccination yet?

More and more people are receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Whew! If you read last Saturday’s newsletter, you know that editor Chuck Woodbury just got his first dose (and so did a few other staff members and writers!) and he’s looking forward to the little slice of “normal” that comes along with it.

Have you had your first COVID vaccine dose yet? If so, we’d love to hear about your experiences with it in the comments below the poll.

Thanks for voting and happy vaccinating!


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2 years ago

Early on, mask and toilet paper shortages and anxiety. Now plenty everywhere.
Now vaccine shortage and anxiety. Probably plenty for everyone in May.

2 years ago

No, I got the virus in January; not eligible for the shot until Apr. Reading info about the vaccine and will decide whether to get it then.

2 years ago

Here in rural PA there is no information on where to go, signup or anything. There should be a very publicized method to get people vaccinated, but there is nothing without jumping thru hoops that you don’t even know exist.

2 years ago

No poll, my wife and I got our first shots January 21st.

Donald Chamberlain
2 years ago

I not only got the first shot but also my second three days ago. I was lucky to get into the system of sign ups when it first started in late December. We will be leaving in March for our annual trek across the Country returning to October.

2 years ago

Had our shots last Friday in Riverside County Ca. You need an appointment and photo ID. It does not have to be from California. We are from Washington.

Bill N Stacey
2 years ago

A BIG “No Thankyou” To The Experimental Vax!….

Carl Cavitt
2 years ago
Reply to  Bill N Stacey

The vaccine is in short supply. Thanks for being so generous by giving you vaccine to someone else. It won’t be wasted. Hope you have no medical issues.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

You all KNOW we’ll be seeing ads on TV in a few years that go like this: “If you got the COVID-19 vaccine in 2021 you may be entitled to compensation”. 🙂

Carl Cavitt
2 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

In the mean time, the manufacture of body bags have run out. Refrigerator semis are being used as portable morgues.

2 years ago

We are from Washington and had our first shots yesterday here in Riverside county Ca. No problem from being out of state residents. Hope to get our second shot in 3 weeks. Arms are a little sore this morning.

Richard A Slater
2 years ago

I am scheduled to get my first shot on 1 February.

2 years ago

Maybe next year, no place to even try and get one yet. Since I be traveling for couple of months, won’t be allowed to get one in another state. Really not sure if should get one any way, think I’ll wait to see if those getting them become zombies.

2 years ago

Both my husband and I got our first shots the second day they were available in our county. We get our second dose, hopefully, tomorrow. Three weeks after that they should be fully effective. It’s not perfect and we’ll still be careful but we’ll take the odds of surviving with the vaccine rather than without. We’re older and our county has an older population. Our death rate exceeds 4% with an average case age of 56. The death rate for those over 70 is much higher. That 98-99% survival rate includes all ages. We’re not kids likely to survive. We’ve already lost 5 friends or family members in our age group.

Lisa Adcox
2 years ago

Got mine this past Friday. No issues,not even a sore arm. Get second dose in Feb. I hear most states have no issue if you live in another state. My home state is TN. I got shot in TX.

MN Anon
2 years ago

The Covid vaccination isn’t available to us yet, but when it is, we’ll sign up right away! We’re happy for those who are getting it!

Roy DeRousie
2 years ago

My wife and I just got the Pfizer vaccine today at the Clark County, WA fairgrounds. Scheduled the second dose while waiting for the 15 minute observation time after the shot. A friend sent us a link but all the appointments filled up fast.

Daniel Pankiewicz
2 years ago

Being full time can’t get it until I get back to where my mail is delivered. Each state has its rules on who is eligible.

Roy Davis
2 years ago

We have to wait because it is not available for us yet. I may have been able to claim I am high risk but chose to wait until it’s available for my age group. Ohio is only down to 75 years old or older. I would prefer the Moderna vaccine but you don’t get to decide.

Robert Patrick McBride
2 years ago

My wife & I got ours the 2nd week it was available. The appointments were booking fast but Orange county had an excellent system set up. 1.25 hours from line up to discharge. We are due for 2nd in 2 weeks, can’t wait!! Oh BTW no side effects except a sore arm for a day. Don’t hesitate to get your shots as the faster we all get vaccinated the sooner we will reach herd immunity status.

John Koenig
2 years ago

My momma did NOT raise me to be a guinea pig or crash test dummy. I plan on waiting until 10 ~ 20 million “test subjects” are vaccinated and, 8 ~ 12 weeks later, show NO signs of adverse reactions. I’ve been “isolating in place” in a somewhat remote area since last March. As much as I would love to resume RV travels, I am not DYING to do so. The few times I have to go out to resupply, I wear a mask and, am continually amazed at the number of people who FAIL to take this simple precaution. I am up to date on all other vaccinations. I simply believe that prudence should be exercised with these new vaccines which have been rushed to market. Chuck, I know that you’ve recently been vaccinated and, I TRULY wish you the best. If an error is to be made on my part, it will be on the side of caution.

2 years ago
Reply to  John Koenig

My husband thought pretty much like you re: waiting to see how other people responded to the vaccine before getting his. I was able to get one fairly early because I volunteer directly with hospice patients AND I’m well over 65. While I was waiting in line to get my shot, he decided he wanted one, too (it was first-come, first-served for medical/first responders/65+). He had a case of FOMO (fear of missing out). Amused me, since he’d been so hesitant initially.

2 years ago

vaccinations over last several months: Flu, dTP, Shingrex, and Pfizer Covid #1
Flu: sore less than 24 hours
dTP: sore less than 24 hours
Pfizer Covid #1 sore about 36 hours
Shingrex: that thing H U R T — sore and stiff several days!

of course nothing, and I do mean nothing, I’ve had so far as compared to the smallpox vaccination I got, complete with scars, when I was young.

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