Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Have you ever been paid to sing or play a musical instrument?



Can you yodel like Franzl Lang? We’re guessing probably not, but if you can, there’s no way we’re letting you leave here today without showing us!

Have you ever been paid to sing (or yodel… is that considered singing?) or play an instrument? If so, what were the circumstances? Are you in a band? An orchestra? A rock group? Perhaps later on we’ll ask if you’ve ever performed (singing or instrumentally) in front of an audience, but today we’d like to know if you’ve been paid for it.

If you answer yes, please leave a comment and tell us when and where. We’d love to know! If you have a YouTube channel or video of you playing or singing, send it to us! Thanks!

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Ron H.
1 year ago

I played sax in several dance bands during high school and college in the early ’60s before joining the Navy in 1965. Loved the big band swing music and will always enjoy it. My granddaughter is now playing my old Conn alto sax in her H.S. band.

Wayne R.
1 year ago

I’ve been a professional musician since high school and still perform to this day. Playing mostly local venues, clubs, weddings, political events, cruise ships and private parties. I met my wife at a local dance 42 years ago and she has always been my biggest fan. Music …..and performing live is my drug of choice.

1 year ago

Does being paid count ladies throwing articles of clothing. Well the answer is still no. LOL

1 year ago

Playing French Horn in the Kansas State Wildcat Marching band in ‘70’s got me into the Kansas City Chiefs games several times and all of the Wildcat home games.

Richard Hughes
1 year ago

I made my living playing music. My wife and I played music and she decided to sing Gospel music. She recorded in English and Spanish. Her music was the first music played on a new station in Central America. Her music in English was played in the US, England and Europe.

1 year ago

I played the trumpet from the time I was in 5th grade. I was pretty good and played “Trumpet Voluntary” for a few weddings. I still carry my trumpet with us in our 5th wheel (we are full-timers) but do not play very much. I have been tempted to take it out and play Revely early in the morning at campgrounds!

1 year ago

I’m an independent musician that played in a number of bands in Austin, TX. I played solo gigs and band gigs. More often than not, I ended up playing for free, but sometimes I got paid. Ultimately though, I’m not really one for the stage. More of a studio guy. My music and art is under the names Northern Owl and Open Atmos.

Dan Bohannon
1 year ago

I have sang at many weddings and funerals. I also sang in a quartet that performed gospel music in many venues, some for a “love offering “.

1 year ago

Use to be on the radio but got kicked off for scratching the varnish. Ha

John Koenig
1 year ago

I have NO DOUBT that people would pay me NOT to sing. I couldn’t carry a tune in a wheelbarrow.

1 year ago

I took time off from my healthcare career to run a voice teaching studio. I had five jobs – teaching, Suzuki accompanist, medieval trio member, church pianist, and soloist for weddings/funerals. Worked 10+ hour days, couldn’t make ends meet, had no health insurance. So back to the hospital! It was fun, though.

Sharon Becker
1 year ago

Long ago I accompanied on the piano
vocal or musical performances. Mostly volunteer but once in awhile I got paid!

1 year ago

they’d likely pay me NOT to sing. ;o)

David Ozanne
1 year ago

played a Bass Fiddle in an Elks Club in the 50’s.

1 year ago

Haven’t been paid, but playing flute and piccolo got me stationed in Alaska instead of VietNam. Maybe saved my life.
When Iwas a member of the Cal Aggie (Davis) marching band it got me a trip to the Worlds Fair in Seattle.

D Knowles
1 year ago

Played trombone in a Tijuana Brass type group in the 60’s and it paid my high school expenses. Played in jazz bands, orchestras and small combos that I got paid for. I was in an Army band for 12 years out of my 20 years military service.

1 year ago

I haven’t. But my hubby is in a bluegrass band. They write their own music. I just sell their merchandise.

Tom H.
1 year ago

Paid to sing at weddings, etc, in my younger days.

Joe Eafrati
1 year ago

I get paid NOT to play or sing

1 year ago
Reply to  Joe Eafrati

Me too. I’ve been told I should be on stage. The next one leaves town in 10 minutes. Or, on the radio so it can be turned off. Or, tenor. Ten or twelve miles out of town. Or, solo. So low you can’t hear me. Oh well I sing to myself. Good job I’m tone deaf

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago
Reply to  Impavid

Me too

1 year ago

I have the ability to play 13 instruments. I was principal bassist for Heartland Symphony Orchestra in Brainerd and Little Falls, MN for 15 years, I was also a ‘ringer’ for Bemidji Symphony Orchestra and Bismarck Symphony Orchestra. That term is for a stand in because the regular bassist for the position wasn’t available. I played as principal violinist for a large orchestra formed in the San Diego area in a huge Easter weekend performance in 1990 when I was on shore duty in the Navy and had time for things like that. There were other times I was paid for perfomances also.

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