Monday, January 17, 2022


What beverage do you drink most often around dinner time?

“Hello! Our name is RVtravel and we’ll be your server tonight. While you look over the dinner menu, can I get you started with something to drink?”

Well, what’ll it be?

Around dinner time (before, during, after), which beverage do you find yourself most often drinking? Water? Milk? A Coke? A beer? A chilled glass of rosé? A margarita? A Gatorade? Sweet peach tea? Maybe it’s a few of the above! Or, perhaps, you’re too focused on the food to pay attention to any type of beverage.

If you answer “other,” please leave a comment. Thanks!


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E Step
11 months ago

For years while camping the choice would have been a beer. Used to keep a two a day limit. Now that choice is water.

11 months ago

For dinner (noon) we almost always have a tea. It used to be coffee but we changed it up due to digestive issues with coffee. We may have an alcoholic beverage before supper but only when we dine out and then it is occasional.

Dave J
11 months ago


Jeff Craig
11 months ago

Sometimes tea, sometimes huckleberry lemonade, sometimes decaf coffee and occasionally a beer.

11 months ago

0 calorie flavored sparkling water … no artificial sweeteners or additives. Brands such as La Croix, Bubly and many others now. Also great for mixing with Bacardi on (for me) special occasions.

Diane M
11 months ago

Soda? Do you mean Coke? (A Southerner here) And dinner is in the middle of the day. Supper is the evening meal.

11 months ago

Glass of wine and a cup of hot tea. How come the survey doesn’t include either hot tea or coffee?

11 months ago

slightly sweetend ice tea (in the winter hot tea). gone are the days of a little tea with my sugar

Gregory Brott
11 months ago
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Tony Madia
11 months ago

Me, Sparkling Ice lemonade zero calories no artificial anything (essentially flavored water). My wife, water.

John Macatee
11 months ago

Ice tea, wine, Scotch Whiskey.

Wayne Braxton
11 months ago

Water is a staple. Now and then a half glass of tea or maybe wine depending on the meal.

11 months ago

Unsweetened ice tea or ice water. You needed more tea options. My husband in restaurants gets half sweet tea half unsweetened so it’s not to sweet.

Neal Davis
11 months ago

Definitely soft drink, not sports drink, and, more particularly, Coke, Mountain Dew, or Dr. Pepper. My wife has water usually.

Ed Fogle
11 months ago

The survey question says “around dinner time”. One of the response options is “with” dinner. Two different things. For me beer around dinner time, water or tea with dinner.

David Telenko
11 months ago
Reply to  Ed Fogle

Hi Ed, I totally agree with you! Is that Bud or Coors?

11 months ago
Reply to  David Telenko

Coors Lite Dave! 2 before dinner. Milk at dinner, Green tea after. Then a nap!

11 months ago
Reply to  DW/ND

Dave and DW … really? Buttwiper or Colorado Cat p**s Lite? How about a brew owned by an American company, preferably local to wherever your wanderings take you.

Bob P
11 months ago

Well for 50+ years it was saccharine sweetened ice tea. The last 4 years and 8 months my new bride turned me onto ice water, now I have my Contigo cup of ice water beside me 24 hrs a day. Even when sleeping it’s within arms reach

Robert Cross
11 months ago

Coffee mainly. Sometimes Ice tea.

11 months ago

water at home, iced tea (unsweetened) at a restaurant

Ed K
11 months ago

A sip of water for my Meds, otherwise nothing. I have a water bottle with me all day and fill it several times a day so meals don’t require anymore liquids. Wife and I will also have several cups of tea during the day again not at meals.

Connie VH
11 months ago

Water, or soda?
Kroger stores market a nice, clear, cherry-flavored water. I like that with dinner. It’s carbonated so I chose “soda” even though it’s just fizzy water. Much of the time, I drink my own flavored water, fizzed by my Soda Stream.

So…. soda? Or water?