What type of oven do you have in your RV’s (indoor) kitchen?


Ah, RV ovens. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. Or, can you? We find that people either love their RV’s oven or they hate it. If it’s hard to cook with, forget it!

What type of oven do you have in your RV’s indoor kitchen? Do you use it often, or hardly ever? Now that we’re featuring a recipe every day in our newsletters, your answers will help determine which recipes we post.

In addition to voting, please leave a comment telling us if you like the oven you have in your RV or if you wish it were a different kind. We’re curious to hear your answers. Thanks!

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Janet Herrell
6 days ago

We’ve never used our oven in either MH we’ve owned, because we don’t like the cooking odors . Cook outside with Instant pot or toaster oven or fire.

Libby Hobbs
7 days ago

We have a convection microwave. I am learning to use it but could use more receipes.

Neal Davis
7 days ago

We have a convection/microwave oven. It is our only oven (all electric RV). Also, it is exactly the same specs (different appearance and badging, but same manufacturer) as the one in our house. Our power management system causes it to cook more slowly than the one in our house does, but otherwise we like it and unreservedly use it.

Grant Graves
6 days ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

Same here and it works fine for us.

Jim Schrankel
8 days ago

Been in our fifth wheel for 11 years and my dear wife has cooked wonderful meals in our propane oven. I installed an electric starter for the cooktop and ran another line into the oven to light the pilot light.

8 days ago

Our convection/microwave oven used to be our first choice, but that was before we found ” Ninja Foodi” and it seems to do all the things our other did and doesn’t heat up the motorhome. Now, if they only could figure a way to make it smaller, it would be perfect.
“Foodi” makes the BEST fried chicken without all the oil that I have ever tasted.

Kathy W Stephenson
8 days ago

I have had the combo microwave/convection oven in an RV and loved them. Just bought a travel trailer and unfortunately only a propane oven. The salesman said to put a pizza stone in the bottom to help disseminate the heat equally.

Thomas D
8 days ago

A 120 volt plug in toaster oven. Big enough for a 12″ pizza but we need power so sometimes we have to fire up the Honda

8 days ago

Love my conventional oven in my RV! Biscuits for strawberry shortcake and other fresh fruits that we’ve just picked while camping! Breakfast muffins (egg, cheese, ham, etc) for grab and go mornings. Breakfast cookies and brownies. Getting a nice crisp pizza crust on leftover pizza, rather than a soft, mushy microwave heat-up. RV baking takes some adjustments in time for cooking and spacing of the oven racks. And a good pizza stone. When not in use, the oven stores all my bakeware.

8 days ago

Have a traditional propane oven. I think we only used it once to make toast.

8 days ago

My wife does an excellent job of baking, roasting, etc, in our convection microwave. She attended a class at a Good Sam Rally on convection microwave cooking a few years ago. We use our stovetop, our Weber Q Grill and our convection microwave to prepare meals.

8 days ago

Our oven in the rig is used for storage only due to the fact of having to lite the pilot light every time it is used.

Craig M
8 days ago

We have the conventional crappy Atmore gas oven that we us as our “root cellar “. We exclusively use a Breville countertop oven what we built into a cabinet on a sliding shelf.

Ron Lane
8 days ago

In addition to our convection/microwave oven, we have a toaster oven that is capable of baking almost any meal we want.

Diane Mc
8 days ago

Opted for drawers where oven would have gone & have a microwave/convection oven overhead. Can do everything in convection oven that can be done in regular oven.

Bob Weinfurt
8 days ago

My 44 year old MH has the original propane stove and oven.We often cook on the stovetop and on occasion use the oven but grilling on charcoal outside is the best. Just use my microwave on occasion to warm up coffee if I’m not boondocking.

8 days ago

Convection/Microwave oven. Love it, works great.
Propane Stove.
Blackstone Grill
Dutch Oven
All good

Jim Knoch
8 days ago

My wife has used the RV oven a couple of times, but prefers a B&D Convection Toaster Oven for most baking needs. She also uses her Insta-Pot and Slow Cooker, plus the Microwave.

8 days ago

It came with a traditional oven. Makes for great storage. Never used it for cooking, and likely never will. If it can’t be grilled outside we don’t cook it. We find cooking inside to be counter to camping.

8 days ago

The traditional oven is great for storing bread, pastry and similar items. Predominately use microwave oven. Other cooking is outside.

Bill N Stacey
8 days ago

We dislike our “Convection” oven! We do most of our cooking outside…