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Have you ever visited Yellowstone National Park in an RV?

In 2020, Yellowstone, America’s very first national park, ranked as the second-most-visited national park, after Great Smoky Mountains National Park. In 2020 alone, 3.8 million people visited Yellowstone. If that many people visited, can you imagine how busy the campgrounds must have been? Wow! Despite all those people, the park spans almost 3,500 miles – so hopefully there’s room for everyone (including the bear and buffalo, too, of course).

Also in 2020, there were 8,039,768 overnight stays. Were you one of those lucky people?

Have you ever visited Yellowstone? And if so, have you ever visited in an RV? Please tell us in the poll below. If you’re willing, leave a comment about your experience.


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J Castle
6 months ago

We have visited 5 times, but just the last in 2017 with our motor home. We stayed in West Yellowstone. It was July 4 weekend. No rental cars available, so we drove the motor home all over the park. Fortunately, we are from WV, so the mountain roads are normal for us 😊  otherwise I would have fainted traveling some of the places we went!

Rich P
6 months ago

Yellowstone – Went there many years ago in our old Starcraft popup camper. It’s on my bucket list to go back to.

Deborah Dean
6 months ago

Went in summer 2018 in a Class B motorhome. Was traveling with friends who were also in a Class B. It was an amazing experience – even had a bison poop on my front bumper & then proceed to scratch his back & rub himself all the way up my friend’s unit after he was done christening mine :-). Would love to return & experience fall, winter & spring. Scenery & wildlife that you get to see nowhere else. The rangers were very helpful.

6 months ago

Not in an RV, but several times by car and on a motorcycle. I have a cousin that lives in West, so that helps a lot with the lodging ;’ >

Roy Davis
6 months ago

It’s on my someday list. Trying to talk the DW into doing it in Jan! Ya, she thinks I’m nuts too.🤑🤑

6 months ago

We have traveled to YNP regularly since the mid 70’s. We lived 2 year in Idaho and 3 in Utah and took weekend trips there. since then we have visited about every four years. We liked it so much that last year (yes 2020) we took summer jobs at a West Yellowstone RV Park! We were there for 5 1/2 months. We’ll be back in a few years to see what has changed.

6 months ago

this August will be my 30th camping trip to YNP. 1 week each at Grant and Madison this time.

6 months ago

Spent 2 weeks near the West end and was in the park every day. Can’t wait to get back to do it again !!!

John Koenig
6 months ago

I was able to spend about ten days in YNP in 2012. Even though it was late August, overnight temps regularly dropped into the 40ºs! I had a 2010, 17′ Casita Spirit Deluxe Travel Trailer and, with NO reservation, was able to stay in the Mammoth Campground. Other than the knuckleheads who would literally stop in the middle of the road (look Martha, there’s a SQUIRREL!), I was able to get to many areas of YNP. Most evenings, just after sunset, there would be a presentation done by Park Rangers. EVERY ONE I attended was GREAT! When safe to resume travel, I’d LOVE to visit YNP again. It truly is the Gem of our National Park System!

Matt C
6 months ago

We finally got there, but it was too late. By then I was unable to walk long distances and hiking was out of the range altogether. Go when you are young and still able. We may go back, but with a very different plan.

Dick & Sandy from near Buffalo, NY now in Florida
6 months ago

We did Yellowstone NP in 2012 when on a two month trip out west to visit all the National Parks on the east side of the Rocky Mountains. While doing that we also visited the Air Force Academy, The National Olympic Training Center, the Cheyenne Rodeo, the Terry Bison Ranch, the Buffalo Bill Museum of the West in Cody, WY (a must see and try to make a few days to see the 5 different sections under one very large roof), just to name a few. Stay safe, Stay well, Safe travels

6 months ago

A beautiful experience. Now it is time to return with the grandchildren.

Ron H.
6 months ago

Camped in Yellowstone N.P. in a tent many years ago. Good experience. We now travel in a motorhome and prefer to park it outside the park and do our touring in the “towed”. Much more flexible and easier on the nerves.

6 months ago

I’ve been in Yellowstone 3 times, always with a tent.

The first time, the first week of June, I put my tent up in 8 inches of snow. The features were very outstanding with steam and the contrast between the features
Set off by the white snow. It was cold but it was worth it.

6 months ago

Yeah, so fun! I suggest staying in West Yellowstone while spending a day traveling each of the 3 loops. Then on day 4 visit the ones missed including the beartooth highway. And Rosevelt arch at the north entrance from Lamar valley which is a must see all by itself.

6 months ago

We drove from Michigan thru Wisconsin thru South Dakota to Mount Rushmore to Yellowstone to Glacier and then home thru North Dakota the UP of Michigan. Took 3 weeks and over a thousand photos to sift thru and what memories. Will never do that again. Want to preserve those memories now that my mother has passed on.

Wayne campbell
6 months ago

We drove from Glacier Np to Yellowstone NP 9/11/2001, the day the twin towers fell. Very odd day. No con trails in big sky country.

Mike Albert
6 months ago

Not yet, but plan to within the next few years.

Ray Morgan
6 months ago

Used to live in SLC and would take off for 2 or 3 day trips. We’ve been there somewhere around 80 times, all but 2 times in our RV’s.
Until we retired we’d stay 2 or 3, sometimes up to 5 days at a time. We figure now we’ve spent close to 1 year of our lives in Yellowstone.
My idea of heaven!

jerry mulligan
6 months ago

Many times in my RV, also by auto and motorcycle.

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