How old were you when you got your first romantic kiss?


Do you remember your first kiss? Do you remember where you were? What it was like? How old you were? We hope you remember who it was with…

In today’s totally not-related-to-RVing poll we want to know how old you were when you got your first romantic kiss. If you’re willing to share the story of it, we’d love to hear it in the comments below. Everyone’s first kiss story is always fun to hear!

And no… we’re not asking about the first time you met your RV and gave her a kiss on the side door. Or the first time you kissed your dog (we know you do…).

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22 days ago

15. Was a neighbor. Our clueless fathers were friends and my dad set up the date! I did not like the guy at all! He was creepy. My dad never knew my opinion but was successful in one and done date.

22 days ago

{bleeped}, RVT is turning in to Facebook. 😁 

Diane M
22 days ago

I was 12. I still remember the head-to-toe thrill!

22 days ago

First kiss was probably 11 or 12 but was it romantic or just exciting? First romantic kiss was when I was 16, she was 15.

22 days ago

15 day before 16th birthday and then again by the same girl on my 16th birthday. That kind of unleashed the beast.

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Sink Jaxon
22 days ago

>gasp< How DARE you ask such a personal question RVTravel! I was 12…heh heh…😋

Connie VH
23 days ago

I was 14. The boy was 15. He walked me home from my first job as a ride operator at a small neighborhood amusement park (where I made 50 cents an hour! Ahhh…. “back in the day….”)

Alas, he was slobbery, and that was the end of that. But it was The Moment.

23 days ago

Started the journey later than any but caught up quickly. Still making progress with my DW!!

Al Figone
23 days ago

Being full-blooded Italian I was 9 years old. The sweet young girl, Ramona Spinetti, was also 9. We had grown up together and we were supposed to be married when we got older. We didn’t know what love was, but we were sure infatuated with each other and that first kiss sent rockets sailing in the air for me. Unfortunately my parents moved our family a few years later and things changed. To bad because she turned out to be a really great lady.

23 days ago

Sorry, but I have to ask. Will there be a poll for the next obvious ‘how old were you when you’ question?

23 days ago
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22 days ago
Reply to  Dan

I was 12 when I first mowed the lawn.